My wifes black co-worker - part 1

I shared how my wife started taking black lovers in my blogs. Here is another story on how she continued along this path.

Kelly had worked at the IRS for several years and I was in the Marines. Kelly came home one night and said that an agent had recently transferred from Ogden, Utah to her office. She said his name was Marcus and recently widowed and she heard from others that his wife had breast cancer. She said that he didn’t know anyone in California and so a few people in the office took him to lunch as a sort of “Welcome to the Office” gathering. Kelly said that she felt bad because Marcus said that maybe somebody can show him the city and help him navigate the freeways in California and nobody volunteered. She asked me if it would be alright if she invited him over for dinner some night. I agreed and told Kelly if she wanted, we could pick him up and show him a few good places to go out for dinner. She said she would mention it to him. I really gave it no thought and figured she was just helping someone in the office.

A couple of nights later, Kelly said she invited Marcus to go out with us on Friday and said “that’s okay isn’t it?” I told her it was fine. She said she told him that he could leave his car in the parking garage and he can ride home with her. On Friday, I had already gotten home, showered and dressed for a night out when I heard Kellys car pull into the garage. She walked in and right behind her was a tall black man in a suit and carrying a small bag. Kelly introduced him as Marcus and said that he brought some clothes to change into so we could go out. I shook hands with Marcus and Kelly showed him the downstairs bathroom where he could change. She said she was going to go upstairs and get ready herself. As Marcus went into the bathroom, Kelly headed for the stairs and at the bottom step, she turned and said “What do you think?” I said “What do I think about what?” She smiled and said “Isn’t he gorgeous?” I smiled back and said “I can guess what you are thinking!” She headed upstairs and half way up, she turned to me and said “We’ll see what happens.”

Everyone was dressed and Marcus looked more down to earth without a suit and we headed to our favorite seafood restaurant in Newport Beach. Marcus was in the back seat and asked how we could get around with so many freeways and so much traffic. Before I could answer, Kelly turned around and said “You have to have a strong middle finger!”, and we all laughed. The restaurant overlooked the beach and as we were eating, Marcus said that the view was great and said the water looked inviting and said he had never had the chance to swim in the ocean before. Kelly got bold and said “Right now, the water is cold and that would make your pecker shriveled and that’s not very tempting for any woman!” You could see Marcus was just as stunned as I was, but he managed to say “I don’t know any women here, so what difference would that make?” Kelly chuckled and blurted out “You know ME don’t you? I’m a woman! How am I supposed to be impressed? Marcus looked at me and got very quiet and started to finish eating. After a few minutes of silence, Marcus excused himself to go to the bathroom and after he left, Kelly looked at me and whispered in my ear, “Did you see the bulge in his pants? I want it! Is that okay with you babe?” I told her it was fine, but I thought she was making him feel a little uneasy by her flirting with him in front of me. She asked me to go to the bathroom when he comes back and give her a few minutes to talk to him. She said she would find a way to let me know if he was interested in her when I come back.

Marcus came back and I said “My turn!” and I got up and headed for the bathroom. I didn’t have to go, but I went through the motions just in case anyone came in. I just stood there for what seemed like forever and then I walked over to the sinks and washed my hands like I was a surgeon preparing for surgery. I figured that enough time had passed and I should get back out there before Marcus gets suspicious of what is going on. I already had an idea that Kelly wanted to release that bulge from his pants. When I got back and sat down, Kelly squeezed my leg several times. I didn’t understand what she was trying to do, and when I looked at her, she had a big smile and she glanced at Marcus and when he wasn’t looking, she raised her eyebrows. I wasn’t sure if she meant, it was on, or if he was simply interested or if he just liked the flirting.

After dinner, Kelly said we should all go out for some drinks and maybe we can find a place with a band. We all got up and Marcus went for his wallet and Kelly said “No. No. This one is on us!” And in the parking lot, we decided to go to Bobby McGees, for a few drinks. We got there, sat down and ordered our drinks. The band was playing and Kelly asked me to dance with her. It was a slow song and as we were dancing, she was talking in my ear and said “He seems like he is interested, but he’s shy about talking about anything in front of you.” I asked what she her plans were with him and she said “If it all goes right, I’m going to have him between my legs before the nights over! If you say it’s alright with you.” I told her to go for it if she wanted him. After the song ended, we went and sat down.

The next song was even a slower one and Kelly stood up and held her hand out to Marcus and said “Your turn!” As her and Marcus were dancing, she was trying to talk to him and he was so tall that he would have lean way over to listen to her. I didn’t hear them, but when Marcus stood back up straight, I seen Kelly was holding him tight as they danced and it looked like he was rubbing against her as she was grinding against him. This went on for about two hours, Kelly would dance with me and for the very slow songs, she was dancing with Marcus. As we started winding it down, we got out by the car to leave and Kelly said “Okay, so let’s get this all out. Babe, I told Marcus that I would not mind getting him into bed and told him that you would be okay with it. Will you tell him you’re alright with him and I in bed tonight?” I told Marcus that it was alright and that Kelly had asked me about it a few days earlier. Marcus looked down at Kelly and she said “I knew when you walked into the office for the first time.” Marcus smiled and Kelly said she was going to sit in the back seat and keep Marcus company.

On the drive home, we talked about the band, dinner and then Marcus said “I have to be honest and tell you that it has been a long time since I have been with a woman. Since my wife died of cancer, I just never felt like looking. I just don’t want you to expect a lot and be disappointed.” Kelly said “Well, if you haven’t been with a woman for some time, I am sure you are built up to where you are almost backed up.” I adjusted the mirror and I could see she was smiling at him and hand her hand on his crotch. They were in the backseat talking and then it got quiet. I looked back and they were kissing. Marcus had he head turned towards her and it gave me the chance to move the mirror and I seen Kelly hand her hand on his cock and was squeezing and rubbing it. After they stopped their kiss, Marcus said “Wow! That was something!” Kelly said “Let me see your hand and you can see what you are going to get.” I knew she was putting his hand over her cunt, and I heard her give off a soft moan.

The rest of the way home, I knew their hands were all over each other because there was mostly silence with an occasional moan coming from the back seat. As we were rounding the corner to our house, I heard Marcus ask if it was okay if he took a shower when we got to our place. Kelly said “Sure. Just don’t jack that thing off and waste it.” Marcus leaned over and whispered something and I didn’t hear him, but Kelly said “That’s what I want to hear.” We got home and when we walked in the door, Kelly told him he can use the shower upstairs. She told him there was more towels in the cabinet by the door and then said “You can just leave your clothes off and I will be up in a few minutes.” Marcus headed upstairs and Kelly and I sat down for a minute and she took her high heels off and put her legs across my lap. I spoke first and said “So what all is going to happen?” Kelly said whatever happens, happens babe.” I asked her if she was going to give him head and she said “Most likely. But most of all, I want it right here!” and she patted her stomach. I asked if she was going to let him cum inside of her and she said “What do you think? and had a big smile on her face. She said that Marcus was afraid to do anything with me watching and said “If it’s okay, I will close the bedroom door, but I won’t close it all the way so you can sneak up and spy on us, okay baby?” I said that was okay and as she got up, I told her to have fun. She reached out for my hand and said “Come on, I will walk you to the spare room but I won’t tell him you are in there.”

I was in the spare room and Kelly went to our bedroom and I peeked in a few minutes later. Marcus was still in the shower and had just shut the water off and I noticed Kelly had put on a white see through teddy and was just climbing on the bed. I ducked back in the spare room when I heard the bathroom door open. I heard Marcus say “Oh man! You are beautiful!” I like your choice of outfits.” Kelly said “Does this turn you on?” Marcus replied that looking at her wearing that see through was really getting him excited. Kelly said “Well drop that towel and show me how excited you are!” A few seconds later, I heard Kelly say “Holy shit! Do you claim that as a dependent?” I wanted to go peek, but didn’t know where Marcus was and didn’t know if he could see me looking. Kelly said “You’re making my mouth water! Come here you!” I heard some moaning and knew it was too short of a time to be fucking him and she must have been giving him head. The hall lights were out, so I snuck back to the door and Marcus was standing along side of the bed and Kelly was sprawled on the bed sideways with his cock shoved deep in her mouth. At first, I could not get a good look, but when Kelly adjusted herself on the bed, she pulled away and I seen this huge cock staring her in the face.

After she repositioned herself, she took him back in her mouth and started to bob up and down on him. After a few minutes of seeing this, I heard Marcus moan a little and said “I’m almost there!” Kelly pulled back and looked up at him and said “I’m going to swallow you, but save some for me okay?” Marcus said “Oh man! Don’t wake me if I’m having this dream!” and Kelly sunk her mouth down on his cock. She was shoving quite a bit down her throat and Marcus said “Yessss!” and I seen Kelly really going at his cock and knew he was cumming in her mouth. After about another minute, Marcus stepped back and said “Oh my God, that was something!” and I seen his huge cock dangling in front of him. Kelly said “And you taste good too!” and then she glanced towards to door to see if I was watching and smiled. I stepped back in the spare room and heard Kelly telling Marcus he can get on the bed with her because she won’t bite. Marcus said “I know that, but you know how to use your tongue don’t you?” I heard them both laughing.

Continued in part 2.

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