Wife's letter (night with 2 men--first time)

My wife wrote this letter to me; she put it in my luggage and later called me while I was away on a business trip and asked if I had found it. You tell me how you would respond.

The company I worked for was having a golf outing at a local course. The beer girls that day were Michelle and I. Michelle was married but acted like she was single, while I was recently divorced. As the day went on the guys were getting pretty loose with us…giving us hugs and kissing our necks when we would come around with the beer. Two of the guys (Kenny and Charles) had asked us both what we were going to do after the day was over. “Ah nothing, why?” I replied. Thinking about going to get some more beer and hang out, what you ladies think? Kenny said. Michelle and I laughed like school girls and rode off. Michelle was thinking about going but I talked her out of it…”you don’t need that, go home to your husband and k**s” I told her. She did just that, leaving me to deal with what was about to happen. Charles and Kenny met up with me in the parking lot. Charles asked where Michelle is, “she went home” I said. So, are you gonna come with us for some more beer and fun? He asked. I hesitated and he said, “what else are you gonna do”, “nothing” I replied. So you follow us I know exactly were we can go.

I followed the guys to a no-tell motel and parked next to them. As Charles went to the front desk Kenny went across the street to the liquor store. I sat in my car thinking what I was getting myself into…do I really want to do this? Before I could change my mind, Kenny was back from the store and knocking on my car window. “Hey, you ready for some more beer and fun”? he asked. He opened my door and I walked with him and Charles to our room. I walked in and went straight to the bathroom. When I came out Kenny handed me an opened beer and said to drink up. I took a drink and looked over to see Charles on one of the beds drinking his beer and looking toward the TV which was on. Then Kenny said, “so what do you want to do Mary”? “I don’t know, what do you have in mind”? Kenny took my beer and put it to my mouth, pouring it in my mouth…some of it drooled out and he was quick to use his tongue to lick it off my neck, meeting up to my lips and kissing me hard and long. My arms went around him and he grabbed my ass with his other hand. Kenny broke the kiss long enough to set my beer down on the dresser…then he grabbed my hand and we moved to the open bed. We started kissing again and then I felt Kenny unbuttoning my shorts and pulling them down. I started to undress Kenny then too, and before I knew it, we were both naked and on the bed. Kenny was on top of me and I grabbed his cock and pointed it at my opening. Kenny slide in me and we started fucking! As Kenny was pumping me I looked over and saw Charles was already undressed, stroking his growing cock as he watched us fuck from the other bed, not three feet from us. Kenny was pumping me good now, but it was hard to concentrate knowing we were being watched, but it was a turn-on too. I was about to cum I told Kenny just that…as I was cumming Kenny let out I load moan and shot his load deep inside me. As I was coming down from my orgasm, Kenny pulled out. That’s when Charles stood up from the other bed and asked if I was ready for him. Charles got on top of me and I took him in. Just I started to get going good, Charles turned me over; Charles wanted to fuck me doggy style. Charles started pumping me slowly…and then he started to talk dirty to me saying, “You like being watched don’t you Mary?” You like us fucking you don’t you?” “You like my dick going in and out of you don’t you Mary?” By now my ass was pushing back against Charles…I wanted him deep inside me as I was cumming again! As I came, all I could do was answer Charles’ questions with a “Yes, please fuck me…fuck me harder…harder”! Charles was now pumping me good and hard! I came and then came again…and Charles was not stopping. My hands were now closed fists with bed spread in each…I was enjoying the fucking Charles was giving me! Charles lasted a couple of more strokes and then announced he was cumming! I did as well and we collapsed on the bed. I got up from the bed and went back to the bathroom.

After I cleaned myself up a bit I came back out to see the two men on either bed…both still naked. “What is this?” I said. Kenny asked me to join him on his bed as he wanted to give me a back rub. I lay on the bed on my belly…Kenny straddled my legs and began rubbing my back and shoulders. I could feel his cock rubbing against my bare ass as he would move up and down on my back. I was moaning softly to his touch and hoping he was going to fuck me again…I didn’t have to wait long. Kenny asked me if I was ready for more…before I could answer he began to spared my legs open and was pushing his now hard cock at my pussy. I lifted my ass up a little and he slid his cock deep into me. Kenny pumped me to another orgasm and turned me over…I looked over and saw Charles stroking his cock and that is when he asked me if he could join in as well. I didn’t say a word as Charles straddled my chest and put his cock into my mouth. Kenny was still pumping my pussy. I was soaking wet and got even wetter when Charles took and pinned my hands down on the bed with his. I had never been fucked by two men at the same time and I was enjoying it. My slobber was all over my face and chin and Charles was starting to do the dirty talk again. “You like as fucking you at the same time don’t you?” “You like us in control…fucking you…fucking you good and hard!” Charles leaned forward a bit to and now I was done, I started cumming hard…Kenny later said he knew I was cumming because he felt me closing down on his cock as he was pumping me. Kenny started moaning he was going to cum again…he did. He pulled out and Charles moved from my mouth back to my pussy. He entered me and then lay over the top of me…he grabbed the back of my hair and pulled while he started pumping fast and hard. I came hard again, arching my back…”fuck me Charles, fuck me with your big cock…fuck me, ohhhh god, I’m cum”, I yelled out in another hard climax. Charles continued to fuck me…pumping me hard till he came.

As Charles pulled out I laid there…spent. I was sexually satisfied in a way I had never enjoyed before and loved it. I cleaned up and got dressed while the men walked me to the door. Both kissed me good-bye and thanked me for the evening of fun. I thanked them and told them to both enjoy the rest of their night, especially when they go home to their wives.

After I came twice to my wife’s letter, I called her and she asked, “Are you mad at me?” I laughed and told her I came twice and asked her to let me film her while she re-enacted the night for me. She said she would and I will post for your viewing pleasure.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
When she shared the story with the hubby, she sent the message clear and loud. She wanted to get hard core sex the next time the hubby was home.
2 years ago
2 years ago
I love the story.
2 years ago
Vid is posted
2 years ago
NIce and hot!! love it!
2 years ago
@bugsy--do share

@tomb--could not agree more :)
2 years ago
Amazing read,very erotic very sensually told as well, I had a similar situation after a night at the squash courts.
2 years ago
nice of her to share it with you :)