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well I just turned 19 and moved into a new neighborhood. since I was I knew I decided to greet a couple new neighbors. I met alot of nice people and loved the neighborhood but there was this one MILF that caught my eye. when I went to her door she was wearing a spaghetti strap shirt with her 38 DD tits popping out. she was wearing a mini skirt too .

I said " hello" and she told me to come in. we shook hands and talked for a little bit then I left . a couple weeks later she cam walking over to my house. I saw her walking the whole time, those tits coming up and down. ( she had long blonde hair and aged 42.) she asked if I can fix her her TV. I went over to check it out and when I finally fixed it she said " thank u so much!" and pushed up her tits. I said " no problem , any time " she then took off her pink spaghetti strap shirt and said " I've been stressed lately, my husband has been on for a business trip for 2 weeks and I'm really lonely.

I havent fucked in 2 fuckin weeks!" my jaw just dropped as I stared at those tits in her leopard bra. " you like them baby?" I nodded my head and she saw my erection. she tore off her bra and we started making out as she took my shirt off and my pants. I had on boxers that I ripped off and my dick came flying out. she ripped off her skirt and she had no panties on. she said" baby fuck me hard" I did as she was moaning " HARDER BABY! fuck that pussy, u bad boy.
I've been so naughty , I'm a cheating whore." I fucked her so hard and her thighs were shakin with orgasm. she gave out a loud scream that attracted one of our neighbors over and knocked on the door, but we never answered. I jacked off all over her face and put on my clothes as nothing happened . I go over there whenever her husband isn't home.
Posted by WALID03 2 years ago
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