My s****r's friend

The very next day I woke up late it was noon, she had left I didn't realize when, my s****r was at work and I was alone at home, couldn't get over about what had happened the previous night, kept thinking about it all the time, the next minute there was sudden knock on the door and she showed up again at my place, I invited her inside she came inside and fixed her chunky ass on the couch beside me, she was looking so fucking sexy that my cock went fucking stif, her juicy thais showed a sexy view out of her slutty short skirt, her large squeezy boobs jumpèd out of her lower neck top screaming at me to suck them, ah aww damn so sexy, we talk about it, she told me how badly she wanted me and used to fantasize about me, I was hesistating but straightforwardly told her that I wanted to lick her cunt and drìnk all the juice.she came close to me and pleased my stif cock inside my pants and I ran my hands first on her thais and then leading the finger army through her skirt to her

We both were so aroused that Wasting no more time we kissed passionately, it was so hard and erotic that we almost ate each other's lips and tongues licked her neck, then i went down and unbuttened her top and licked and kissed all over her body, then I pulled her red bra off her juicy brown nipples and sucked her boobs, they were so big, soft and squeezy. Running my tongue on her gut i made my way to her thong thais finally reaching her pussy, the aroma was sweet I licke it, fucking I bl**dy ate it, I went so fucking hard she moaned And screamed my name in pleasure, her moans and screams aroused me more, she was so turned on she pushed me back and jump on me in to position 69, I held her sexy butt with both my hands squeezing and spanking it and sucking her pussy where as deepthroated my cock, it was so heavenly and the pleasure blew my mind away, she sucked my dick up and down.We both moaned in pleasure.

It was then when I held her in my bare hands, took to bedroom and put her on bed, then I put my dick inside her super wet pussy and started fucking her, I went on fucking her, spanking her ass, squeezing her boobs, she wanted it harder, she screamed in pleasure 'Fuck me you bastard, bl**dy spank my ass, fuck me damn hard' it was so erotic and encouraging I fucked her with all my strength, she screamed so badly as if she was going to die
I told her I was about to come, but she said she was about to come as well and asked me to wait, her screams got harder as I increased the speed and finally she moaned my name into her ultimate orgasm, she took her time to enjoy her orgasm telling me it was the best orgasm she ever had.

Now it was her turn to make me feel alryt, she laid under me and put my dick between her boobs, she locked my dick inside it squeezing them, and we had some wild titty fuck, she told me she loves to have tit sex, after which she got down on her knees and put my dick in her mouth again and suck it slowly, teasing me, she kept on sucking it up and down, she took is as much deep in her mouth as she could, she went hard and fast, I said i wanted her to come inside her mouth and wanted her to swallow all my cum, she said thats what her main fantasy is.she kept on sayin 'come on! Come inside my fucking mouth, I wanna drink your juice come Come on yeh' and I was about to come and
there I was so aroused i dropped all my load in her mouth, that bitch swallowed it all, dropped some on her boobs and spread it all over with her fingers.I indeed had the best orgasm of my life.
Then we relaxed, held each other tight and slept together, after some time we woke up and took a shower together, again we rubbed our bodies against each other as water ran over us.we kissed passionately and fucked again.After this we fucked many times, We called up each other whevnever we were horney.We fucked almost everywhere in garden, in pool, in shower, in changing rooms at mall.We still have sex and she is a great fuckbuddy or sex companian or whatever you call it.

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