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Neighbor wants young white cock

I am a 25 year old male whos a jack of all trades. My neighbors in my aparment complex always were asking favors. There is alot of single older women in the building. I have never been with an older woman until this encounter.

I had a woman move next door in her 40s. tall with big tits and a ok ass. she was pretty. One day she Knocked and asked if i could help her with A lightswitch. she was dressed in sweats and a tee shirt which showed he huge natural tits. I of course said i would and went over to see what she needed. She showed me a burnt awitch and i said i could handle it. so i fixed it real fast. She walked out once i was done and my eyes were exfixiated on her huge tits.

She hAd to notice and thanked me for the work. i got a hug and her tits mushed onto me. makinging my bulg pop out of my sweats. She felt it on her leg and gave me an awkwArd eye. I apologized And she told me there was no need. she went iton her room to get my pAy.
once she returned she was in nothing but g string. She asked if i wanted cash or to play? I immediatly dropped my pants revealing my erect member. She licked her lips and sucked my cock until i got her to her feet and went behind her. i kissed her neck as i felt hjer pussy dripping.

i inserted my cock as we stood there. she was so tight i took it slow until she could manage my huge cock all the way in her. we both moaned as i gave her my 8inch thick cock deep within her. I kept my member in her as i moved her on her hands and knees. she pulled my dick out and sucked on it for a while.
i reinserted myslef inside her and gave her deep hard pumps unitl i felt my cock ready to explode and i wasnt pulling out. she was getting a surprise. i thrusted deep in her and let my seed fill her gaping hole. she yelled amd said,"no you didn't?" _ pumped her again and pulled out. i got dressed and said,"see you soon baby."
Posted by WALID03 2 years ago
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