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[Story] The irresistable neighbour

It was winter of 2011, a regular evening when i was on my way home from music class. As I into my society I saw a huge truck parked infront of my building. With a little observation i learnt there were new neighbours shifting right into the next door to my apartment. I ignored and went home for a drum session. The evening turned into night and after dinner again I played drums, in a while I heare a hard knock on the door.

As i rushed and opened it my jaw dropped, eyes wide opened and I really had a hard time believeing what I saw. I saw a sexy tall mature woman about age of 36 with long b... Continue»
Posted by WALID03 2 years ago

[Story] My s****r's friend

The very next day I woke up late it was noon, she had left I didn't realize when, my s****r was at work and I was alone at home, couldn't get over about what had happened the previous night, kept thinking about it all the time, the next minute there was sudden knock on the door and she showed up again at my place, I invited her inside she came inside and fixed her chunky ass on the couch beside me, she was looking so fucking sexy that my cock went fucking stif, her juicy thais showed a sexy view out of her slutty short skirt, her large squeezy boobs jumpèd out of her lower neck top screaming a... Continue»
Posted by WALID03 2 years ago

Blonde MILF

well I just turned 19 and moved into a new neighborhood. since I was I knew I decided to greet a couple new neighbors. I met alot of nice people and loved the neighborhood but there was this one MILF that caught my eye. when I went to her door she was wearing a spaghetti strap shirt with her 38 DD tits popping out. she was wearing a mini skirt too .

I said " hello" and she told me to come in. we shook hands and talked for a little bit then I left . a couple weeks later she cam walking over to my house. I saw her walking the whole time, those tits coming up and down. ( she had long blonde ha... Continue»
Posted by WALID03 2 years ago

[Story] Tight black teen drools over white cock

I was away helping a f****y member out when I met Shira. She was a 18 year old black girl with beautiful brown eyes, nice full lips, perfect round breasts and wide thighs that bloomed into her nice big ass.

We ran into each other while we were roaming the empty streets of this small town. We walked and talked for hours before she had me walk her home. We agreed to meet again before i left.

I went to meet her around were we first met. She arrived and gave me a big hug as she ran up to me. i felt her tits firmly against my chest and let her down noticing that she was alot more open this ti... Continue»
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[Story] My friends woman

I have a friend who has a tendency to lie and cheat on his girlfriends. And i am always put in the middle of his lies to save his ass. His latest girlfriend Danielle is in her early thirties, dark italian skin, big tits and an absolutely amazing ass and smoking body. And from what he said she was a great fuck.

I never would have done this to my friend but,he took it too far one day. He didn't tell me his lie ahead of time and i went to his house to meet him. I arrived early and she was inside. We greeted each other and she asked were he was. He said he was downtown about 50 minutes away.And... Continue»
Posted by WALID03 2 years ago

Neighbor wants young white cock

I am a 25 year old male whos a jack of all trades. My neighbors in my aparment complex always were asking favors. There is alot of single older women in the building. I have never been with an older woman until this encounter.

I had a woman move next door in her 40s. tall with big tits and a ok ass. she was pretty. One day she Knocked and asked if i could help her with A lightswitch. she was dressed in sweats and a tee shirt which showed he huge natural tits. I of course said i would and went over to see what she needed. She showed me a burnt awitch and i said i could handle it. so i fixed ... Continue»
Posted by WALID03 2 years ago