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So I was invited to spend the weekend at my friends house, we had just become friends at school as I am new to this town. On the first night he warned me that his mom was a sl**p walker and so not to be alarmed if I went down stairs for something to drink and she was walking or sitting, she cannot help it.. I laughed it off and tried to go to sl**p not really believing him, because who can sl**p walk for so long.. A sample!

Being a first year student at college and so far from home, I was lucky to have met my new friend, he still lived at home with his mom and grandma, his little s****r, a real cute redhead and his dad...

I thought of how cool it would be if I could rent from them, they were such a nice f****y. As I laid there my cock began to twitch and without any undies, it began to rise, as you see, I have this issue where, I have an monster cock as my friend put it.. He saw it one day when I got out of the shower at school and kept looking at it.. Damn b*o, it is bigger than my dads, he said... We’ve been friends since that day.

So as I laid there in his room stroking my cock it grew to its full 13 inches and I looked over to see if my friend had noticed, but he was already sl**ping, so I decided to go down stairs so as not to wake him as I stroked my cock, which is something I love to do, I love to feel my huge cock between my fingers, you see, I am fully aware of my size and how it affects others, I had to learn how to live with it since I was young and got my first erection at age _...

I go down, and grab a beer from the fridge, then I decide to go over into the dark corner of the living room on the couch, because I am so horny and my cock is so stiff, I just love it when I get this horny, it means a long night of stroking, you see, I have stamina I can fuck for hours, even cum and still stay hard for another round.

Then my friends granny comes from her room down the hall, she is a very full figured mature Latina, with two big ass breast and a apple bottom, which is still firm at her age, she has silver hair, but her skin looks tight, she looks more like a MILF than a Granny.. Not sure what to do, I just kept stroking my cock in the dark hoping she did not see me, but I could see her in the kitchen and she looked so sexy... She gets a glass of wine, then takes the light off, then I head foot steps, I think she went back to her room, but then I hear her say, well good evening darling...

she takes a sip of her wine and then says it looks like you might need a hand there young man, she reaches her hand out in the dark and is surprised when she feels my manhood, I might need two hands by the way this feels, then she smiles and sits next to me and leans in to get a better look She says young man, that is a mighty rod you have there, and you are here for the weekend, so I am a happy old lady that is if you will agree to make me happy by showing me what you can do with that thing your holding in your hand and I do not mean the beer...

I say to her madam I am always horny and I have always wanted to try sex with a mature women who knows how to fuck real good, do you? She looks stunned, what ever do you mean young man, I say well as you can see, Thor is ready to go and he will stay like that for over an hour and no other girl has been able to make me cum by fucking me good...

Then she leans in and kiss me gently on the cheeks and whisper I am an experienced lady and that mighty hammer that the good lord has sent to me tonight is not going to go to waste, she kisses me I turn and our tongues meet, for a steamy kiss that lasted for several minutes as she took my cock from my hand into hers

She puts down her wine glass and takes my beer from me, gets on all fours between my legs and say, young man, I may or may not be what your looking for but I will tell you this, you chose the right house to visit this weekend and the pussy in this house are always wet... My son in law can not handle the pussy in this house with his 6 inch cock.. She take my monster in hand and begin to suck on the head which to too large for her mouth but she insist on trying I love her already!

She holds my base really tight with one hand and then uses the other to guide the other half of my cock into her mouth, she begin the let it slide into her tight mouth, I say to her her it looks like you want to deep throat me but no woman has been able to She pops off my stiff cock looks up at me and says thanks so much for coming over and for wanting such an old lady as myself young man, I say to her, what? You are fucking sexy and the things you can do with your mouth is amazing, your breast are huge and firm and your ass is so big and firm.... What kinda pussy do you have madam?

She says oh stop calling me that, my name is Yasmine but everyone calls me Sassy Yassy, then she smiles and goes to work on my cock She gets it half way down her throat then comes up for air

She looks up at me and says, My pussy is fat and big, I am real tight for an old lady and I have a little secret, that is related to why I am so tight

You see young man, I have what is called an extra large Clit and most men always run away thinking it is a cock and they are afraid to look at other mens cock so they run away from me, will you run away young man

She stood up slid her night gown up and took her panties off raised one leg on mine and then I say it

oh my god, I have a 13 inch cock but this women has a 5 inch clit that sticks out like a cock when she is horny...She says you see, they all react the same way then closes her legs, I say to her no, that is not it, I just never saw such a sexy women as you with a fat wet pussy then to have such a large clit I pull her to me, she falls on me spreading her legs and then I kiss her and look into her eyes and say I am sorry for reacting so, you are very sexy. As we kiss she embraces me around the neck and my cock find it way between her legs and spreads her pussy, then she willingly slides down onto Thor my Might Hammer

She looks at me in the eyes as my head goes in and she says you are so fucking huge young man and you say you can go all night long, and oh my it is long and thick, ooooh its going deep, fucking AAAA so deep

I place my hand around her shoulders then she leans in to kiss me so deep and sweet then I grab her firm around the neck and push her ass down onto the rest of it. She fucking took it down to 10 inches in one slide but fucking a she is tight so fucking tight, I say to her, you were right you are tight... She smiles then groans, looks at me and says I know you feeeeeel so daaaaaaammmmnnn gooodddddddddddd..... Oooooh yeahhhhhh Babbbbbbby Boyyyyyyy fucking me so good, so deep, give it to me, let it slide all the way in.... So Hard So Thick So Deeep, you are so dam sweet, young man!! Fuck this mature pussy!

Just when she slides all the way down, then we hear a noise coming down the stairs and around the dark corner, I got nervous as hell thought I was busted banging the old lady but then she says, it’s ok, and laughs and says not to worry,
it’s only my daughter, sl**p walking again...

As her daughter, my friends mom, comes down the stairs and around the corner, then she sits in the love seat and spreads her legs wide, I was amazed, I thought she was up and wanted some, but then she began to play with her pussy and moaned out, saying oh please daddy, please let me see it..

Yassy, then leans in and kissed me, she whispers and says, every night she does the same routine, she loves to sit there and get off, offering herself to her daddy... She is sound asl**p and will not hear us, so keep giving it to me, then you can give it to her after you make me orgasm... She will enjoy it, call you daddy and not remember a thing in the morning when she make you breakfast...

I was so damn excited, that I held her to me tight and gave her all of my cock... I let her have it all as I looked over her shoulder to see her daughter spread wide, that pussy looks like it need my expertise as well... Jus then Yassy orgasmed and came hard, then she eased off of my cock and took a sip of her wine and walk over to her daughter and sat between her legs, she began to eat her own daughter out, then said, you see, she is sound asl**p, come over her with that big cock and let’s give her a good surprise, stretch this pussy out, let her wake up soar and wonder why?

I got up, ready to do as she commands, then I walked over, she took my 13 inch cock in her mouth, sucked me good for a few minutes then said, she is all yours now, young man!

I positioned myself, then I laid it on her, she was so wet, and just like her mother, she was tight, so tight, I said to myself, if all the women in this f****y have such tight pussy, this weekend, is going to be amazing, as I slid my cock deep into her, she groaned and moaned on my dick, the she says, oh daddy, you are so big tonight, ooh yeah, give it to your little princess, I love you daddy!!!

I slid my big cock deep into her, and kissed her deep giving her tongue and said to her, daddy loves his baby girl too, you promise to keep this pussy just for daddy? She moans on my cock and says oh yes daddy, this is your pussy.... Yassy comes up behind of me and says, you are a natural, give it to her good, she does this every night with no one to satisfy her, you should come around more often, or move in, then she laughed... I asked her if she would like for me to move in, she smiles and says of fuck yes, as long as you agree that your cock is mine, first, then, then everyone else can have a taste...

We kiss deeply as I pumped my cock in her daughters pussy, her daughter moans and orgasms on my dick, creaming all over my thick cock, she eases back into the chair and says, oh daddy, you made me feel so good, let’s do it again tomorrow night, she then leans forward, kissed me deep and gives me tongue and then gets up and walk back upstairs...

My cock, is still rock hard, as Yassy notices and simply get’s up and sits on my cock for one more fuck before, she invites to her bed to spend the night, which I willingly agree to...

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geat story
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Great story!
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What a friend you have.Great story.