A Chance Encounter of a Swedish Kind Part 2

It was with this Desire and Passion for Her, it was in this moment of Pure Lust, that I totally gave into the magical moment of chance, of a chance encounter with this beautiful women who seemed so sensual and sexy but in truth, who who so hurt and broken from being left by her boyfriend while on vacation together and yet here I find myself giving pleasure, women are so such strange creatures, and so pushed hard while pulling her into me. I stop and kept the full length of my 9 inch cock deep up in her tight pussy. I held her close to me and whispered nothing but sweetness into her ears.

She melted like honey butter in my arms and whispered back, I am yours, take me all the way all of my sweetness is yours right now. Well I need no more encouragement as I slowly but surely began to stroke my cock deep into her then I slipped it out, I needed to know she truly had given into me and wanted me right then and there. Within seconds she leaned back and whispered, ‘Oh No Darling, Don’t Stop, Oh Please, put it back in, your making me feel things, things I’ve never felt, no one has noticed,
no one is watching us. Please don’t stop. I said, your wish is my command, but why don’t you reach around you and put my cock into the whole that will bring to your most deepest climax, she gazed into my eyes, and I swear I saw her Soul for a moment, she winked at me and turned to face the other people, I guess she wanted to make sure no one truly had not noticed her taking this great cock right there on the elevator ride.

She then reached her hand for my now raging cock, then slowly rubbed my cock head against her pussy lips, then slowly sliding back onto my cock til it penetrated her, then she quickly slipped it out, she then leaned back onto me and whispered, just so you know, you have already made my night, I came three times already and I am so close to this yet another one that feels like I am to squirt, that is why I teasing you so, or I am just a devil and love to see you needing to be int me. Shall I wait til these people have left? Ahh Fuck it, I need you now, a women has need you know, I that means orgasms and lots of them, so many multiples of them, and right now I am needing your sweet hard dick right up in me to give me my Ultimate for tonight, and with that last word she simply slid back onto my cock, sliding my cock deep into her Anal Canal, so fucking tight, I cannot begin to express, but believe me, cherry tightness if you know what I mean.

I said to her, So, this is your kink then, you love Anal and she smiled up at me and simply slid deeper onto my cock as my answer until all 8 inches was up in that tight ass, then she giggled and began to bounce lightly on my dick as if she was twirking that ass, so fucking sweet. I said, you are so tight and kinky, she then said, yes baby, I have only had it up ass twice but it makes me come so hard I love it but my boy friend hated it and so we never did it. So this pleasure that you are giving a grieving woman right here tonight on this elevator is magic baby boy, please do not stop, with that I began to increase my speed as I slammed deep into her, so tight but yet it sorta just opened up and took me in at the same time, the splendor and magic of a Woman, she was heaven sent that night as I held her close one last time as I exploded my spunk right up her ass, I then realized I did not pull out and apologized but she smiled and said, no worries darling, you did it just how I love it, you left me a present to play with later, unless you are willing to follow me to my room.

You will have to wait for part 3 to find out if I did end up in her bed that night.

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2 months ago
Perhaps there was really no other people in the lift.
I think they might have noticed
5 months ago
unlikely but hot nuntheless
9 months ago
I am now hard
10 months ago
I want u xxx
10 months ago
10 months ago
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sexy