Night out on the road.

This is a true story !
Some 12 years ago when i was 23 i took on a job going around Europa as a special building contractor, I made a ton of money and had a really nice time.
Those years I looked rather good, i had nice body and worked outside so I was tanned with my blue eyes and blond hair.
I was full of hormones (and still am)and I was getting laid regular, even so I liked to go see prostitutes sometimes to fulfill my perversion side.
So this one time in Germany I went with a work buddy of mine to a brothel outside a town called Stassfurt, We go in there and there is a very beautiful blond tall girl working at the bar and arranging the girls with rooms and towels and so on.
I looked around for a fuck and fancied the girl at the bar best by far and started to negotiate with her about getting a hour with her promising big tip, but she just laugh at me and say she didn't do it for money and I said i would love to get it for free but she just gave me a big naughty smile and said I could not handle her anyway for she was older than me maybe by 5-10 years, I didn't give up so easy and went all the way from begging her to acting like a tough guy and promising the night of her life, but she just didn't crack.
So I asked her to find me a girl there that would make it up to me, so she picked a girl not the best looking to be honest and said this one would take care of me, I paid and made some comments she was missing a great thing, she just grin at me and said she would make a bet with me if i lasted more than 15 minutes with that girl without blowing the load she would give me a drink when I came down.
I went upstairs with the not so good looking one and in all honesty she was a great fuck and I just could not get enough of her, I even tipped her nice and fucked her in the ass and lasted much more than any 15 minutes, she even had to run down to pay for another hour cos i was really having a blast.
So i came down triumphantly, got my drink and had a little laugh with the girls and my fiend at the bar.
It came to talk there what was the best place to go party on weekends and I listen really good in hope maybe to find the blond there.

So I got called to another place to work before next weekend came and I couldn't go to that bar I heard of, and 2 weekends later I had to go to Stassfurt to arrange some and got apartment for myself with that friend of mine from earlier, we had talked about that girl and the bar in between and decided to go there to try our luck.
We went shopping new suits and looked really sharp for that night.
When we came to the bar I could not see the blond I was hoping was there but there were some other promising victims there, my friend and I saw a group of some 5 girls having fun at a table there and no guys.
We found our way to that table and we were buying drinks left and right,
so it turned out this was a group of girls that were aerobic teachers on a night out, two of them were married but we flirted with them anyway to add the odds to getting laid that night,my friend started to hook up with one of the married ones and she was all over him, feeling his dick and rubbing all on him.
I hooked up with a very eastern European brunet, square face and killer tits, there the night went on and maybe 3 hours into drinking I find myself on the dance floor with my tongue down the brunettes throat and really feeling her firm ass and kinda going through how to close her and get soon out cos i was getting horny.
There i m dancing slowly closed eyes and just getting hornier when a girl comes from the back slowly and gets tight to me from the back, I felt her tits rubbing against my shirt and her hand sliding into the pocket of my pants, I didn't make any fuss cos i thought maybe it was one of the other girls from the table when she whisper in my ear "I thought I should take care of you sins you have been taking care of my friends" and she started to rub my balls and dick very gently, I got hard in seconds and kept on kissing the brunette in hope she didn't notice another girl was jerking me of right there.
after maybe 2-3 minutes she was loosing interest dancing and she notice the girl behind me and smiles a big smile and starts talking to her when i look around and it s the blond from the house before talking to the brunette and smiling to me.
We went to the table all three of us and there my friend was practically fucking the married one in his chair.
The brunette starts asking if we know each other and the blond smiles and says we met before, at this point i m thinking if should jump over to the blond one to try to get laid cos she was the one i fancied, but didn't want to trow away the brunette cos they might both quit on me.
We talked not for so long maybe 10 minutes more when the brunette points out we cant stay there much longer cos the lovebirds my friend and the married one were just going soft-core in the chair, I pointed out we had apartment me and him not far away and we had some boos and weed at home.
The blond and brunette thought that was a brilliant idea to go to our place and keep on.
There I was getting in a little tight spot i knew i had to pick one to try to lay cos I was getting horrrrrnnnnyyy.

We ended up going 7 of us home the other married one went home just before, we were all rather d***k and happy, we walked home and I had the two of them blond and brunette under my arms and we were singing and walking silly at least me and the brunette while the blond one was more just laughing and making fun of us.
When we came home it was like my friend and the married one had been waiting for this all night cos as soon as he hit the sofa she sat down on top of him and took her tits out and he motorboat and suck with great enthusiastic,
she moaned and got all hot,she took the dress of so she was just wearing her red panties and tore my friends shirt of.
We the other five were sitting all around the horny couple drinking and enjoying the show, the blond took up a bag of white powder(cocaine) and cut us lines while I made a joint, the brunette took her lines first and made a face then before I knew it she had her hand on my already hard cock and rubbed him very sensually, the blond took her portion of the powder and before I knew she was zipping my pants down and getting my dick out, she jerked me of slowly while the brunette showed a lot of interest in my balls, I lid up the joint and laid back to enjoy the moment with closed eyes when I felt a defined tongue playing with the head of my dick and soon another tongue licking the shaft, I enjoyed this for a while and opened my eyes when I saw the living room had turned into a full blown orgie , there my friend had the married one rocking like a boat on top of him moaning, he was fucking her and fingering another one next to him who had lifted up her dress and taken tits out and rubbing them real tight, the blond had at this point started to suck my dick and the brunette standing in front of me taking her clothes of, she sat down in the sofa next to me and kissed me very deep and intimate and the last girl started to suck the brunettes tits and working her way down to her pussy.
The blond was sucking my dick with with a nice tongue on my balls when she down my dick, she stood up to take her clothes of and the brunette used the opportunity to undress me and put me inside her, I was so high and d***k and I had one girl fucking me and the blond took my dick every ones in a while and sucked it and rub it on the brunettes pussy.
I looked over to my friend and gave him a big smile and he me back we were in heaven, in his sofa next to him there were two very nice girls fingering each other and kissing, he now turning the married one around and taking her from behind and me sitting there with this stunning brunette riding my dick and a beautiful blond on her knees waiting to slurp the pussy juice of the general when ever she had a chance.
The brunette saw the blond wanted some and gave her the dick to enjoy, the blond one didn't waist much time and mounted me there on the sofa, she was so wet and so willing it was just wonderful, she told me she thought about me sins that night I met her first and she regretted not meeting me later and she thought she was kinda rude to me.
There on the sofa next to me I had the brunette starting to finger her ass while i was fucking her friend the blond, my friend had switch girls and was now enjoying a blow-job from the other two girls he standing and they on there knees, it turned me so on the sound when he was throat fucking those darlings, the brunette was licking the pussy of the blond while i fucked her,
the blond one was all in to it then she got up a bit and rubbed my dick on her asshole to soften it up and before I knew I felt the tight hot asshole of her hugging my dick and I held her legs high and really penetrated her ass while the brunette ate her pussy out in a reverse cowgirl.
The blond was really into it was loud and it didn't take long to make her cum.
We made our way into the bed at some time point and the party went on from living room to bedroom back and forth, this was one of the nights of my life, I fucked all the girls there that night and so did my friend,the blond one was worn out in the morning after many many orgasm, dick sucking and pussy eating. I never met any of those girls again but they will always live in my memory !
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