If I Had One of Those

If I had one of those I’d play with it all the time. I’d tease it and I’d pamper it. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for it. I’d use it every way I could think of. It’d be VERY MUCH worth it…
I’d show it off. “Hey, look what I’ve got!” I’d use it to tease all the boys. I’d wear really short skirts and the highest high heels, and I’d swing my hips just so, as only a real woman can. I’d spend a lot of time sitting in places where the boys walked by. I might even whistle at them! I’d be such a slut! When a really cute guy walked by I’d smile at him and open my legs to let him see up my short skirt. I’d wear panties, but the really sheer kind that you can see through if the light is just right. When I was really feeling slutty I’d wear those panties with no crotches in them!
I’d shave it all the time. I’d wash it really lovingly, and I’d have the softest towels to pat it dry. Then I’d powder it and put lotion on it, and I’d pet it. I’d play with it every chance I got.
I’d buy all kinds of toys for it. I’d get one of everything! I’d get one of those sybians, and I’d sit on it while I watched chic flicks on TV. And I’d have one of those thrusting machines that moved back and forth. I’d use the thrusting machine to practice taking long thick things all the way down my throat. I’d use it on my brown one, too, just to get good at doing that! I wouldn’t ever let it rest, if I had one of those.
I’d be bisexual. I’d find a really cute girl who would treat it really nice. I’d let her fondle it and tease it and make it drool for her lips. I’d get her all worked up so she just had to have a taste of it or go mad! I’d do her just as nice as she did me. I’d tease and play with hers, and I’d just ever so lightly kiss hers. I’d do it so lightly she wouldn’t be able to tell if I’d actually kissed it or if she just imagined I had! I’d breathe on hers ever so lightly. Then I’d run my long manicured nails up and down the area just outside where she shaves around it. –Of course hers would be just as bald and slick and silky as mine is, and after I teased that area as long as I could with my delicate caresses I’d start to lick her outer lips. Very lightly at first. I’d make her take the lead then and lick me more. Then she’d have to lick a little harder, and plant kisses on my inner lips, and gently suck the little man in the boat!
After we made each other cum I’d put one of my legs between hers and slide up so that mine touched hers. Then I’d push mine just as tight against hers as I could and I’d slide it back and forth. I’d rub mine against hers, making them both slicker and slicker! I’d slide my finger into her other one, her brown one, and I’d have her do the same to mine. Then I’d tongue kiss her and tease her tongue with mine. I’d push my tongue into her mouth as I was sliding against her, and I’d suck her tongue into MY mouth. Back and forth. Tongues and fingers and hers against mine. Sliding back and forth. Faster and faster! Fingers and tongues and mine against hers!
Then after we cummed all we wanted, we’d go out looking for cute guys! We’d slide our fingers into each other and apply the wetness behind our ears and on our throats and our wrists. We’d wear the sexiest skirts with brand new panties, and on our feet we’d wear “fuck me” heels. Our tops would be low cut so that when we leaned over you could see our cleavage! We’d strut into the most promising club acting like we owned the place. And we would! All the guys would come over and crowd around us, each one trying to get our attention away from the others.
At first we’d act like they were all in the running. We’d weed them out slowly at first by the way they talked. Those who acted the most gallant would get all of our attention. Then we’d laugh and giggle at all their jokes and patter, as if they were each one wittier than the other. We’d size them up according to how intelligent and self assured they seemed. Then by the way they looked. Those who got us jittery in the tummy would be our next keepers, then we’d look for the best groomed: clean clothes, shined shoes, shaved, clean nails and FINALLY those two who smelled the nicest! WE HAVE TWO WINNERS!!! Of course, I’d get my choice of the two, since this is my fantasy! That is , IF I HAD ONE OF THOSE.
But since I don’t… I’ll just have to look for a girl like that!

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