Advice for you, BOYS

When I was younger, before I had my male cherry taken by a beautiful, sweet, caring, and VERY patient woman (Did I mention BEAUTIFUL? They're ALL beautiful in their own way!)I was like a blind, starving dog in a meat house! When you're not getting it, oftentimes you just want to rip her clothes off and jam that thing right into her quick! Get it in, get it out! "It won't hurt, did it?!" Nah, hah, hay!! It's like when you want to get a car loan: you aren't gonna get it unless you really don't need it! Same with getting laid. The best luck I ever had as a pussy magnet was just AFTER I married my first wife. They just wouldn't leave me alone! Of course, then I was predisposed, but that made it that much more of a prize for them. You always want what you can't have, right! You're dating a blonde so you lust after the brunette. You're married to a tall one and you want a short one. It seems that for some of us we're never satisfied! How many of you have wanted to "cure" a lesbian? Show her what real heaven is like? Huh?...

I see it all the time as I go through the profiles on x-hamster. A girl thinks she'll try it, so she starts her own profile. Within 10 minutes of getting on here she has six hundred hits!!! --And I mean HITS! And why do so many of you act like complete Neanderthals?! "Hey, baby, let's fuck!" I'm not really complaining, because it leaves just that many more for guys like me to flirt with. IF, that is, she stays on here long enough to see that SOME of us really aren't r****ts and woman beaters!

Hey, fella, they've ALL seen the bear dance!! They're all on here because they love sex, you know? A great many of them are completely turned off to men, and when you think about it you can't really blame them! Notice some of the videos on my profile. Some of them are of lesbians, or women or girls who are TRYING it with other girls. WATCH those videos. They show some of the most tender, loving, and I say SENSUOUS lovemaking (LOVEMAKING, bud, did you ever hear of that term?) ever put to film. I've been really getting into the tribbing videos lately. Talk about SEXY! --And not a dick to be seen!!! Wonder of wonders!!!

A couple of my dear (female) friends on x-hamster are into S&M. For the life of me, I can't understand why someone would want to be tied up and ****d, but then, hey, I'm not a woman. So I go with the flow. I try watching some S&M videos, and lo and behold it IS sexy! --But then THIS subject is for the more advanced... Higher education, COLLEGE courses for the reformed Neanderthal. Those of you who just crawled out from under your rocks please stick with the basics: Please, thank you, you look marvelous, darling; May I, I'd be so thankful if you would, Thank you so much. Pay attention, think about it, study hard, and there's going to be a test Friday.
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1 year ago
I DO, beautiful one! I do! I don't care; I'd marry you both! We'd have a communal marriage! --Or rather maybe a kibbutz! I think the Israelis have it all over us Americans, both in love and in their (REPUBLICAN) form of government (As opposed to "Our Democracy")! If you want female lovin', have at it. When you care for diction, I'm there for you! Feed me once in a while and I'm yours; I'll provide the roof when it rains and the heat when it's cold.

I heard once upon a time that men love, but women ARE love! You are love personified! Walking, talking, living and breathing Love! God (excuse me; Higgs boson) couldn't be there all the time, so She made woman! --How does that go? From his rib. Under his arm, so that he will protect her. Close to his heart, so he will love her. From his side so she may walk WITH him, not in front or behind him. There's more to it, but I forget at the moment.

I'm just so excited that TWO such beautiful women would ask me to marry them! ...I know, George told me he wouldn't marry you if you were the last woman alive, but I'd marry you in a heart beat, Beautiful One! --Beautiful TWO! Higgs Almighty, we need to start a polygamy movement! They should have THEIR rights enshrined in law, too!
1 year ago
Volfy, will you marry me - er, us - um. Let me think about that. Uh, how about we just let you watch? ;)
Lovely words to those wise enough to heed them. Not all of us want to be humiliated, treated roughly, treated like you're paying for it or just like a piece of meat you can stick your dick into the holes then just leave it lying there with your cum dribbling out of it. Some of us actually DEMAND that you treat us with respect and like a person. You might find that we respond well to being treated gently and lovingly. It IS called LOVEmaking, after all. Sure, we all want to be treated like a whore ONCE IN A WHILE. But only when we want it that way. Not just when YOU want it that way. Paying attention to the signals we give you about what we want will make you cock of the walk because we will melt and be putty in your hands. You won't be able to keep your cock out of us because we'll want it all the time. But treat us badly and we'll go find someone else to play with. Someone who actually LISTENS to us and pays attention to our moods and our feelings. When we love you, we will worship your cock. When we don't like you, we don't care that you even HAVE a cock. Why? Because we don't see YOU as just a walking cock. You are a living breathing person who HAS a cock. But you aren't one. We don't want to see you as a dick. So, don't BE a dick.
1 year ago
Well stated! Pretty much all of my lady xHam friends have difficulty dealing with the ignorant, crude and disgusting comments from those cowards who hide behind their anonymity.

I tell they have an easy choice to make called: "Block and Roll"!
2 years ago
You're going to have to grade on a curve ;)
2 years ago
So true! thanks!
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
the thing I keep hearing from women is how ingorant some guys can be , and even with some of the titiles here a bit disrespectful to women . and not enough of the inner love shows with the little things like kissing