Mystic Night PART THREE

He was tracing his fingertips with his lips and enjoying her sweet moans of pleasure. Suddenly they were jolted from their delight by hard banging on the doors. He stopped kissing her neck and they looked at each other. “What the hell?" was all he said.

Minea covered herself with the bed sheet, as Maximus got up, put his boxers on and took his Berretta out of the cupboard. “Just in case my darling, just in case. Who knows who can be banging at the doors so early in the morning? After last night I prefer to be careful." he said with a calming smile.

She nodded without a word, staring at him frightened. He gave her reassuring nod, and left the bedroom. He carefully approached the doors and opened them slightly. There she was, standing all dirty, in a torn dark green dress, bare feet and frightened. Therefore, he put the gun behind his back, as he opened the doors completely.

Even before he managed to say anything, she started speaking to him, with fright and urgency in her voice. “Hello mister, is Minea here? Is my friend here? Don’t lie to me! Where is she?” she yelled the last words, and pushed him aside, walking into the house and calling for her friend.

Minea heard her friend's voice, jumped completely naked out of the bed and ran into the living room, where she found her. Shocked, she just flew into her embrace and caressed her face. “I am here. You are safe here. What happened? Are you all right?” Minea spoke soothingly to her friend.

Maximus was just standing at the doorway, dumbfounded by the scene. Again completely lost by whatever was going on here. One thing was clear, that the girl was no danger. He discreetly concealed his gun, putting it in the drawer of the hallway cupboard.

“Yes, I am fine. I found the place where there was a fight. However, I could not find you. I got scared that he got you, but then I felt your energy. What happened?” she finished her short recount, holding Minea relaxed now that she found her.

“He fought him off.” Minea said, gesturing with her head towards Maxmus.

The girl turned, in his direction saying, “Thank you for saving ‘my everything’.”

She took few steps closer to him, hugged him and whispered her thanks into his ear again. He could feel overwhelming positive energy in her embrace. Then without a warning, she jumped away from him. She was scrutinising him and then she turned, facing Minea. She looked deep into her dark green eyes, and her own dark blue eyes widened at the sudden realisation.

Her hands went to her cute face, as she realised their connection and she gasped. “Oh, sweet Gaia!”

“Yes I know, I can’t believe it either.” Minea said with a smile.

Maximus have had enough of all this fairy code talk, thus he interrupted them. “Ok girls. What the hell are you two talking about?” Maximus exasperatedly asked the girls.

Minea came to her man, still holding her friend's hand, putting their hands together, whilst still holding them. “Maximus, do you remember what I told you about one very special fairy?”

“Yes I do.” was his careful answer, suspecting now who this girl might be, and Eneia looked at Minea with confusion.

“Wait, he knows about you, about who you are?” Eneia questioned her friend with surprise.

Minea smiled comfortingly, nodding. “He knows. I told him as much as I could in one night. He knows and well, you sensed it did not you. You felt it?”

“Yes I did. It was a shock to say the least. When I was searching for you, I felt your life’s f***e, but in a different way than ever before. It brought me to this house. Where I found him, I felt that he was no danger to me, so I burst in, not understanding exactly what I was feeling. Now I know.” Eneia explained in one breath.

Maximus managed to squeeze a question in between their conversation, impatient for the answers. “Know what?”

“That you two belong to each other,” Eneia replied.

“And you felt that?” he continued questioning her gently.

“Yes, I am connected with her in much deeper way than with other nymphs.” as she said that, her expression saddened.

Minea took her both hands in hers, speaking softly to her. “Darling, look at me please.” Minea asked pleadingly.

She slowly lifted her gaze, meeting Minea’s eyes, and Minea continued, explaining everything to her friend. “You know that what we have didn’t change. How I feel about you, hasn’t changed. I have found what most fairies seek for their entire existence. We will have you in our lives, because you are part of me and Maximus knows that, he accepts that.”

They both looked at him, standing next to them. Again he was a bit lost in all of this. So he just nodded, adding. “Minea is right. I am still a bit confused at the moment, to put it mildly. But yes, I do understand. The way she said."

Eneia smiled, as Minea gently wiped with her fingertips those small tears which sneaked from her friend's beautiful dark blue eyes.

She took her hand, leading her to the bathroom, turning to Maximus and saying with a smile. “Come, darling. Let us take care of Eneia.”

Maximus followed the fairies to the shower, sensing that this might get interesting, to say the least. Standing at the doors of the bathroom, he observed two stunning girls. Minea, with her mesmerising figure, dark red hair, and deep emerald eyes, was turning on the water in the shower. She was leaning slightly inside it, so that her sexy tushy perked out a bit. Eneia was standing next to her, with her very dark black hair and enchantingly deep, dark blue eyes, and with a body to match Minea’s.

Minea steeped under the waters stream and softly said to her friend. “Eneia, darling, take off that filthy dress and join me. I need to wash myself too, as you got me dirty with all the mud you have on you.” Minea said, with a smile, as she stepped under the warm water.

Maximus intended to leave, but was stopped by Minea’s gentle voice, as Eneia took off her torn little dress and stepped next to Minea under the warm stream. “Honey, where are you going? Come, and help me make Eneia feel better. Let us show her, that she is in our lives. That whatever we feel for each other. No matter how close we are. She is and will be by our side.” thus, she gestured to Maximus to join them.

He stopped in his tracks hearing Minea’s invite. He slowly reversed one step and turned on his heel, stunned by the sight he saw. Water was running down the two amazing, overwhelmingly beautiful girls. Minea extended her hand in invitation.

He was trying to control his nerve, thinking of anything else that might help him stay calm, but failing miserably. “Are you sure? I mean." his surprised voice faded, as he did not know what to say.

“I am sure, my darling. Come.” she answered with an inviting smile, end gentle hand gesture.

“Thank you.” Eneia whispered to Minea, gently touching her arm with her fingertips.

Minea smiled with all of her heart and nodded slightly, as Maximus took her hand and joined them. Eneia found herself between them. The shower was somewhat small for all of them, thus he was pressed against Eneia. Minea didn’t help the situation, by giving the soap to Maximus and also pressing against Eneia. He got hard within seconds, pressed against Eneia’s sexy bum, feeling a bit embarrassed by the fact that he got turned on by his fairy’s friend. Eneia smiled, and pressed a bit more against him, and looking Minea into her eyes. She saw in them her desire to share this newfound bond she had with Maximus.

Minea looked at Maximus, and sensed his predicament. She smiled at him with all of her heart and soul. She put her hands around them both, grabbing his butt and pulling it tight against Eneia’s tushy. Thus pressing herself against Eneia too, shifting her eyes to look at hers. They smiled at each other and she moved her lips closer, into a soft, sensual kiss.

Maximus was now rock hard, pressed against Eneia’s bum, and observing a very long, passionate kiss. He did not believe his eyes, and his senses were just waiting to be woken up from this amazing erotic dream.

His hands slowly moved from soaping Eneia’s shoulders, to embracing her, caressing her tummy and sliding up to her beautiful, perky breasts. He took them in the palms of his hands, squeezing them gently. That made Eneia release Minea’s lips, letting out a soft moan of pleasure.

Minea slightly nodded to Maximus, as she still noticed certain reservation. She assumed that he was being careful and respectful towards both of them, not knowing how far all this would go. He understood Minea’s gesture perfectly and started kissing Eneia’s neck, as Minea kissed her again, this time with much more vigour. Her hands slipped to her tushy, and she took Maximus’s hardness in her hand, rubbing it against Eneia’s bum. That made Eneia gasp from the stimulating sensation.

There she was, pressed against Minea and her beloved man, feeling with every fibre of her being, that they are giving themselves to her. Minea slowly travelled with her lips to Eneia’s breasts, taking one nipple in between her fingers, sucking it and playing with it. While Maximus’s hands slipped down her tummy, gently caressing her inner thighs. Eneia had never felt such an electrifying sensation before. Her pussy was screaming for attention, but they were taking their time. She was already in the state, where she’d let go completely to both of them.

Minea was enjoying the feeling of her friend’s hard nipples in her mouth and her hand slipped between her legs, meeting Maximus’s hand there. Their fingers interlocked and pressed against Eneia’s burning desire, causing Eneia’s long yearning moan echo of the walls. Their fingers slipped into her and pressed against her clit. They didn’t need words to understand each other’s fingers.

Maximus was rubbing her clit, kissing her neck and biting her shoulders, while Minea fingered her pussy, and sucked her nipples. Eneia’s moans were getting louder and stronger. She pulled Minea’s head deeper into her breasts, enormously desiring both of them. Pleasure was rising within her, until she exploded in spectacular climax. Her legs lost all strength, and Maximus was holding her in his strong arms, so she would not fall.

Minea moved her lips to Eneia’s, kissing her, pulling out her fingers and giving them to Maximus, so that he could lick her friend's sweet nectar of them. Strength slowly returned to Eneia’s legs, and Minea turned Eneia towards Maximus, and her hands took hold of Eneia’s hand, putting it on Maximus’s hardness. Both of their hands embraced him, making him gasp from pleasurable sensation, and Minea whispered into her ear.

“Kiss him, my darling. Taste his kisses, which are now yours as much as they are mine.” Minea’s voice encouraged Eneia to drop all restraints she might have so far.

She didn’t need to be told twice, as their lips joined, tongues searching for each other, and dancing. While Minea’s hands embraced Eneia’s breasts, playing with them, squeezing them, as she kissed her shoulders. Feeling her own pussy pulsing, and desiring attention, which she knew, she would get in due course. However first it was Eneia’s time to be pleasured. Minea wanted to show her with all her being, that she was still as much hers, as she was before she found Maximus.

She wanted to show Eneia, that she wishes for her to belong to both of them unreservedly. To that end, she gently went down with her lips to her bum, kissing it, gently massaging and biting it. Minea was playing with water, as her fingers teased her pussy and tushy.

Maximus took Eneia’s nipples into his mouth, enjoying the taste of them and sensation of her rubbing him. The water washed them spotlessly clean, thus Minea’s tongue was playing with Eneia’s ring, making her back spasm with pleasure. She knew that Eneia was going to love the feeling of Maximus being deep inside of her, as much as she did.

They all felt a bit uncomfortable, due to the tiny space they were in. “Let’s go to the bedroom.” Maximus released Eneia’s lips, suggesting excitedly.

The fairies agreed and they all stepped out of the shower. Maximus grabbed towels and Minea held Eneia’s hand, leading her into the bedroom. Maximus was just behind them, he gave them towels, so they started wiping each other in between kisses.

Minea looked for Maximus’s lips, wanting them. She had missed them under the shower, as there hadn't been much room, with Eneia trapped between them. After their lips parted, they both continued kissing Eneia. They pushed her gently on to the bed. They joined her, each from one side, caressing her body with their fingertips and pleasuring her with their lips.

The sun was throwing its golden, morning glow through the window, bathing them in its glory, and filling them with life’s energy. Each embraced one of Eneia’s nipples between their lips, and their tongues sent shivers up Eneia’s spine. Their hands slipped between her legs, caressing her and gently teasing her pussy.

Eneia parted her amazing legs as much as she could and whispered lustfully to them. “Please, take me. I want you both, so much!” was all Eneia managed to say in between her moans, as both of their fingers slipped inside of her burning pussy.

At the same time Eneia’s hands searched for Maximus’s proof of lust, and Minea’s burning wetness. Minea let out a deep moan, as her throbbing pussy finally got some attention from Eneia’s fingers. Minea kissed her man, as if her life depended on it and looked him in the eyes.

“Follow me.” Minea whispered to him.

Eneia gasped as they pulled their fingers out. “No! Please don’t stop!” she desperately screamed.

Maximus did as he was told and they both slowly started kissing Eneia’s body. They were going over her breasts, kissing her nipples, sucking them, and gently massaging them. They were descending to her pussy, without paying any attention to it.

They were enjoying sensual response of Eneia’s body as their lips were kissing her legs, all the way to her cute little toes. They looked mischievously at each other and Maximus gently indicated to Eneia to turn on her tummy. Then he passionately kissed Minea. They were each holding one of Eneia’s legs. Thus, they started paying concentrated attention to her lovely toes and at the same time massaging her legs, driving Eneia crazy with delight.

Eneia’s pussy was going wild from the thrilling feeling they were giving her. It made her come hard just from the attention they were paying to her toes, and by caressing her legs with their fingertips.

They didn’t stop with their kisses, as they continued to follow Eneia’s stunning legs, all the way to her inviting bum. They were kissing and massaging Eneia’s tushy with vigour. They were going wild from loving lust being born in the new found union of souls, and hearts. Eneia was becoming theirs with each kiss and touch, as much as they already belonged to each other. Eneia grabbed the sheet, moaning from pleasure, feeling their gentle bites on her tushy.

Minea’s fingers were slipping between her legs, moisturising her bum with her juices and Maximus was giving her tushy cheeks his full attention. Eneia perked her bum up, spreading her legs as much as she could, to let them know what she wanted. They didn’t need to be asked twice.

Minea pushed her fingers into her pussy, while Maximus’s finger slid gently beyond her ring. Eneia’s back arched and her cute scream of pure lust disturbed the birds in the nearby forest, causing them to fly away. Maximus wanted to taste more of his fairy’s friend’s nectar, so he went under her and took her whole pussy in his mouth. He adored Eneia’s scent, as much as he loved Minea’s. Thus he started lashing out over her clit with his tongue, while fingering her pussy.

Minea’s fingers were playing around her ring, slipping inside her bum, and they had to hold her as she could not control herself any longer. Eneia was pushing with her bum on Minea’s two fingers and in downward motion rubbing her pussy on Maximus’s dancing tongue, and penetrating fingers.

Minea’s other hand grabbed Maximus's hard on, rubbing it, playing with it. She released Eneia’s tushy and took Maximus’s hardness in her mouth. She was sucking it with all her heart. Thus, making Maximus’s pussy licking even more passionate and he replaced Minea’s finger in Eneia’s bum with his. Minea felt him getting harder, but she didn’t want him to cum just yet. Eneia was bucking under Maximus’s passion, and he felt that she will explode.

Eneia screamed as the tension rose through her spine, exploding into her head. “I am cuming! Oh sweet Gaia, I am cuming!!” her nectar started bursting over Maximus, and showered him, as she was uncontrollably shaking in climax.

Maximus slide from under Eneia, and he was attacked by Minea’s kisses. She wanted to taste Eneia’s nectar of her man’s lips. Eneia crashed on the bed, on her tummy, and gasping how this was amazing. Her breathing was calming down while Minea was licking her every drop from Maximus’s lips.

Minea leaned to his ear, whispering. “My beloved, I wish to see you deep inside Eneia. Please, give herself to her, as you have given yourself to me.” she pleaded him, as she was caressing his hardness.

Maximus, looked her in the eyes, kissed her and asked. “Are you sure my darling? I adore you with all my heart, and.” he was stopped from continuing, as Minea silenced him with finger over his lips.

She nodded and softly said. “I am sure my love. I am yours, and you are mine. I wish for her to be ours. I wish for her to feel what I feel. Because I adore her as much as I adore you.”

To reassure him completely, she embraced him, and kissed him with all of her essence. They saw Eneia looking at them with tears in her eyes. They smiled at her and pulled her into their arms. They were covering her with kisses, caressing her yearning body. Eneia lost herself in the bliss of two deeply devoted, caring souls.

Minea then got on her back, pulling Eneia into her arms, kissing her. Maximus got behind Eneia, and pulled her up. He guided his hardness into Eneia’s throbbing pussy, and he plunged inside of her, making Eneia yelp with pleasure. She pushed back onto his hardness, and kissed Minea with passion. He was holding Eneia’s hips as they found a rhythm. His finger started to play with her ring, teasing her, and gently sliding into her. Thus she bit Minea’s lip, tasting a drop of her bl**d.

At that, he started diving into Eneia’s pussy, driving her insane. Minea slid from under Eneia, and kissed Maximus. She was showing him, how much she loves this scene she was witnessing. Her fingers started playing with Eneia’s tushy, letting Maximus have free reign as he was thrusting hard into Eneia’s pussy. He suddenly stopped, trying to control himself, because he did not want to cum just yet. He let Eneia’s lust take over, and it did as she pushed on him and also on Minea’s fingers.

The pressure was rising fast, from her pussy gathering in her tummy, just to explode within her, as she accompanied it with screams of pleasure. Eneia was shaking, as the waves of delight were subsiding. Thus she crashed back on the bed, sliding off Maximus and Minea’s fingers.

They looked at each other, grinning. Minea pulled Maximus into her arms, kissing him, and whispering her thanks. He looked into her eyes, and she smiled at him, thus telling him, that the fun is just beginning. Eneia turned on her side, and they started kissing her body, until they reached her lips. All of their bodies were entwined, lips kissing, and hands exploring, thus making the time stop for them.

Minea smiled at Eneia, and told her to lie on her tummy, and she put a pillow under her, thus lifting her tushy slightly, as she spoke to her. “Sweetie, let Maximus give you more pleasure.”

Eneia murmured her ascent in welcoming anticipation of what’s coming next. Minea took his hardness in her hand, and put his head on Eneia’s ring. She was teasing it with the tip of his head, sliding over her throbbing pussy. She was kissing passionately with Maximus, as Eneia moaned in the background. Minea positioned his pink, cut head on her friend’s ring, and Eneia thrust with her bum upwards. She let a delightful gasp, as he penetrated her ring. She was taking him deeper and deeper inside of her bum, and letting out moans of pleasure. At the same time Minea’s fingers slid under her tummy, and started rubbing her clit.

Maximus was supporting himself with his hands, leaning over Eneia’s shoulders, and kissing her neck. He was not moving, he was just letting her get used of him inside. She dictated the rhythm and at first it was slow, but it didn’t take long for Eneia to be thrusting back at him as he was coming towards her. Minea was enjoying the view, which turned her unbelievably on and she started rubbing her clit, fingering herself, but her other hand didn’t forget Eneia’s pussy either. Eneia was going crazy, and it was just as much as she could take, especially after Minea spanked her couple of times. She pushed hard on Maximus's hardness and he sensed that she was close, thus making him thrust harder.

Minea was encouraging them lustfully, as she was taking in the scene with her dark emerald eyes. “Yes, like that. Take it Eneia, my sweet. He’s as much yours as he is mine. Take him deep. Give her all of you my love. Grace her with the gift of life, as you have graced me.”

Eneia’s pleasure from being taken so passionately, exploded in all of her entirety. She felt in Maximus’s hard final thrusts joining her in the eruption of the bliss from beyond the world. Their screams were merged by Minea’s orgasm, though a smaller one.

However, for Minea the energy she was feeling from two nature’s beings she loved the most in this universe was enough to make her link with them in their pleasure. Eneia was shaking from climax after climax, wave after wave, which were overwhelming her because of Maximus’s last hard thrusts. Minea pulled her fingers out of her pussy, licked them and started kissing Eneia’s shoulders. Maximus leaned forward, embracing Eneia. Minea turned her head so he could kiss Minea’s lips.

Minea looked deep into Maximus’s eyes whispering softly. “You gave me, and us, something that few mortals ever gave to fairies. You have let me share your heart, body and soul.”

Maximus answered with a kiss, and rolled next to Eneia. She was between them now. They started kissing her gently, and caressing her, as she was still calming down, and catching her breath.

Eneia caressed their faces, kissed Minea, and then Maximus, and spoke softly to both of them. “Thank you. Thank you so much.” She then turned her eyes towards Maximus. “I cherish you letting me be part of both of you. I know you belong to her and I know what she feels for you. Yet you decided that I can also be part of your lives.” saying that, she kissed them both again and stood up, saying with a smile, that she would be right back.

They were looking after her as she vanished in the bathroom, and gazed at each other. Maximus pulled Minea into his arms, wrapping her with his legs, kissing those lips he madly fell for, together with the rest of her whole being. She lost herself in his embrace, hungrily returning his kisses, as his hands were caressing her back.

Then he embraced with the palms of his hands her stunning face, gazed into those deep dark emerald eyes and said. “I hope you know that this." he didn’t know how to continue, how to formulate what he was trying to say, thus his words faded away.

Minea noticed it, and she put a finger on his lips. “Don’t speak. I know you are mine and I am yours. However, she belongs to us now too. I just want her to share our happiness.” she calmed him down with her melodic voice.

Maximus just nodded and kissed again her sweet lips. Then he pulled her under him, going down her neck. He was playing with her full breasts, fondling them and taking her nipples in his mouth. He was sucking them just the way she liked it.

She was running her fingertips through his hair, gasping. “Yes, oh yes, just like that, oh honey yes.” her words faded away in moans.

After some time he went even further down, caressing her beautiful legs with his fingertips. He was kissing her tummy and she spread her legs wide, expecting his loving lips kissing her desperately yearning pussy. As he approached his fairy’s temple, he took her delightful scent with a deep breath within himself, and then he plunged with lips on her inviting pussy.

His tongue was sending electrifying shocks up her spine all the way to her neck. Thus, he was sending her body into ecstasy. Eneia came back into the room and she smiled at the scene she saw. She got on the bed, started kissing Minea’s lips and playing with her breasts.

“Let me show you, how much it means to me what you have done for me.” Eneia whispered into Minea’s ear.

And she went down to her amazing breasts with her hands and lips. She was playing with them. She took one hard nipple in her mouth, sucking it, biting it, and then repeating the same with the other. Maximus was playing with his tongue around her clit. His fingers were teasing her so much that Minea pushed on his two fingers with her pussy and on one finger that just happened to be circling around her ring. She jerked up with her hips, to get those fingers deeper inside of her. He just had to thrust few more times with them and Minea started shaking. Her moans loudly cut through the morning stillness as they merged into the scream of delight.

He was rewarded with her nectar squirting hard from her pussy, which was showering him completely. Minea was shaking uncontrollably, and still pushing hard on his fingers with her pussy and bum. He gently pulled them out. Eneia took his arm, and started sucking Minea’s juices of his fingers. She kissed him, savouring her friend’s taste taken from Minea’s man.

Maximus then lay next to her, kissing her as she was still calming down, and caressing her cute face. He turned her on the side, so that he was behind her, again very much hard. Her climax turned him on and he needed just to touch her pussy with the tip of his head and she pushed on him, taking him all in.

He put his arms around her, holding her in his embrace and he started thrusting. Eneia was caressing her, wherever she could, and helping her to hold one leg up and rubbing her clit. He was taking her, with all his being, forgetting about the world, feeling only her wetness, and Eneia’s exhilarating touches, as she was rubbing her clit while he was sliding passionately in and out.

With each thrust Minea gasped and in between them she managed to say with all her heart. “Yes, like that, just like that. Oh darling I want to feel you in my bum, please in my bum.” her last words were lost in scream as he thrust hard into her.

He pulled out and put the head on her ring. Minea just took him in, slowly pushing on him. Her moans told them that she loved it. She started thrusting with her bum, and he was meeting her with his own thrusts. Eneia just relaxed next to them, gently caressing herself with her fingertips, following the curves of her mesmerising body and enjoying the view and sounds of pleasure which Minea was enjoying.

They found harmony in their movements and he was rubbing her pussy while penetrating hard. He was leading them both to another climactic finish. Their bodies were shaking as their screams joined as they became one, and yet again giving more to each other than just erotic pleasure. As they were calming down, he was kissing her neck and shoulder.

She turned her head, kissed him with all the love she had, as she caressed his face. “You are mine and I am yours.” Minea whispered to her man.

He kissed her without a word, as she still felt him inside her. Then he gently pulled out and sensually caressed her bum. She looked at Eneia, who was watching their final moments with soft sadness in her eyes. Minea extended her hand, Eneia took it and she pulled her in to her arms, as Maximus embraced both of them. Minea softly kissed her lips and all of them closed their eyes. They feel asl**p exhausted, as the new day was being born.

The End Part THREE

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