Mystic Night PART TWO

He could not sl**p, so he was looking out the window into the breaking dawn holding her in his arms. Her head was resting on his chest. One of her legs was lying over his legs, and her arm was holding him tight. He was gently caressing her back, sliding with her fingertips over her smooth skin, and savouring the feeling of the tenderness he sensed. Holding her astonishing naked body in his arms felt so good, and he did not want to wake her up. He could have stayed like this with her sl**ping in his embrace forever.

'This is the life' he thought, and then remembered what he had found out last night. If anybody had told him that this would happen, he would have called the paramedics to take that person into the institution. If he had not been here with her in his arms, he would have thought that Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome had fucked him up real good. She moved a bit, opened her eyes, and looked up to see her man smiling at her. He caressed her soft, beautiful red hair, kissed her on its softness, and whispered. “Good morning my little nymph. How did you sl**p?”

She stretched, moaned, and answered with a smile in her melodic voice. “The best sl**p I had in centuries.”

“In centuries?” Was his surprised question while he continued caressing her soft skin.

“Yes, didn’t I tell you?” She replied sheepishly.

“No, you kind of forgot to mention you are, centuries old. How many centuries?” He continued questioning her with a curious smile.

She looked at him, slightly embarrassed, as hundred years is already exceptionally old for humans. “You sure you want to know?”

“Well yeah, I mean, after last night. I want to know everything about you. I also want to learn everything I can about the world around, because it seems I don't know anything at all.” Was his slightly excited answer.

She lifted herself from his arms, and sat next to him. He also repositioned, so they were half sitting. Through his mind went two thoughts. How gorgeous she is in the morning sun, as it glowed through the window, bathing her in its glow, and that this should be good.

She started explaining to him about herself and other nymphs. “Ok, let me first say. No matter my age, I’m not going to grow older, what you see is what you have.”

Smilingly he took her in his arms, so she was sitting in his lap now. He was holding her caringly, and kissed her lovingly on her soft lips. “So now tell me please.”

“I have 777 years. If we’d translate this into your age I am around 20.” As she said that, she saw the look on his face, which she could not read.

With concern she spoke. “Say something. I know I shocked you now.”

“Yes slightly, and you look hell of a lot better than I would at your age. Please continue shocking me.” He answered with bewildered chuckle.

She positioned herself more comfortably into his arms, so she could look him in the eyes, and continued. “We are immortal, although we can get killed. By werewolves for example, and before you say anything. Yes, they do exist. They transform and they can control the transformation from, and into human form. They live amongst you, and we keep an eye on them. However, there is one pack, which does not follow the rules. Regular weapons cannot kill werewolves. But silver can hurt them, and enough of it, can kill them.”

“Wait, but I stabbed one, in his throat. I killed him.” He rejected of hand her explanation.

“The knife was not silver, so he will probably survive, unless if you took off his head. Did you?” She answered him, as if she was explaining a math problem to a student.

He sighed and spoke. “Nope, that I did not do. So tell me, why were you hunted?”

“If werewolf eats the flesh of a nymph, it gives him enormous strength, and they can become immortal. With us, they get the energy of nature, which is eternal. Otherwise, they live only around 400 years or so. We are divine, free spirits of nature, and we love to dance, and sing. We love life, and everything beautiful. We help a****ls, and we take care of nature. We live near mountain springs, or lakes, in valleys, and cool caves. I prefer to live near mountain spring, or a lake. I simply love water, and forests.”

All this started to intrigue Maximus, and he wanted to know more. “Fascinating, but how are you born, I mean where do you come from?”

Minea smiled at his eagerness to learn, and she continued explaining, how the world really works. “From nature, as I said, we are nature’s spirits, free, and full of life. Gaia is our mother.”

“You mentioned other nymphs. s****rs as you called them, for the lack of better term. It is like s****rs in a nunnery or something like that?”

She chuckled at his comparison. “Yes, but not in the sense you would perceive a nunnery. I think we would be thrown out of that highly stuck up, bigoted institution in a heartbeat.” She continued explaining with the most gorgeous smile he ever saw. “We all come from nature, and we have s****rhoods. Each s****rhood takes care of certain parts of nature in the world. I am taking care of this part with my s****rhood, because we are mountain nymphs. We mostly live on our own, or with one or two s****rs, and we meet at lakes or rivers with the others, where we enjoy life.”

“There are only girls, no men?” Was his next question, as he got a picture of beautiful creatures like Minea into his head.

“Exactly, no men.” She smiled answering him.

Guessing what is bugging him now, which was cute to her, because he was accepting everything she was telling him.

Without any kind of scene, or shock, she continued while caressing his hand holding her. “We are very close s****rhood, and sometimes I was sharing those pleasures of life, for example with. I remember one time.” She stopped and gave it a moment’s thought. “Do you want me to continue?”

“Yes, please do.” He answered eagerly, almost too eagerly, and she stole a sweet kiss from her man, and continued.

“As I was saying, I remember this one time.” She continued with sweet voice.


“Come Eneia, come to the spring!” Minea called her s****r from below the big, century’s old oak tree.

Hot summers air was cooled by a spring nearby, where the s****rhood loved to meet. Today they were all at the big gathering, which happens every 50 years. This time around, she had been chosen to stay behind, and keep an eye on things. Eneia stayed too, because she was sad, as her lover did not come to the meeting place. She did not want to be in the crowd, preferring solace. She cared about her human, and she wondered why she did not come. She was crazy about her. Something must have happened.

“I am not leaving until you come down. I will stand here bugging you all day if I have to. Now get your sexy, grumpy tushy down from that tree.”

“Leave me alone Minea. I am not in the mood. She didn’t come last night either.” Eneia replied with a shaking voice.

“Maybe she was held behind by her father. You know his Lordship is a very difficult man. So come down please.” Minea was pleading her friend now.

Eneia looked down from the tree. “Stop looking at me like that.”

“Like what, I’m not doing anything.” Mine smiled sheepishly.

“So seductively. You know I cannot resist your eyes.” After a few long moments of gazing into Minea’s eyes. “Damn it, wait.” She gasped in exasperation.

She flew down to her friend, putting her arms around Minea, and kissing her softly on those full lips. Minea returned the kiss, her tongue searching for Eneia’s, finding it, and dancing with it. Their hands were at the same time caressing their backs, and massaging their necks. Eneia’s hand slipped on Minea’s tushy. However, she pushed her hand away, and slipped from her embrace.

“I thought you are grumpy?” Said Minea teasingly, and flew towards the spring, with Eneia following.

She let her catch up, as she arrived to the spring, and Eneia bumped in to her. Thus, both of them tumbled into the water. Giggling, they embraced, and kissed. Their green cute dresses were glued to their spectacular bodies, and hard nipples were threatening to burst out through thin see through cloth. Eneia had brownish - red hair, at 1.65 she was couple of cm shorter then Minea, with adorable looking face. Her lips were fuller than Minea’s, and she had slightly bigger breasts too.

“Mmm they are so lovely.” Said Minea admiringly, as she started to fondle her friend’s breasts.

She cupped them in her hands, kissed the nipples through Eneia’s wet dress, and then she pulled the dress down, so it fell to her waist. She continued kissing her neck, and going down to her hard peaks with her lips. Biting them gently, circling with her naughty tongue around them, and making her moan from pleasure. Then Minea turned her around. Standing behind her, she pressed Eneia against herself with one hand around her waist and another around her breasts. She continued massaging them, and squeezing them. While kissing her neck, and nibbling her earlobe. She was gently pinching with her fingertips her friend’s nipples, and at the same time biting her shoulders.

Her left hand slipped between Eneia’s eye-catching legs, caressing softness of tender, smooth skin around her pussy, slightly rubbing it. One of her fingers slipped ever so slightly into her friend, then another one. Now she pressed inside, and at the same time, the palm of her hand pushed against her clit, with right hand squeezing her nipple.

“You are so good, please don’t stop.” Eneia gasped between her moans.

Then Minea turned her around, pulling her fingers out, and giving them to Eneia to lick her own sweetness off. Minea stared into her big, beautiful, dark blue eyes, and started kissing her passionately. At this point, both of their hands were massaging each other’s breasts, pinching each other’s nipples, and sending shivers down their spines.

Minea wanted to enjoy those full breasts again, so she embraced one areola, sucking it and biting it. She was twisting her dancing tongue around Eneia’s rock hard nipple. Then she repeated the same with the other one, and at the same time, she was squeezing them a bit harder, knowing how she likes it.

Eneia was going crazy from exhilarating pleasure, so she pulled her friends head even deeper into her breasts. Minea slipped with her hand between Eneia’s legs, which she spread willingly. Just to find Minea’s fingers slip deep inside of her wet pussy. Minea’s hands were holding her, and she turned her towards the bank. She pushed her against the big soft moth covered rock, which turned it into a comfortable lounge chair. Eneia sat on it, spreading her legs as much as possible, wanting her friend’s lips to give her the kind of pleasure only Minea knew how. She had a magic tongue, and fingers, which in harmony drove her over the edge in waves. No matter which human she was with, none came even close, to what she felt, when Minea was licking her, and driving her to extremely, wet climaxes.

Minea sensed her friend’s thoughts. They were playing often like this, only the two of them or sometimes with some other nymph too. Therefore, she continued to suck her hard nipples, teasing, and massaging them. She was playfully prolonging Eneia’s lust for her lips, savouring her nectar of pleasure.

She did go down on her, but kissing her inner thighs, scratching them gently, descending with her lips all the way down to Eneia’s right foot, kissing it. She was repeating the same with her left foot, rising with kisses and fingertips to her moist, aromatising pussy. Yet she still desired her friend to go even crazier from lust. Little did she know that Eneia is on the verge of climaxing, and suddenly Eneia started shaking and screaming from explosive orgasm.

Minea looked her friend in the eyes, as she was only kissing her inner thighs, next to her pussy. However, not touching it one bit, not even fingers were caressing her there. Only inner thighs were privy to her lips, and Eneia still has cum so hard.

Minea did not give her any respite, as she did not want to miss out on licking her friend’s pussy. Consequently, she hungrily plunged with her lips and fingers into that wet, pulsing pleasure temple. Fingering her passionately, as her tongue was sending electrifying shivers up Eneia’s spine. She was pushing back at Minea’s fingers, and tongue lashing out over her clit. Eneia could not hold out for much longer, pressure building in every fibre of her being.

She grabbed Miena’s head, pushing it harder into her pussy, squirting into her mouth as she exploded yet one more time. Thou this time was even harder, stronger and she was cuming in waves. She drenched Minea with her sweetness, and she pushed herself from Eneia’s pussy, looked up into her content grin. Eneia saw the naughty satisfaction in those dark green eyes. She did not say anything. She just pulled her friend up, putting her arms around her, kissing her, and taking off Minea’s dark green dress. “Now it is payback time for you torturing me.” Eneia said giggling.

They rolled on to the soft grass, lips interlocked, with their hands caressing each other. Minea was now on her back as Eneia was returning the favour for making her go crazy. So she trailed with her fingertips over her body, seeing how sensually Minea responded, made her even more wet, as she loved playing with her.

She always enjoyed her friends striking beauty, and her soft skin. Which was so pleasing to the touches and kisses. She was admiring those full perky breasts, with small areola’s, and nipples. Now as hard as granite as she was so much turned on, yet so cute and suckable. She followed with her fingertips the curves of Minea’s body. Travelling over her tummy, and kissing her belly button, slipping over her pussy, making her gasp.

She was sliding down both of her legs with her fingertips, all the way to her cute little toes. She started massaging her foot, and sucking each, and every delightful toe. Minea was gasping from bliss, as her friend was sending electric shocks from her fingers, through her leg. All the way up to her pussy, that was tightening from pleasure. So much so, that she had to touch herself, rubbing her cute clit, which yearned for contact, and for a kiss. Eneia saw her friends hand going down so she stopped her from doing what she wanted to. “Oh no, don’t you dare, otherwise I will stop, and leave you here alone.”

“No, no! Don’t stop what you are doing! Please!” Screamed Minea in desperation.

Eneia smiled at her yelp, continued sucking those delicious toes. Her tongue was playing around soft skin covering their tips. When she was done with all ten, she flipped her around, so she could enjoy her friend’s tight, adorably shaped tushy. She barely controlled the passion she felt just by making Minea go crazy under her lips, and kisses. If she would not, she would just dive right into her. She wanted to enjoy every inch of her body, thus she was taking her time savouring it. Thus, she was now kissing her bum, massaging it, and squeezing it. She pulled her bum up a bit, so she could take pleasure in playing with it. She was driving her wild with her tongue swinging over her ring, and pussy.

Her hand Slipped under her, and finding her wetness. She started rubbing it, and slipping two fingers inside of her. At the same time, she was stimulating with the palm of her hand Minea’s yearning clit. While with the other hand, she was gently spanking her, and massaging her tushy.

Her screams and moans were becoming louder, and louder, so she slowly slipped her middle finger a bit into her friend’s tushy. She did not move it any further, except just beyond the limit of her ring. She let Minea do the rest with her lust, thrusting back on her fingers. Eneia knew her friend is just about to explode, and moments later, she erupted as a super volcano. She covered her with all her juices, which Eneia hungrily drank, burying her lips in to her friend’s pussy. She was slipping her tongue as deep as she could in her pulsing wetness.

Minea was shaking, and she lay down on her tummy, calming down, and then turned on her side. Eneia lay next to her, kissing her, giving her friend a taste of her own nectar. Their hands were caressing each other, and Eneia could not resist, kissing her friend’s hard nipples, and gently biting them, just to say ‘hi’ to them. Then Minea turned her friend on her back, and climbed on top of her, holding her hands, and innocently smiling. Eneia knew that Minea would pay her back for every drop she tasted just moments ago.

She leaned down towards her lips, embracing her attractive face, kissing her. Their tongues were dancing in passion, and then she continued kissing her neck. Not before long, she began travelling over her breasts with her hands, squeezing them. Minea embraced those hard perky nipples with her lips. Sucking them, biting them, and slipping with her hand between Eneia’s legs, where her fingers glided between her wet pussy lips. She slid inside of her, making her friend moan from exhilarating pleasure, which was shooting through her. She pressed with the palm of her hand against her clit, and bit her nipple. She sucked it into her mouth, inviting gasps of pleasure from Eneia’s mouth. She adored giving her pleasure, as she loved her dearly. It was much more for them, than just playful fun between friends.

Eventually Minea slid all the way down between her legs, enjoying sweet scent that was emanating from her friends pleasure spring. She dove into her, savoring her taste, holding her from moving too much. Her tongue was disappearing as deep as possible inside the juicy wetness. Eneia was loudly moaning, and grabbing Minea’s head, pushing it deeper between her widely spread legs.

Then she held them up pulling them towards her, so she would give as much space as possible to Minea, and her playful tongue. She took advantage of it, and was able to really suck her whole oasis of pleasure. She embraced with her mouth her pussy lips, and massaged her bum, rubbing her ring with her fingers. She was sliding up, and down her pussy, and her tushy with her tongue, until she stopped at her clit. She was licking it sensually and sending shivers through Eneia’s body. As her fingers slipped inside of her, moving in and out, while she was enjoying her moans, her other finger was rubbing her ring more passionately now. Very gently, she slipped with one finger into her bum, thus making her lift up her tushy even more, begging her not to stop.

Minea complied with her wishes, and became especially dedicated in bringing her friend to the same end she had before. She could feel Eneia’s pussy squeezing her two fingers buried deep inside her, while her third finger was playing with her tushy. Eneia erupted as hard as she did before, and showered her with sweet juices, which she enjoyed immensely, as they were one of the best things she ever tasted.

Eneia’s body was shaking, because she lost all sense of the world, and time, until her waves of pleasure slowly subsided. Minea crawled in to her friend’s embrace, kissing her passionately, caressing her cute face, and saying. “You taste so delicious, I love your nectar.”

“I can say the same for your nectar sweetie. You really are a true friend. Thank you for this. I feel much better now.” Eneia has concluded with soft kisses, and caring caress under the warm morning sun, which was bathing them with its glow.


He was looking at her, turned on by what she just told him, and she felt it too. As she was snuggled up in his arms, and sitting on his lap. “I feel that you like the way we are with my s****rs. I mean how we enjoy life, besides singing, and dancing.” Was her cheerful comment, on his silence, and lower lip hanging down, threatening to drop off any second now.

“Yeah, well I thought you are playing some board games or something, this definitely were no board games. But who am I to judge.” He answered with a bemused smile.

She caressed his face, and kissed him, while she went down between his legs with her hand, tenderly touching his hardness, saying. “But I want you to know, that whatever bonds I have with my s****rs, the bond that grew between us is something few lucky nymphs ever experience. You are now mine, and I am yours.”

“So what happened last night was?” He asked curiously, and longingly.

“It was me choosing you. As we choose a mortal man or a woman, we want to belong to, with all our essence. It can be only for one night, or it can be until the end of time. However we chose, or the situation is, we give our essence only once. Of course, we prefer this union to last, which is born when a nymph submits her whole heart, body and soul to one person. A nymph can give all that she is only once to one mortal. That mortal can become immortal by accepting nymphs essence in safe keeping, and I wish you’d choose me, as I already have made my choice, last night.” She smiled, and continued. “I mean I could put a spell on you, but that is not what I desire.” She concluded with a chuckle.

He smiled at her. “You don’t need any spell, you are stuck with me.” Was all he said, after everything he heard so far, with his mind racing, but feeling calm within his heart and soul. He knew that this is the only path for him, and that this is the right path.

He layed her down on the bed, holding her in his arms, kissing her softly, and caressing her tender skin, savoring her sweet scent, giving himself to her. Each time his lips touched her sensual skin, she felt them deeper within herself, than any one of them from last night, knowing she really has found him.

The End of Part TWO

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