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Recently I've continued my cross dressing as usual, but with a craving for more. It's been a long while since I've done anything while dressed.

I decided that I needed to get myself done up and head out for a night, either to a club or the cinema. I knew I couldn't get myself looking good enough on my own so I finally told my best friend about my little secret. She's a hot, slim brunette with a great figure. Lucky for me she's a beautician and offered to help me out. We agreed to go away for a few days to somewhere far.

So a week later we're stepping into our room. We throw down our bags and my friend gets straight to work. She strips me down and helps wax me all over. Once done she tans me and gets to work on my face. A few hours later, I'm looking surprisingly good, I'm staring at myself and can't quite believe it! Heels, stockings, knickers and corset, holding in my "fake" breasts.

We hit town with a few drinks down us and within minutes we've got guys hanging around us. I felt like such a slut with my short skirt barely covering my cock tightly strapped up. We spent the night chuckling away with rows of lads approaching us.

After that I felt really up for meeting a guy but it's not happened. I even tried dating sites, but it's my "requirements" that stop anything from happening.
Posted by VirginAsAGirl 2 years ago
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