The Pageant Part 1

Hello everybody! Been a while since I last wrote my A f****y Friend series. But I'm back to writing and this is my newest piece. It'll be a two parter perhaps 3 if im really feeling it. Let me know what ya'll think and give me a holler if you enjoy it. This is a fantasy piece, but its one Id love to live out. Hope you all enjoy! Oh and by the way, if you're familiar with my work you'll know I tend to write pretty long stories. Sorry! but i hope you enjoy it regardless.

I had only been in prison for 7 months, serving a 10 year sentence for fraud. I knew the rule entering prison. Make yourself look tough and take down the biggest guy around. Unfortunately, the biggest guy knocked me right on my ass and also happened to be my cellmate. He knew from Day 1 that I wasn’t tough and wouldn’t last long in prison. He wasn’t a bad guy, his name was Tyrone but everybody just call him Tank. We made an agreement the first week of my sentence that as long as I did whatever he told me to do, that he would protect me from the other guys. I had no choice but to agree. Afterall I was serving a 10 sentence and I didn’t quite feel like getting my ass kicked everyday.

I didn’t have do much at first, mainly cleaning the cell, giving him some of my lunch, and sneaking in some cigarettes every now and then. But suddenly things started to change. About a month into my sentence Tyrone came up to me and told me to start wearing these black lace panties he had been able to sneak in. At first I was hesitant. I knew where this would eventually lead, but all Tyrone had to say was “Bitch you better start wearing these or else you can forget about our agreement. And these guys here have been eager to get at yo ass.” So I snatched the panties and threw them on. “Good, that wasn’t too bad was it bitch?” Tyrone said, “Now get yo white ass to bed.” I was relieved. It had been a month and I noticed some of the bulkier men giving me looks in the yard and shower. Tyrone was keeping his part of the deal, so I would have no choice but to honor my part.

3 months in now and things were starting to change drastically. Tyrone has been giving me these weird pills that he’s been having me bring in. He wouldn’t tell me what they were, but he was forcing me to take them. Again, I had no choice. I hadn’t noticed any effects from the pills except that they kept making me feel sick for a few hours. Tyrone has also been making me wear bras now that he’s been sneaking in along with the pairs of panties that he’s somehow managing to get. He kept telling me that in a couple months, I should be filling out the bras nicely. “What the hell does that mean?” I thought. But nevertheless, I was Tyrone’s slave.

4 months in now, and I have begun to notice breasts forming. I guess I know what those pills were for now. Tyrone was also forcing me to speak more ladylike around the other men. Told me I could speak normally to him, but talk girlish to the other guys. Tyrone was right though, I was filling out the bras nicely. I couldn’t help but notice. Tyrone had ripped all my shirts to cut off at my midriff, and he ripped my pants to look more like daisy dukes. My how the other men reacted. I could see in their eyes that all they wanted to do was hold me down and **** me. But up until that point, nothing much was different. Until that night.

That night Tyrone yanked me out of bed and told me I had to start a new diet. A protein diet he called it. “Get on yo knees bitch and open yo mouth” Tyrone said. I was nervous now and shaking. I went slowly to my knees before Tyrone just knocked me down on them, and then I opened my mouth knowing what was in store. “Good. That’s a good little sissy,” Tyrone said, “Now I know this is probably your first time so I’m gunna take it easy on you for the first week.” And with that he pulled down his pants and out flopped his giant 12” black cock. I was actually in shock. My mouth wasn’t open at this point from being told to, it was open because my jaw literally dropped at the sight of his cock. “You gunna like this” he said. He slid his cock slowly into my mouth and started instructing me on how to suck him off. It took almost 3 hours before he finally started moaning and his dick began pulsating. “Alright sissy, hold it in yo mouth, I’m about to cum.” he said, “that’s it sissy. Now I’m about to teach you how to swallow properly.” A few blows on his cock and he released his jizz all inside my mouth and down my throat. I couldn’t hold it all and a lot of it exploded out of my mouth. Tyrone wasn’t at all pleased to see his cum hitting the floor, so he made me lick it all up. I now knew why they called him Tank, it wasn’t because of his size, it was because he had as much firepower in that cock of his as an actual tank. “That wasn’t bad sissy, but you spilled a lot of cum. I think you can do much better. You’ve got a lot of potential,” he said, “ We’ll work at more tomorrow and maybe we’ll begin teaching that mouth of yours to take a cock deep down yo throat.” I was exhausted. He sat on the bed for 3 hours in pleasure, while my knees, hands, and mouth were completely sore from sucking his cock. I couldn’t even make it to my bed and I passed out right there on the floor beneath him.

The next 3 weeks were exactly the same. Every night he would f***e me to suck him off. And every night I grew more and more sick of doing it. He taught me how to deep throat his cock and I could almost handle that entire 12” monster all the way to his balls. I was also getting better at holding his cum, now that he was pretty much shooting it right into my stomach. I didn’t mind the taste anymore, but I was growing sick of being his slave, so one night I spoke out. “No Tyrone! I’m done! I’m not doing this anymore! I’ll take my chances out there” I said. “Alright fine by me” Tyrone replied. I was stunned. “Really? It was just that easy?” I thought. “Hope you enjoy your new life tomorrow” he said. “What could that mean?” I thought. So I just said fuck it and went to sl**p for the first time in almost month without having to suck Tyrone’s massive cock. The next day started off on a good note. Nobody seemed to be harassing me at all. Lunch came and went and I was able to eat my entire meal without having to give any of it to anyone. Although I did, because I had lost a bit of weight since I first arrived, but I wasn’t f***ed to give my meal to anyone. The rest of the day went on without a hitch. I even got a chance to shoot some hoops with some of the guys, including Tyrone.

But later that night was my opportunity to take a shower. I walked in and saw nobody. “Great” I thought, “I get the whole shower to myself.” But I wasn’t alone. About 5 minutes in I noticed some noises coming from the steam and also saw some shadows moving from within them. I tried to finish my shower, but it was too late. 5 of the bigger guys surrounded me. These guys had been staring me down ever since I walked into the place. “If you don’t wanna get hurt I suggest you get down on knees bitch” one of the said. These guys could kill me in a heartbeat I thought. So I got down on my knees and prepared for the worse. The 5 of them pulled out their dicks and started stroking them off. 2 of them sat back, while the other 3 stroked their cocks in my face. One of them came instantly, before even sticking it in my mouth. But the cumblast went everywhere. It covered my face and got all into my hair. I could hardly see now. The 2 remaining guys continued to stroke and then told me to suck them off. I stroked the one guys cock and sucked on the other, alternately rotating them. One of them popped off right in my mouth and told me to hold the jizz until the other guy popped too. I held the cum in my mouth for about 3 minutes while I was stroking off the other guy with both hands. Finally he popped. I was now probably holding a half cup of cum in my mouth. “ You can swallow that now bitch” one of them said, “hope you enjoy it.” I closed my lips and swallowed the massive cumload. It wasn’t bad. Next the other guys who remained in the back came forward. “Okay bitch get on yo hands and knees. Its time for the real boys to have some fun” one of them said. “Uh-oh” I thought, “I haven’t been fucked before.” I knew it was going to hurt. They both shoved their cocks in my mouth and made me get them hard. Didn’t take long. One of them kept his cock in my mouth, while the other prepared my ass to be fucked. “What have we here” he said, “looks like we might have ourselves a virgin! This is gunna be a fun ride.” Just when he was about to shove his 10” cock up my ass I heard another voice. “Hold it!” he said, “If anyones gunna be taking that ass first its gunna be me!” It was Tyrone. Saved by the bell I thought. The two guys argued with Tyrone for a bit, but eventually backed off. Tyrone let me finish my shower and change, before e****ting me back to our cell. “I’m so sorry” I said to Tyrone, “I want to go back to our agreement.” “Sure,” Tyrone said eagerly, “but you’re gonna have to earn it back.” “And how would I go about doing that?” I asked. I thought maybe I’d just have to suck his cock again, but Tyrone had other plans. He sat on the bed and whipped out his already hard cock. “Get on yo hands and knees,” he said, “Its time you learned how to please a cock with yo ass.” Again I was nervous. But I did as told. I got down on my hands and knees and felt Tyrone come behind me. He slapped his dick on my ass a couple times and made sure his cock was lubed up enough by me sucking it first. He started off gentle. He slid his cock in slowly only about 2” first entered and he began fucking me slowing. About every 15-20 minutes he would ask how it felt. If I said bad, he’d stay where he was. If I said good, he shove his cock in a little deeper. About 2 hours in, his whole cock was inside me. He was still going slow, but he decided to crank up the juice. He began rapidly fucking my ass. It hurt so much, but turned into so much pleasure. “I’m sorry if it hurts, I thought I had more time to train you in fucking” he said. “Train me? For what?” I asked. “The Prison Pageant” he replied. “What’s the Prison Pageant?” I questioned. “You’ll find out soon enough” he answered. He then fucked me harder until he eventually came deep inside my burned out hole.

It’s now been 7 months since I entered prison, and I was turned into a complete sissy. 5 months in Tyrone had me fucking him in all sorts of different positions. Many times he would just whip out his dick and tell me to hop on. 6 months in he started whoring me out to some of the other guys in the area. I felt so used. But at this point, I didn’t care. It was only 6 months in of a 10 year sentence. Almost every night from there on out I was taking at least 4 loads of cum. I grew used to it. And since it was the only thing Tyrone allowed me to eat, I grew very fond of it. I had probably lost 60 pounds on this cum diet Tyrone had put me on and I was feeling great despite what he was having me do. I now loved the taste of cum and the feel of a big cock filling my holes. One night, Tyrone even sold me out to the 2 guys who were gonna **** me in the shower. They wanted real pain and suffering, so they shoved both their cocks into my hole. They were both over 8” but one of them was skinny. It still hurt, but it almost felt like being fucked by Tyrone. They shot there cum all over and deep inside my ass.

It has now been 7 months, and in 2 weeks t was time for the Prison Pageant. I still had no answer as to what it was but I had some ideas. Nobody would tell me what it was and Tyrone just kept telling me to ‘wait and find out’. I grew more anxious and nervous with each passing second.

To be continued….
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3 years ago
Not usually into gay stuff but this was great! Brilliant story line, brilliant action!