A f****y Friend 6: A Way Out

The week seemed to fly right by, next thing I knew it was Friday. My hole was recovering and yet, I was aching for that sweet taste of man jizz. And Alexis was constantly running through my mind. My mother was going to be out of town for the next 2 weeks, and since I had ‘other obligations’ that meant my father was going to be by himself for the entire weekend. Which made me feel upset that he’d have to be all alone, but I figured he could just spend his time with beer and sports.

Over the week, I tried thinking of a few plans that would get me out of being Artie’s sex slave. I could call the cops, I could try and knock Artie out, or I could tell my father. But I wanted to try and end this as discreetly as possible, and without my folks knowing. So I went to two of my closet friends for help, hoping they’d understand. I met up with them for lunch. “Wait. Your telling me that this guy f***es you to get fucked by completely random strangers, and he collects money on it?” Rick said. “Dude, that’s fucked up” replied Henry. “Yeah I know, but I have no way of getting out of it, because if I don’t show up he’ll tell my parents and share everything online” I said. “Alright so what’s the plan?” asked Henry. “Well, here’s what we’re gonna do…” I said. I told them the plan I had and we went home to get prepared. At 7pm, I met with Artie at his house as per his request. He wanted to make sure I’d look good for tonight’s customers. I must say I didn’t look half bad. I was wearing a matching purple bra and panty set, along with a garter belt and black stockings. Artie had fixed me with a red wig this time and then proceeded with my makeup. It wasn’t long before I was once again chained up and waiting for the first cock of the night. Like I said before I was craving cock and cum by this point, so I told my two friends to show up around 2 in the morning. I heard Artie talking on the phone before he chained me up. He was talking to someone who sounded a little upset and lonely. Artie said that if he got real lonely that he should stop by the house, but that he should call ahead of time. I took my first couple of cocks rather pleasantly. I needed this to fulfill my satisfactions. By now, word of Artie’s slave had spread and there were quite a few more guys then I had expected. Artie even had to cut the time limit of 30 minutes to 15 so that everyone could have a turn. Most of the men were rushing to cum. Most of them came in, already naked, shoved there cock in my gaping hole, humped me for a few minutes, came and then left. Sometimes it would be 1 guy, other times 2 or more. Around 11 I heard Artie’s phone ring. I couldn’t make out any of it, but the next thing I knew Artie came walking in the room with 6 well hung studs and told them they had 30 minutes to cum and leave. The guy who took my ass had probably the largest cock I had ever had, it felt like a fist shoving its way in and out of me. Another guy with about an 9 inch dick shoved his cock in my mouth. The two guys who got my holes were the lucky ones, the other 4 stood around me and rubbed their cock with their hands and against my body. They only had 30 minutes, but it felt like a game. The 4 guys standing around me wanted to cum, but wanted to cum inside me. The first guy standing around me was rubbing his cock against my back. He then came, spraying his hefty load across my back and on my ass. I noticed two of the other guys starting to jerk each other off, which got me rock hard. One of them came, and when he did he shot his load across my face and in my hair. The big guy with the fist for a cock noticed one of the other men getting ready to cum and he told him to spray his load in me because he needed more lube. So he pulled out and let this other guy put his dick in and spray his load inside me. It felt great to be honest, except for when he was done, the guy returned to ram his fist-like dick back in my ass. I gasped when he did that, and it made the cock in my mouth cum furiously. He shot stream after stream of cum down my throat and into my mouth. I savored all of it. This gave the remaining stroker a chance now to shove his dick in my mouth. And he did so without hesitation. With only 5 minutes left, they pounded me harder and harder with each tick of the clock. The cock in my mouth soon came and filled my mouth. He told me to hold it for a minute. That was a great minute. Feeling his cum swish around in my mouth was an absolute joy. He shoved his cock back in my mouth and told me to swallow. When I did, he left. The big guy now found it necessary to fuck me as hard and as fast as he possibly could. I felt a stream of cum filling up my hole. But he pulled out still in the process of cumming and scurried his way to my mouth to get the rest. He came on just about every part of my body. And when he got to my mouth, he still had enough to spray all over my face and into my mouth. I wanted more of him. He left right on time, I believe he even asked Artie to buy the tape. Artie then came upstairs, unchained me and told me to get cleaned up for a ‘special friend’ of his who would be arriving at midnight. Just getting cleaned up was a bit of an understatement, I looked like a ghost. I don’t think there was any part of my body not covered in jizz. But I showered and got ready for his special guest. Artie dressed me up again, but this time in a sheer pink babydoll, a blonde wig, pink panties, and makeup which was highlighted by a very dark red lipstick. “Now this is an old friend of mine who is feeling abandoned and needs to release some sexual tension. So I want you to do everything to please him. Understand?” Artie said. “Yes Master” I responded. “Good now you just stay up here and wait for me to call you” he said. I nodded.

I heard the door open and close, and then heard Artie and his friend talking. The mans voice sounded kind of familiar, but I couldn’t figure it out. They then began to get a little d***k and continued talking for about 20 minutes. “Well, are you ready to meet her?” Artie said. “Yeah lets bring out this mystery woman you’ve been keeping me from” the man said. “Oh darling! Could you come down here, there’s someone I want you to meet” Artie shouted. Finally the moment had come. I had been called into duty. I made my way down the steps, and when I stepped into the living room I was shocked to see who it was I had come down to meet.

There he was, just sitting there, with a d***k face and without any clue. There sat my father. “Wow!” he said, “Shes beautiful, where did you two meet?” “Oh you know just kinda bumped into each other one day and things went off from there” Artie said. “Well I must say, you got one fine piece of ass here Artie” my father said. “Haha thanks Mark. Yeah she was quite the catch. Honey, why don’t you have a seat next to Mark there” Artie said. I then made my way to the couch and sat down next to my father. “Why don’t you sit on his lap, so he can get a good look at you” Artie said again. I squirmed my way onto my fathers lap and felt his bulging cock in between my cheeks. “Mmmm your so sexy honey, what’s your name” my father asked. I was stunned beyond belief that he couldn’t identify me, and I hesitated and squeaked out “Kelly, my name is Kelly.” As I sat there on my fathers lap, he began to rub my legs and continued talking with Artie. “I’d love to have a woman like yours Artie. I mean lately me and the wife just aren’t into screwing around anymore. Even when the k**s gone, she just doesn’t seem to be in the mood” my father said. I was in disbelief. “Well I feel ya there, Mark. Not all women are as horny as Kelly here. I can’t even keep up with her myself. Ya know, since you two need some sexual satisfaction, why don’t you go ahead and fuck” Artie said. “Oh I don’t know about that. I don’t want to cheat on my wife and I certainly don’t want to cheat with your girl, Artie” my father responded. “Oh go ahead, Kelly here is a slut, but I’ve learned to accept it. It won’t bother me if you two fuck around” Artie said. “Well ok, I guess it couldn’t hurt” my father said. I couldn’t believe I was going to have to ride my own fathers cock. I was scared, but also excited. He pushed me off his lap and back onto the couch. Artie now stood up and walked out. “Come here and give me a kiss, I want to feel those beautiful lips. I then stood up and locked lips with my father. I felt his tongue circling around in my mouth. I knew there was nothing more I could do so I just accepted it and continued kissing him for as long as he wanted. Artie then came back into the room with his camera. “If you don’t mind Mark, I like to watch Kelly here have sex with other men” Artie said. “Not at all Artie” my father replied. Artie sort of chuckled and continued filming. My father then got completely naked, and I saw his fat 8 inch cock dangle in between his legs. He sat down on the couch and motioned me to join him. I sat next to him with some displeasure. I felt his burly hand grab my hand and place it on his dick. “Go on” he said, “ do what you do best.” I began to stroke his cock and get him hard while I was looking off at Artie and the camera. “Mmm you’ve got magic hands there Kelly. Wish they were as good as my wife’s” he said. I scuffed at him, but continued jerking him off. His cock was so large, it made my hands look so small. “Why don’t you put those big, beautiful lips to work honey” Artie said. I didn’t respond, but I felt my fathers hand sift through my fake hair and then him pull my head down to his cock. I couldn’t believe I was now licking and sucking my fathers cock. Drips of pre-cum began to spill out now and into my mouth. My father told me to keep sucking but to stick my ass up so he could feel it. He now had one hand feeling up my ass and another shoving my head down onto his cock. What he told me next made my heart sink. “Get up here and ride this cock would you doll” my father said. “But leave the clothes on” Artie said “its sexier for the camera.” I stood up, moved my panties to the side, and then straddled my father in cowgirl style. He told me to face him so that we could kiss as he fucked me. I had no choice. My ass almost easily took in all of that fat 8 inch monster, and I began to grind up and down on my fathers cock. Maybe it was the taboo, but I was really getting off on it now. I leaned down to kiss him, and I moaned during the entire process. He then felt as though he was going to cum, so he told me to get down on my knees and suck his cock off. I got down and felt that I belonged, as my father towered over me with his cock in my face. I took the cock in my mouth and sucked him off. I stared intently at his face hoping he’d recognize my eyes. But he didn’t, which in hindsight may have been for the best. “Oh fuck! FUCK! HERE IT COMES BABY!” my father screamed. Just then I felt the rush of his cum shooting down my throat and into my mouth. I couldn’t believe it, the cum from which I was produced was now filling up my mouth. “Oh fuck that was good” he said “she is one hell of a cocksucker Artie, don’t you let go of her.” “Hahaha believe me, I’ll do everything it takes to keep her in my possession” Artie said, “now hon, why don’t you go back upstairs and leave us men here to chat a little bit more, but don’t go to sl**p, my cocks aching to you know.” I went upstairs and heard Artie and my father talking for a little while longer. Soon he left and probably headed for home.

It was now around 1:30 in the morning. Soon my friends would be here to bust me out of this. I soon heard the doorbell and then Rick’s voice. “2 ‘o’ clock” I said, “right on time.” Artie and Rick soon made their way up the stairs and into my room. “Alright slut, you may have had a break this time, but now its back to business” Artie said. He then closed the door and left me and Rick alone. “Damn you look good” Rick said, “Sorry haha, alright now, Henry’s outside and in a few moments he’s going to shutdown the power and that’ll shut down the cameras. Then we make our way outta here.” Not long after Rick said that, the power went off. “OK NOW!” Rick yelled. We ran out the bedroom door and down the stairs. Artie, however, was there waiting. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing. Don’t even think about leaving!” Artie said. He’d known all along. As soon as Rick stepped in, he knew something was amiss. “I knew something was amiss the moment he stepped in!” Artie said, “I’ve seen you two hanging out around town before.” Artie then pulled out a gun and told me and Rick to get back upstairs. He put us back in the bedroom and locked the door. He then flipped the circuit breaker to get the power back on. Our only hope now was if Henry had run off to tell the cops. Unfortunately he didn’t. We heard Artie go outside and then start bitching. I guess Henry was waiting for us to make our big getaway, cause not long after, in came Henry with Artie pointing the gun at his back. “So. You three think you can pull a fast on me eh” Artie said, “haha well I guess you weren’t clever enough.” “Now here’s what’s gonna happen. You, slut, get down on all fours” Artie said pointing with his gun. I got down on my hands and knees just as Artie requested. “Now you two, get naked and get hard” he said. Rick and Henry stripped down and began stroking their cocks. “Alright, now you get down and fuck her ass” Artie said to Rick. “And you fuck her mouth” he said to Henry. Both of them got down on their knees and prepared for what was next. They started tearing up. “Don’t you start crying pussies, if anyone should be crying it should be your fag friend there, she’s the one whose gonna be getting her friends cocks, you two just gotta sit there and enjoy the ride! HAHAHA! Now put those fucking cocks inside here holes! NOW!” Artie demanded. Just then Rick and Henry hesitantly stuck their cocks in my ass and mouth respectively. Neither of them wanted to actually do it, so Artie f***ed me to do the work. I sucked on Henry’s cock intensely and rode Ricks vigorously. They were completely lost, they didn’t want to believe they were fucking their friend. But eventually they got into it. I felt Rick’s hand grasp my waist and pull me deeper just as Henry’s hands grasped the back of my head and pulled me deeper. Now I was lost, two friends have forgotten where they are and started fucking a good friend like they were nothing but a cheap whore. “Oh god! Oh fuck! I’m so sorry about this” Henry said. He then pumped his spunk into my mouth. It wasn’t bad. I was even licking my lips to get the rest. “Don’t feel bad Henry,” I said, “it was good.” Henry was in awe. Rick then started pumping harder trying to get it over with. “You! If your about to cum, you better cum in her face. I want you looking directly in your friends eyes when you cum in them hahaha” Artie said. Rick then pulled out. I turned around and saw Rick stroking his cock. I gripped the tip of his cock with my mouth and awaited his cum. “Fuck here it cums, sorry about this man” Rick said. As I locked eyes with Rick, his cum blasted his way out of my mouth and onto my face, getting it in my mouth, nose, and eyes. I couldn’t see. Artie then yelled at Henry and Rick to get out, and that if they even thought about going to the cops he’d do the same thing to them as he has done to me. “Could always more girls!’” were his words. Henry and Rick ran out. “Now if you ever think about doing something like that again, I’ll take you down to a prison for a conjugal visit with each inmate. The guys down there will tear your ass apart!” Artie mocked “I guarantee it’ll be 100X worse than the gay club! Get to sl**p whore. And as punishment for that charade, don’t even think about removing your friends cum from your face.” I still could hardly see and I knew that if that cum on my eyes dried up it would be a pain to get off. So when Artie closed the door and I swiftly wiped it off my eyes and put it in my mouth. I laid in the bed and drifted off to sl**p. When I awoke, I couldn’t open my eyes. Artie must’ve somehow known I had wiped the cum off and came back to replace it. Artie laughed as I blindly made my way to the bathroom to clean up the mess. Once I was able to remove the dried up cum (what a waste) I heard Artie yelling for me to come down and get some breakfast. “Did you like my early morning surprise” Artie chuckled. “Yes Master” I replied. “Good. Now sit down and have some pancakes. They’re my special recipe” Artie said. I sat down at the table and Artie plated 3 large pancakes in front of me. “You remember Todd, Larry, and Jerry? My black friends? Well they helped me prepare this breakfast for you. And they all hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.” Artie said. I cut into the pancake stack and as I put that first bite into my mouth I noticed the distinct flavor and scent of cum. “Oh wait! I almost forgot. This is compliments of Larry” he said. He then grabbed a syrup bottle from the counter and squirted it onto the pancakes. “Larry calls it cum syrup. I think you’ll like it” he said. Warm cum now drizzled its way on my pancakes and down the side. I loved it. “MMMMMMM” I said. Artie laughed. “You really are a cumslut now, aren’t you” he said. “Yes Master, I love cum!” I said. “Good now let me get something to wash that down with. Jerry made it himself” he said. He reached in the fridge and grabbed a tall glass filled with chilled cum. Artie set it in front of me and I guzzled it down. Wasn’t as good as I was hoping, and despite almost puking it back up I kept it down and continued eating. “How did you enjoy breakfast?” Artie asked almost considerately. “It was very good, I loved it” I said. “Good cause I got some more for ya” he said. He then whipped out his cock, shoved it in my face, and almost instantly came. “Mmmmmm” I said as the cum poured down my throat. “I can’t believe how far I’ve gotten you. At first you were just a regular guy who dressed in women’s clothes occasionally. Now you’re a complete slut who can’t get enough cock and cum” Artie laughed, “Get upstairs and back to bed. We’ve got more customers tonight.” I proceeded upstairs filled with cum.

The weekend went on normally. On Saturday, I fucked and sucked cocks to completion and even had a group of muscular men group up and fuck me like never before. Sunday saw nothing new. Just a bunch more completely random cocks, some I hadn’t fucked before, some I had. I had probably taken the load of at least 100 men that weekend. Including my fathers, and my best friends’. It was time to end this. When Monday morning came I was sent back home by Artie. With my mother still out of town, I swallowed my pride and said “Dad, we need to talk.” To be continued….
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3 years ago
AMAZING!!! Loved the part where he was made to fuck his dad!
3 years ago
Please comment, I love all your feedback and i greatly appreciate it, Thank you all!