A f****y Friend 5: The Party part 2

The continuation of A f****y Friend 5, wanted to input a huge fantasy of mine into this one, and I think it worked out really well. This is the longer of the halves, but I really think you'll all enjoy it. And I hope you do!

“Give us a striptease!” one of them said. So I began to dance around for the ladies taking off piece by piece of clothing. They told me to leave the lingerie and stockings on, it got them hot. “Now bend over and spank that ass.” I did as the ladies requested. I bent over and gave my ass hard spanks until the ladies had seen enough. “Now stand up whore” one lady said. She was a tall woman, long red hair, fiery eyes, and had a dominant nature. Her name was Lauren, the tag on her blouse gave it away, which a few of the others still had on. “You’re going to take off all our clothes, and if I so much as see your tiny dick flinch, each one of us is going to slap your balls 10 times! Got that!” Lauren said. I nodded and began to take the clothes off each woman. I made it through the first two before my first mistake. As I was undressing the 3rd lady, Stephanie was her name, my cock had brushed with her dress making it jump. “Stop right there!” Lauren shouted, “I saw that, time for your punishment!” I started with the already naked ladies. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!” the ladies counted. I was already in pain. Now the next. As each woman gave me my 10 slaps, my dick got a little harder, as each woman would also hit a little of it. Last but not least now was Lauren’s turn. Lauren wanted to make me suffer. She whacked my balls ferociously, leaving them stinging after each slap. Lauren had now noticed my hard-on. “Next time you slip up we’ll slap that cock of yours!” she said. I resumed with Stephanie again removing the dress that caused the first mistake. I made sure my cock was well enough away not to get me in trouble again. I had no problem with 4th or 5th girl, but next was the bachelorette, Michelle. She had short blonde hair, voluptuous lips, and a body that would drive any man crazy. She had remained quiet thus far. As I began removing her blouse and skirt, I noticed her perfect breasts. I stared at them immensely as I removed her bra. But then my cock jumped again. “Uh-oh, looks like someone has a crush on the bride-to-be” one of them said. “You know what that means ladies” Lauren said. And again each lady came at me, and slapped my cock 10 times. Lauren again the hardest hitter. My knees buckled from the pain. But I had to resume. I finished with Michelle and was now on the final woman, Lauren. She squeezed my balls intensely as I removed her clothes. “One wrong move with me, and I’ll kick those balls so hard, you‘ll feel them in your throat” she said. I removed her shirt, then her pants, then her bra, then her panties, and then her stockings and heels without a problem. “Phew!” I thought. But Lauren was displeased, she expected a mistake and took it as an insult that I didn‘t. She kneed me right in the crotch and I was down for the count. “Oh get up whore” she said. I struggled to get back up, but I was up. “Now it’s time to have some real fun” Lauren said.
I failed to notice the duffle bag one of the ladies had brought in with them. They each went to it and pulled out a strap-on each equipped with about an 8 or 9 inch dildo. “Wait! I have an idea” Stephanie said. They whispered to each other shortly and then I heard one of them say “lets do it!” Lauren came up to me and said “We’re gonna do something fun now, understand?” I nodded still ailing from that knee to the dick. Lauren was rubbing her hands all over my cock, making it very hard. “Mmm that’s nice isn’t it” she said, “Crystal get over here and suck this sissy’s cock.” Crystal was the 2nd woman from the lineup. She was latin by her looks, Dark hair, tanned skin, beautiful brown eyes, and a perky set of tits. She got down and sucked me off. I was in a state of relief. I hadn’t cum in what seemed like ages. She was a master at sucking cock, cause it didn’t take long before I was on edge. My moaning alerted Lauren that I was about to shoot. She tapped Crystal on the shoulder signaling her to stop and get up. Lauren then took over and sucked me to completion. I filled her mouth and then some. She got up, and wiped the cum dripping out of her mouth with her finger and into my mouth. She then pointed to the ground telling me to get down on my knees. I did. Lauren then leaned down and gave me a kiss. Letting all of my cum in her mouth make its way into mine. She spit every drop into my mouth and then told me to hold it and then swallow. So I did. Now it was the ladies turn for pleasure.

3 of them, including Crystal, sat down on the bed with their strap-ons. Lauren and Michelle stood back towards the wall. “Get down on your knees and please those cocks” Michelle said. Which left me stunned because Michelle had been quiet this whole time. I dropped to my knees and crawled over to the bed. I took the middle dildo into my mouth and began to suck. I then took my hands and placed them on Crystal and the other woman’s dildo and began to stroke. The dildo’s were so realistic, I was amazed. The other two women, Stephanie and Megan was her name, stood behind me. “Get up” Stephanie said. She then laid down and told me to sit on her dildo and then continue with the ladies on the bed. I did just that. Her dildo was long and thin and penetrated me deep. I now knew why they sucked me off before, they wanted to be cruel and make sure I couldn’t get hard while they played with me. She bounced me around on that dildo until she stopped and said “Hey Megan, feel free to join in anytime now!” Which prompted Megan to stick hers up in my ass along with Stephanie’s. I hadn’t taken two before, but I had taken large ones before. I now had two dildos up my ass, one in my mouth, and one in each hand. Lauren and Michelle still stood by the wall and chatted. The woman whose dildo I was sucking, now stood up and took her strap-on off. She sat back down and told me to lick her clit. Her and the other woman now began to kiss, which was making me hard again. She then screamed in excitement and came. As she laid back exhausted, Stephanie now took this opportunity to fuck me harder. The woman whose clit I had just licked, now got up, got dressed and headed downstairs. Crystal now sat in front of me, and told me to lick her clit as well. Stephanie too, had gotten up and was now on the bed, enjoying watching me stroke her strap-on. Megan was fucking my ass rough now, she was having a blast back there as she was fucking me hard and spanking me harder. Crystal was next to cum. Once she was done, she too, got dressed and headed downstairs with the other. Now there was 5 ladies left. Lauren and Michelle still stood back talking and drinking. Stephanie now slide in front of me, which honestly I felt was rude since this other woman had been waiting patiently. She grabbed the back of my head and f***ed it down deep onto her strap-on. I gagged, she laughed. She then did the same as the others and told me to lick her clit. I licked away at her clit as she f***ed my mouth onto it. “Oh baby! Oh yeah! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!” Stephanie screamed. She came in an instant and looked exhausted. She got dressed, but instead of leaving, sat down in a chair and continued to watch. I wondered if she knew what was going to happen when Lauren and Michelle took their turn. Megan now wanted a turn. She pulled out and told this other woman, Alexis, to fuck me. Megan was a crazy chick, I knew this because I had seen her on campus before, I knew her, she didn‘t know me thankfully. Her auburn hair flung around wildly as she dribbled my head up and down on her clit. Alexis was hesitant to fuck my ass, but she eventually stuck in her dildo and had at it, thanks to Stephanie’s motivation. My ass was almost completely numb at this point so I really didn’t care what Alexis was doing. She could’ve fucked my ass for hours and I wouldn’t have felt much. Megan was still going crazy, but soon she pushed my head deep onto her clit and came. I couldn’t breathe as her juices flowed out. She let go and I gasped deeply for air. I heard Lauren chuckle at this sight. Megan then got dressed and joined the ladies downstairs. Alexis was now the only one left. She was nervous from what I could tell, but she was beautiful. She was probably 26, had gorgeous blonde hair, sharp green eyes, the softest of skin, and legs that lasted a mile. I was completely floored when she was fucking me. She was stunning and very sensual. It didn’t take her long to have an electrifying orgasm. Which made me upset that I did not get an opportunity to lick her clit. Her body was shaking when she came. And her moaning made me completely hard again. Lauren, Michelle, and Stephanie noticed this and seemed to be in awe. I watched her every move as she got dressed and headed out the door. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I then felt a thick slap hit my face as Lauren yelled “Snap out of it!” She then demanded Stephanie to leave which seemed to piss her off, but she did. Now it was just Lauren, Michelle, and me.

“Lay down on your back” Michelle said. So I got up on the bed and got into the bareback position. Michelle lifted my legs up and guided her strap-on deep into my hole. Lauren then took out a blindfold and secured it firmly around my eyes. She then planted her ass on my face and told my to “start licking”. I licked her ass for quite some time. Michelle was having a whole lot of fun as she moved into different positions to fuck my ass. She pounded me harder than most of the guys who had already had their way with me. “Okay Lauren, I’m ready” Michelle said exhaustedly. Lauren then stood up, and let me breathe. I was then laid down with my head and back on the floor and my legs on the beds. My cock hanging over my face. I was still blindfolded. I could now feel one of the two standing over me. The other began to remove my blindfold. As the blindfold glided off my face, I looked up and saw a giant cock before my eyes. It was Laurens. She had managed to keep her massively thick 10 inch dick from my sight this whole time. And I then realized what these two had been doing while the others had their way with me. Michelle was working Lauren up the entire time, making sure she would have a massive load ready for me. “Like what you see slut?” Lauren asked. I gulped and nodded. It was beautiful. I wanted nothing more than to take her shemale cock in my mouth. “You know” Michelle said, “she wasn’t the only one with a real cock tonight.” I was in shock. Who else had a real one? I went through the ladies and tried to think. I had licked the clits of the nameless woman, then Crystal, then Stephanie, then Megan, and then Alexis. “Wait, I didn‘t…” I thought. And it was in this moment that Lauren and Michelle realized that I had figured it out. “That’s right bitch, the woman who you couldn’t take your eyes off of had a real penis. And she came right into your pathetic ass!” Michelle said. The two ladies were cracking up. “Alexis?” I mumbled. “That’s right slut, the woman that just drove you absolutely crazy is a tranny” Lauren said, “and you’re about to get some more tranny cock!” Michelle sat down on my face and told me to give her an orgasm like never before. So I began to lick her pussy and penetrate it with my tongue. Meanwhile, Lauren lubed up her dick and got on the bed. My hole gazing almost straight up at the ceiling was inviting Lauren to enter it. She jabbed her cock in and out, before fucking me. I couldn’t do anything as Michelle’s pussy was grinding on my face. Michelle groaned in excitement. Her moans getting louder and louder. She soon came and fell onto the floor. “MMMMM you’re a good pussy-licker sissy. I hope my hubby is as good as you, if not I can always bring him by and he can fuck your ass while you lick my clit” Michelle said. The two busted out laughing at the thought. Michelle was about to head with the other girls, but Lauren stopped her. “Wait Michelle! Jerk his cock into his face, he needs to cum again.” Michelle bent down and began stroking my cock. I tried to hold back, but the feeling was just too great. I shot my load all over face and into my mouth, tasting my cum once again for the night. Michelle then stood up and headed for the door. “Don’t keep us too long Lauren ok?” Michelle said. “Don’t worry babe, I’m just about done. Why don’t you bring the others back to watch?” Lauren replied. Michelle agreed and headed downstairs. Lauren told me to get on the bed in doggy style position. “Arch you back baby” she said, “that’s good just like that.” She fucked my ass for about 15 minutes when Michelle and the others came back to watch the finale. Artie was brought in as well. “Oh good, you brought his master!” Lauren said, “Why don’t you cum too? It’ll be fun!” I could only think about Alexis, now standing there watching me get fucked by her friend. Artie whipped out his already bulging cock and began stroking. I could now feel Lauren’s cock filling up, she was about ready to blow. She pulled out and went to my mouth, also instructing Artie to fuck me. “I don’t want this load going to waste, you’re going to eat it all” Lauren said, “You need to cum now!” she told Artie. “Cum on his back!” Artie then pulled out and jerked off. “Arch your back some more sissy” Lauren said. I arched my back as much as I could, then felt Artie’s streams of cum cover my back. “Oh that’s hot!” Lauren said. Just then she exploded in my mouth. I swallowed stream after stream of her delicious cum, which was probably enough to fill a glass to the brim. “Oh god!” she said, “Did you like that baby? Did ya?” The other girls watched and giggled. I swallowed the remains of Laurens cum and said “mmhmm”. “Good, maybe I’ll give ya more another time” Lauren said. The ladies were then led out by Artie and I heard Lauren and Artie talking by the door. “And that’ll be 15 dollars extra for the movie. I’ll be sure to have it in time for the wedding” Artie said. “Thanks darling, go easy on that sissy tonight, we had a real good time” Lauren said. I heard the front door close and the bachelorette’s entourage leave. It was now 5:15am. I thought I was done for the night.

But alas, at about a quarter til 6, the doorbell rang. An extremely intoxicated man came to the door and asked Artie if he could fuck me. Artie was greedy, and when he made sure the man had the money he told him he had 15 minutes to do whatever he wanted with me. The man said he was too d***k to go upstairs so I’d have to come down. I came down and saw the man, and he said “C’mon here bitch I ain’t got a lot of time.” He grabbed my arm and asked Artie where the backdoor was. Artie said “through the kitchen” and watched as the d***k man led me to the back yard. “Sssit dow heer” he said. I sat in the corner of the yard and watched this man pull out his dick. He then aimed it at me and pissed all over me. Mostly in the face and hair, dripping its way down. Artie watched the whole thing from the backdoor. Probably making sure I wouldn’t run away. The d***k man then stood me up and told me to bend over the trash bins. I leaned over the lid of the bin as the man stuck his wet dick into my ass. He fucked me for the remainder of his time and then some. Finally he came in my ass. Letting out d***k roars of satisfaction in the process. At one point I had looked up at another apartment and saw a man jerking off in his window watching the whole thing. The d***k man then stumbled his way out the front door, with his pants around his ankles and his dick exposed. Artie laughed at the sight of him. Artie then picked me up and led me back to my room.

I stank of piss and semen, and Artie knew this. He was being cruel by not letting me wash it off. He closed my door and locked it. I laid there in bed covered in piss, with cum still on my back, still on my face, and the thought of Alexis. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I didn’t care if she had a dick, I was used to dick by now. All I wanted was to be with her. But first I had to get out of this predicament I was in. I had to think of a way out. And I had until Friday to so. To be continued…..
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3 years ago
God his ass must have been sore by the end of that! :D
3 years ago
So how was your assholeafterwards you still shit the same or sidways thanks