A f****y Friend 5: The Party part 1

This story kind of escaped me and became quite long, so I decided to cut it in two. This being the shorter of the halves. Hope you enjoy!

The next morning I woke up in pain. The dildo was still jammed in my ass. I couldn’t move. Artie soon entered and ripped the dildo from my ass. I let out a huge groan of relief and of pain. The cum from the night was now starting to leak its way out and down onto the bed. Artie handed me the dildo and told me to suck it clean. I had no choice. I took it and used my mouth to wipe it clean. Artie stood me up and led me to the shower to get cleaned up. Each step I took, a little bit of cum would hit the floor. And with each step Artie would tell me to lick that cum up. Eventually I made it to the shower and took a short, hot shower. Artie wouldn’t allow me to take a long shower, which I was desperately begging for. “Now that you’re all clean, you can go back and rest. I need you to be wide awake for the night’s events” Artie told me. So I did, I went back into my room and passed out.

Later that afternoon, around 6pm, Artie woke me up and told me to come with him and get something to eat. He told me I’d be needing my energy for later. He hadn’t prepared much, in fact he didn’t prepare at all. He just ordered a pizza. “Lazy fuck” I mumbled. “What was that!?” Artie shouted. ‘nothing master” I said softly. “Fuck that! I know what you said!” He continued, “just for that…” He then stood up abruptly and I could see he had a hard-on. He whipped out his cock and started to jerk off. It didn’t take long before he grabbed my plate of pizza and jizzed all over it. “Here eat that bitch!” he said wiping the remains of his cum on the food. He then handed me the plate and watched me take bite after bite of his special topping pizza.

It was now that time of that night. Artie f***ed me up the stairs, got me dressed in a red bra and black lace panties, and tied me down. I heard the doorbell sound, then heard the sounds of footsteps making their way towards me. “Just give me one quick second to prepare her sir” Artie said. He then walked in and told me to be a good bitch, he then put a blindfold on me and told me that I wouldn’t know what was going to happen with each of the night’s guests. He then walked out and grabbed the gentleman waiting outside. “She’s all ready for you now, I hope you enjoy her” Artie said. The man then walked in, closing the door behind him. He was a very quiet man, I assume shy. He walked in front of me and removed my blindfold. “Please make sure to put that back on when your done sir” came Artie’s voice. He must have installed an intercom at some point without my knowledge. The man nodded into the camera. He was a very heavyset fellow. He stood in front of me naked. His belly just about touching my face. I could see his cock and I thought “this won’t be too bad, his dick is really small.” Which made sense why he was here in the first place. Since Artie had a time limit for the first few hours, the man went behind me and moved my panties aside. He started rubbing his cock over my ass, getting it hard. Once he felt it was hard enough he stuck it in my butt and began to fuck me. As he fucked me, I heard all the sounds of his belly flop on my back. His grunting was actually exciting me. I guess he didn’t know the right procedure cause when it came time for him to cum, he pulled out and shot it all over my back. I thought to myself, “Damn! For a small dick he sure did have a lot of cum stored up.” His cum oozed its way down off my sides and down my crack. The man then zipped up, put the blindfold back on me, and walked out the door. As he opened the door I could hear quite a commotion going on downstairs. There had to be at least 5 people waiting.

The next man was up. “Damn baby! I’m gonna fuck you good!” the next man said. He was already naked as well. I assumed all the men downstairs were all naked and were getting prepared for their turn. The man with me wasted no time. His cock was pretty average, but the sensations were great. He fucked me rough. The swing I was harnessed into was moving rapidly. “Oh yeah! Fuck that dick whore! You’re a good slut aren’t you?” he said. I stayed quiet, except for the moans emanating from me. “Mmm oh yeah here I cum baby!” he said. Then wave after wave of cum shot inside me and on my ass as he pulled out. He then left. I felt like such a complete whore now, having guys just casually walk in, fuck me, cum, leave, and then have it happen all over again with the next guy. Which is exactly how it went that night. Cock after cock walked in through the door, fucked my hole, came in me, and then left for the next guy. There was only 30 minutes left before the ‘special requests’ portion at 1am. I knew cause I kept track of each guy that walked in, knowing they only had 30 minutes. I heard the last set of footsteps walk in through the door. “Mmm would you look at this! I love a bitch who is ready to please her man.” he said. He shoved his, perhaps 8 inch, cock into my ass and fucked me. About 10 minutes after, he pulled out. Then rammed his cock back in, but it felt different. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but it was thrilling. He fucked me again for about 15 minutes and then pulled out again. I could hear him jerking his cock. He then pushed his cock back in and fucked me for the last 5 minutes. “Oh yeah you ready to cum?!” he said, “Cause I’m about to blow!” he gripped my hips and shoved his cock in deep. “Oh fuck baby oh fuck here I come!” he belted. As he shot load after load deep in my hole another cock was beginning to cum on my face. I was startled and jumped when the first stream of cum hit my lips. Which actually f***ed me even deeper on the already deep cock. I guess there were two men in the room. Cum now began to drip out from my hole and down my face, as the last 2 men made they’re way out, I heard the front door close and then heard Artie make his up towards the room.

“Well you’ve got about an hour now to rest, there’s a special party coming here at 2 and I didn’t get anyone to fill the 1am spot. So why don’t you shower and get ready” Artie said. He unchained me and again led me to the shower. This time as cum leaked onto the floor, he just let it be. He turned on the shower and left the bathroom. As I stood in the shower I contemplated what I should do. “I’ve got an hour before this party comes” I thought. I had to get out of there. I could bolt down the stairs and out the door, but in this condition ‘bolting’ wasn’t exactly an option. I was in the shower for about 20 minutes, just resting and thinking. “I have to hurry” I said, “ I don’t have much time.” I got out of the shower, but fell to the ground, I guess my legs just didn’t have much strength left. “Fuck!” I yelled. For surely, the loud bang would let Artie know I was done. And it did. I heard Artie coming towards the bathroom now and he opened the door to find me on my knees, which were weary from fucking. He chuckled and helped me up. “Okay let’s go I’ve gotta get you ready” he said, “this party wants a real slut.” He dressed me up in his sluttiest outfits. He gave me black satin lingerie, black silk stockings, a tight white sweater, and a pink plaid skirt. He then did my makeup and gave my a blonde wig to wear which he pasted on with some sort of adhesive. The doorbell sounded. Artie left the room, told me he’d be back with the party, and closed the door. I wasn’t chained up. He just left me standing in the room freely to do anything. I went to the door and tried turning the knob. Locked. But I did the next best thing, I stood by the door and put my ear on it trying to make out what was possibly going to happen. I couldn’t make out much except a lot of giggling. I heard a stampede of bodies as the party made their way up. “Alright here we are, I hope she is everything you wanted. And don’t be afraid to ask her to do anything. She’ll fulfill all your requests” Artie said. He then opened the door and in walked 7 beautiful women, mostly in their mid to late 20‘s and early 30‘s. “Oh my god” I thought, “this is gonna be heaven!” The ladies walked in and giggled some more and whispered to each other. It had to be some sort of bachelorette’s party cause the women were fairly d***k. “Alright sissy, you’re going to do whatever we say, got that!” One women demanded as she was poking my chest. I nodded. “Okay then ladies, let’s get started with this party!” another one said.

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