A f****y Friend 4: The Ad

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It had been a little over a week since I last heard from Artie and from that dreaded night at the gay club. I could taste the cum in my mouth from the massive amount of guys who used and abused my mouth as their own little sex-hole. My ass was still sore from the extreme poundings I had received. But I knew I couldn’t say a word to anyone. And despite what had happened, I was now craving cock and getting a taste of that sweet and warm cum oozing down my throat. It was almost all I could think about. Artie’s plan at turning me into a cum-loving slut was coming to fruition. I had ignored my friends for I was still almost completely unable to do anything. And the shock from having an entire club full of cocks use my holes for their own pleasure had left me almost completely speechless. Either that, or my mouth was just too numb from taking too many cocks. My parents were beginning to worry about me, but I assured them that I was fine, and I just hadn’t been feeling too well the past couple days. They seemed to buy into it and left me alone. I was wondering just what Artie’s plan was and why he hadn’t called me. I didn’t worry about it too much, however, and just took the time to relax.

Late Friday night, my phone went off. It was Artie. Quickly I answered. “Hello?” I said. “Hello what?” Artie responded. “Hello Master” I said. “Ah that’s better. Don’t make that mistake again slut,” he stated. “How’s your little break been? Are your holes recovering from that massive gangbang at the club?” Artie asked. “Yes Master” I told him. “Good! Cause break time’s over! Tomorrow night you get your faggot ass over here by 6 sharp!” Artie commanded. “Yes Master” I said weakly. “Good I think you’re going to have a lot of fun, I’ve got a few surprises waiting for you,” Artie laughed. I began to become extremely worrisome. Last time Artie said he had a surprise for me I ended up getting fucked by a countless number of cocks. But I had no choice, if I didn’t show I knew I was in for a world of trouble. I called it night and went to sl**p.

The day started off as normal as any other. I did my daily routine, and feared for what was to come at 6. When it came to that time, I tossed on some jeans and a shirt and headed towards the door. I told my parents I was going out and would probably be crashing at a friends house for the night. They smiled and just said “Okay have fun!” they seemed to be happy by the fact that I was finally getting out of the house. I made my way towards Artie’s house and knocked on the door when I arrived. “6 ‘o’ clock sharp, good timing slut,” Artie said “Follow me, I’ve got something I want to show you.” He led me up the stairs to a room I had hardly stepped foot in before. “This is going to be your new room!” Artie said. He then opened up the door and once inside the room looked like a dungeon. The room was painted black and there were no windows. A single light illuminated from the ceiling and it was dim at that. In the corner sat a small sized bed. Sitting just at the foot of the bed was a chest filled with sex toys and devices. In the middle of the room was a sex swing. Chains came down from the ceiling attaching to a thick, and fairly large, leather swing. Handcuffs were attached to the front of the swing. And on the other side of the room was a closet, filled with some of the sexiest outfits I had ever seen. “Every night I call you over, you are going to dress yourself up in whatever you want to feel the sexiest in. And then once you’ve done that I’m going to handcuff you to the swing and there you will wait” Artie told me. Wait for what, I had no clue. “Yes Master,” I said. Artie then walked towards the door and told me to follow him once again for the next surprise. I hadn’t noticed it upon entering, but as I was leaving I saw a video camera in the top right corner. Artie had something big planned. I followed him back downstairs and to his computer. He sat down at the computer and told me to observe. I watched as he pulled up a site on his computer. It appeared to be an ad, sort of like one you’d see on Craigslist. “Read it and memorize it slut. You’re going to be doing this for a long time,” Artie said. I began to read the ad and it read:

Friday & Sunday
9pm to 1am: oral, hand jobs, and\or anal sex. 30 minute time limit.
1am to 6am: special requests. No time limit.

9pm to 12am: anal and oral sex. 30 minute limit.
12am to 2am: Group specials, bring all your friends!
2am to 6am: special requests.
You may choose to purchase a video of your night with this slut for an extra $15.

At the bottom read:

Cum and enjoy my little slut! His holes are in much need for a pounding, and he absolutely enjoys the taste of cum! Men preferred but women are also able to join in on the fun! Anything goes except for s**t play, I will not allow that! And there’s only one rule, you must cum inside him either the mouth or ass, he can’t get enough cum! And women, you must f***e him to cum and then have him clean up his mess, he loves that! This ad will be up for a very long time, so if you’re interested reply back to me and we will talk about what you want. Here’s the list of prices: $20 for a hand job, $30 for oral, $50 for anal. Special requests will be $75 and it’ll be $25 per person for group sex. Hope you enjoy my little cumslut, I know he’ll enjoy you!

My mouth dropped. I was in a complete state of shock. “Hahaha do you like your surprise!” Artie mocked. This bastard was whoring me out to the world, if I let this happen would be nothing more than his hooker and he my pimp. I started to get pretty angry with this, but soon I felt something splatter all over my back. I turned around to find Artie jerking off at my displeasure and he was cumming all over me. He still had some left that hit my shirt and pants. “Take off your clothes and go put on a sexy outfit, your first customer will be here soon,” Artie stated. I refused. Artie started showing signs of anger. “Listen you little bitch, you get your ass upstairs and put on something something! Or else!” Artie demanded. I stood my ground and refused to budge. “Fine! You want to play that way! I too can play that way!” Artie shouted. He stomped his way into the kitchen. “This was my time,” I thought. “I don’t care if my clothes are stained with jizz, I have to get out of here.” I quickly, but quietly made my way toward the door. It was locked, but very easy to unlock. As I started to unlock the door, and just when I had the door open, I felt a sharp-shooting pain right in my neck. “This outta do the trick,” Artie said. I grabbed my neck and felt the syringe Artie had just jammed in. “This will only knock you out for a short time, but long enough to get you prepared,” Artie said. I fell to my knees, I could hardly move. I was drifting quickly to sl**p. I heard Artie continue to talk and felt him lifting me up, but suddenly I was u*********s.

I awoke in a daze. I had no idea what was going on. When my vision cleared, I noticed I was handcuffed into the swing and my legs were tied down. I was just dangling there with my ass facing the door, just waiting for someone to come in and fill it. Artie had also dressed me up. I was wearing a lacey pink lingerie piece with white stockings and high heel shoes so that my feet could touch the ground. I also noticed a thick black wig covering my scalp. A small scent of perfume filled my nostrils and then I heard Artie talking from the other side of the door. “She’s right through here, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I know the ad said there was a 30 minute limit, but since it’s our first night we really didn’t get too many replies. So you can take as long as you want. I’ll only charge you and extra $5 an hour,” Artie said. “Good that’ll be just fine!” the other man said. As they entered the room, I heard the one man shout “Damn!” The d**g Artie injected me with was still taking a toll on me, but it was fading. I heard Artie starting to leave and say “You two play have fun now, you hear!” Artie laughed as he walked down the hall. The door closed and locked. I couldn’t see too well, but I heard the man searching through the chest of sex toys. He picked out a ball gag and inserted into my mouth. “Artie told me you’d be a little feisty tonight, so I think this will help calm you down.” he said. I said and did nothing. “You’d best obey me slut, I can make this night really bad for you” he argued. Again I said and did nothing. “Alright you need to punished! I can’t have a slut you won’t enjoy her sluttyness” he said. He then whipped out his cock in front me. It was about 7 inches and pretty slim. “Start jerking me off in your face!” he belted. “This was my punishment?” I questioned, “I had done this before, this was no punishment.” I started stroking him off in front and me, and quickly I could feel his cock become enlarged. “He’s already about to cum? This night will be easy!” I thought. But I was wrong. “Okay slut here comes your punishment!” he said. He then took off the gag and told me to open my mouth. And just as he said that I could his cock about ready to explode. I closed my eyes and waited for his sweet cum to hit enter my mouth. Suddenly, I then felt a piercing bolt of hot liquid splashing all over my face. He was pissing on me. “This will teach you to disobey me” he said. He then shoved his cock deep into my throat and continued to piss, using me as a toilet. He pissed for what seemed like an eternity. However nasty I thought it was, I didn’t mind it when it happened. “Ahhhhhh. There. Now you gonna obey me bitch?” he said. I nodded in agreement. “Good” he said. He then placed the ball gag back into my mouth and went back over to the chest. “Hmmm what else we got in here?” he said, “Oh this could be fun!” I was able to glance over at him and saw him pull out a riding crop and a big dildo, as well as a bottle of lube. “I’m not go near your ass, so I’m gonna let this here dildo get you ready for the real thing,” he said. He then proceeded to lube up the dildo and then shoved it in my ass.

He rammed my ass for quite some time with that dildo. He seemed to have loads of fun at my discomfort. I moaned each time he pulled it out and jabbed it back in. He was really getting turned on. He then took a big glob of lube and put it on my hole. “You ready for the real thing now sweetheart?” he said, ‘Tell Daddy how much you want it!” I was in a complete state of pleasure. When he took out that dildo I was utterly desperate for more. He took out the gag so I could talk, “Oh Daddy give it to me! I want you inside me! Please Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” I had no idea what had come over me. “ Mmm that’s a good little whore, always begging for more” he said. He placed the gag back in and went around to my ass. He started teasing me first by rubbing his cockhead all around my ass and my hole. “MMMMM MMMM MMM” I mumbled. “Alright enough’s enough!” he yelled. He moved his cock towards my hole and at first gently slide it inside. I moaned loudly when I felt his head inside me. “You like that do ya bitch, well how about this!” he roared. He then shoved the remained of his cock swiftly into my ass. “Ohhhhh mmmmmmm” I mumbled yet again. He was pounding my tight hole rougher than anyone had before. And I had had some pretty rough guys. He was tapping my ass faster and faster. It seemed like every time I moaned in pleasure he would pick up the pace. He then took the riding crop and began smacking my ass as he was fucking it. “MMMMM mmm mmm mmm mmmm!” was all I could get out. The extreme pleasure was just too much. It was now around 1 in the morning and he was still getting his fill of me. Not long after I heard him shout, “Oh god, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! OH GOD!” He grabbed my hips and pulled me farther onto his cock. I then felt wave after wave of cum filling my hole. As he pulled out, cum was still exiting his cock, covering my ass and dripping down onto my balls. “Mmm that was good baby, I might just have to come by here a lot more often!” he said. He wiped the remaining cum off his cock and onto my ass. He then zipped up his pants and left the room. Leaving me still sitting there with cum oozing out my ass and a ball gag still stuck in my mouth. He heard Artie and the customer talking downstairs but couldn’t really make anything out. I assumed they were talking about price and if he wanted to buy the tape. I just wanted out of the contraption.

I heard the front door close and then heard Artie coming up the stairs and towards the room. “Had fun did ya slut?” he said. I still couldn’t say anything. “Well just be glad he was your only customer tonight, because I really doubt there will ever be a night where there’s only one” he said. “You know, I was watching the whole thing downstairs and it got me really horny. And since your not busy well…” he said. He then took off his pants and told me to suck him off. “This was a cock I could enjoy,” I thought. He then slide his cock into and my mouth and fucked it. He grabbed hold of the chains on the swing and rocked me back and forth onto his cock. He was already incredibly hard and it wasn’t long before I felt his cock swell up with his juices. “MMM OH YEAH BABY HERE I CUM!” he yelled. He then put his hands on the back of my head, forcing his cock deeper inside and holding me into place. He shot his thick load well inside and down my throat. “Mmmm,” I said relieved. “Did ya like that baby? Cause if you liked that, your gonna love tomorrow!” He said. “Now here’s what we’re going to do. It’s too late for you to go home now so your just going to have to sl**p here. But there’s only one condition.” he said. He then took off the handcuffs and told me to clean myself up of the piss from the man before. When I returned Artie was standing in the room with his arms behind his back. “Now if you want to sl**p here, you’ve gotta do something for me” he said. “What Master?,” I replied. He then brought his arms forward and was holding a large thick black dildo, larger than the one from before. “You’ve gotta insert this into your ass and sl**p with it in for the rest of the night” he laughed. “You’re joking right?” I said. His face then turned bright red. “YOU THINK IM JOKING!” he stammered. He then pushed me onto the bed and lifted my ass in the air. “I’ll show you whose joking!” he said. He then forcibly jammed the dildo into my ass, and sealed it with tape. “Now if you take that dildo out I’ll know, your still on camera!” he mocked. He then walked out the door and locked it from behind. I was stuck there for the night, with no way out and a large dildo in my ass. “And don’t even think about jacking off” he shouted from the other side.

I laid in bed without little movement, for each time I did that dildo would intensify and urge me to jerk off. I laid there for about 20 minutes just thinking. I couldn’t let this go on forever, something had to be done. Before it gets too late and out of control. But what could I do. I thought maybe I was in too deep at that time, and I should just enjoy the experience until Artie grew tired of me. But that would just make me more of what Artie wants me to be. No, I had to get out of this. The sooner the better. Right?

To Be Continued...
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Loving it!
3 years ago
Great stories. Can't wait for the next instalment. It's about time you were fucked outdoors!
3 years ago
Glad you guys like it!
3 years ago
Thanks you got so hot i had to jack off thanks
3 years ago
Good story. Can't wait for the next installment. You are becoming quite the submissive little slut ar'nt you.