A f****y Friend 2

Again, it is quite long, but I really hope you enjoy it!

It had been two weeks since that eventful day with Artie. He had called me during those weeks, but only to help him move and get settled in. He had not f***ed me to do anything sexual to him during that time. But I, however, felt addicted and I needed my fix. But I didn’t want to bring it up and let him know that what had occurred was actually something I liked. One day while I was helping him move in and I had arrived early and caught him walking out of the shower. I stared at his glistening cock and started licking my lips hoping for another chance at the long and slender piece of work. He caught me looking at him and just chuckled. That day, however, ended in disappointment for me, but as I was about to leave Artie told me, “Hey, I got some business to attend to tomorrow and I won’t be needing you until late in the afternoon. So I‘ll call you and let you know what time to come by.” I said “okay see you then” and started towards home.

Knowing that I wouldn’t be needed until later on I decided to sl**p in. When I awoke it was nearly noon. My mother asked if I was helping Artie today and I said I was but not until later. My mother and father thought it was great that I was ‘volunteering’ to help their friend get all moved in. Completely oblivious to what was really going on. Later that evening my phone rang and it was Artie telling me to come over and that he had a surprise for me. I was giddy with excitement. Might I finally get another taste of his sweet juicy cock? My mouth drooled thinking about it. I left for Artie’s wearing some jeans and a t-shirt, but also wearing a sexy pink g-string underneath.

When I arrived at Artie’s, I knocked on the door and was told to come in. I found Artie on the couch wearing only black socks and black underwear. “Good thing you’re here” he said, “I had a really exhausting day and I need some relief. Get over here and suck my cock.” I dropped to me knees and pulled off the underwear. His lengthy cock drooped out and I could see it was inviting me to put it in my mouth. As I began to suck his cock and feel its hardness fill my mouth, I couldn’t help but feel that we weren’t alone. At one point I had even heard a noise coming from the kitchen and Artie just it was nothing and to ignore it. I continued to suck when all of a sudden Artie threw me off and told me to wait. He said he’d be right back and that’d he bring that surprise he mentioned earlier. Artie returned through the kitchen doorway, but with nothing. He then called into the kitchen, “Okay guys, come and meet your little slut.” At that moment 3 big black guys and 1 burly white guy came out from the kitchen completely naked with cocks bigger than Artie’s. I was in shock looking at cocks that were at least 10 inches and then some. I really began to sweat now. “What’s wrong?” Artie said, “I thought you’d enjoy some big dick since you seemed so hungry for mine the other day.” The other men just laughed at how pathetic I was. I told Artie that this was too much and I started to head for the door. But one of the black men beat me to it and slammed the door shut locking it so I wouldn’t try again. I now had no escape route. One of the men grabbed me by the arm and threw me down onto the floor. “Please” I begged. But they were too horny to care what I had to say. They ripped off my shirt and jeans and then noticed the g-string I was wearing. “Look at this little slut. He really wants to be fucked doesn‘t he?” One of the men said. “Well then, let’s not leave this fag waiting” another said. I knew at that moment no matter what I said I was in for a rough night.

One of them lifted my head up and shoved his cock in my mouth. “You like black dick don’t you, you little slut?” I cried as his cock fucked my mouth, making me gag each time he slide it in. As I was sucking on this black dick, I felt another’s tongue licking my ass and getting it wet. They were making sure my ass was nice and wet for a pounding. One of them stuck his fingers in and began finger-fucking me. But then it was time. Another one of the black men f***ed his throbbing cock deep into my ass. Letting out a huge moan in the process. As that cock entered my ass, I was thrust upon the cock in my mouth. Artie then slapped my ass and said “Hey! You got two more dicks here, and your hands are empty! Get to work!” I was petrified. My ass was in so much pain as that big cock was stretching my hole further than ever. All of the men now moaning and groaning in pure satisfaction. I could feel the cock in my ass starting to get slightly harder and shivering. He was about ready to cum. He grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his cock trying to put his cock in as far as he could. He then let out a loud groan and I could feel pulse after pulse of cum shooting inside and filling up my ass. He then pulled out, cleaned up, and got dressed. “Thanks for this Artie, I really needed to fuck a good little fag tonight! We must do this again sometime” He said. “No problem Todd, anytime you want to fuck this little bitch I’ll make sure it happens.” Artie replied. The cock I was sucking now decided he was going to fuck my ass. So without hesitation he rammed his gigantic cock deep inside, fucking my hole ferociously. The white cock now entered my mouth leaving the other black cock still in my hands. This time the guys weren’t going to go easy. I then felt what it was like to be a tree getting sawed down. As the black guy shoved his cock in my ass it f***ed me deeper onto the cock in my mouth, and as the cock in my mouth f***ed its way into my mouth, the harder I was shoved onto the cock in my ass. This continued for about 15 minutes. The pain that had once filled my ass was now pleasure. They could see I was starting to enjoy this. But then without warning, I felt the cock in my ass explode. His cum shooting everywhere inside and completely filling my hole. As this was happening, I was in such a moment of bliss that I began to feel the white cock in my mouth throb with enjoyment. But he pulled out of my mouth, clearly wanting a shot at my ass. The black cock behind me whipped his dick out of my ass and put his cock back in my mouth to clean him. I sucked his cocked clean tasting all the cum that remained and even some from the guy before. “You liked that didn’t you? You fucking bitch slut.” He said. “Thanks for coming Larry, I’m sure this sissy loved every inch” Artie laughed.

The white cock now made it’s way towards my ass. He wasn’t as big as Larry, but was bigger than Todd. He laid down on his back and told me to sit on his dick. I slowly made my way up and slide my wet cum-filled ass on top of his dick. I felt so strange riding a cock for the first time. It truly made me feel like the slut that I had become. The black cock now stuck his dick into my mouth and began to slide it in and out. But at the same time, Artie noticed how slowly I was riding his white friend’s cock and put his hands on my shoulders, bouncing me on his dick and pushing it deeper and deeper into my ass. I moaned and screamed, but they were muffled with the cock in my mouth. “I think he likes this” Artie said “I must do this to him sometime.” It didn’t take long before the cock in my ass erupted with warm sticky goo. I didn’t think my ass could take anymore. The cum started seeping out of my ass as he began to push me off his cock. He then slapped my face with his dick in an attempt to get all the cum off. “Hope you liked it Mel” Artie said. Mel just nodded and then said “You got yourself a fine little bitch there, you’ve done well.” I was now left with one black cock and it was larger than all the others. But this guy had been sensitive to me. He gently pushed his cock into ass and fucked me slowly. It seemed he wanted me to enjoy this fucking. He then picked me up and fucked me with my body clinging to his. I moaned with enjoyment. I was in love with this cock filling my ass. He even started jerking me off as he fucked my hole. As his cock got ready to cum and his moans came more rapidly, he threw me on the couch and told me to get on my knees. He then shot his cum out all over me. I tried to get what I could in my mouth so I could taste his sweetness, but the cum just kept on, well, cumming. I could feel it sliding down my body and down my face. The cum from my ass also starting to leak out in a pile. “Damn Jerry, why’d you have to go easy on him?” Artie mocked. Jerry just shrugged and the left without a word.

Artie then noticed my hard-on and said that I may as well cum. So I started to jerk off my dick and it wasn’t long before I was cumming on his floor. “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?! Did I say you could cum on my floor?!” He belted at the top of his lungs. He then slammed me down onto the floor rubbing my face in all the cum that was left. He told me to lick it all up and make the floor spotless. Once I had done that I was free to leave. I licked up every drop of cum that was on the floor and then got dressed. I tried to clean myself up, but Artie had stopped me and said “Little sluts wear the cum they’re covered in.” He then pushed me out the door and told me to go home. By now it was around 1 in the morn, I walked home feeling degraded and covered in cum and felt like nothing more than what the guys were calling me. As I came closer to home it dawned on me. Why didn’t Artie join in? I wondered why that was. When I got home I knew my f****y would be asl**p, so I quietly washed up and fell asl**p on the couch. Not noticing, however, that my phone was going off. I awoke the next morning early , my parents hadn’t even woken up. I grabbed my phone and headed towards my bed. I saw that Artie had tried calling and knew I was in some trouble for not answering. What would happen now? I panicked, but was too tired to worry so I drifted off back to sl**p. “Shit” I mumbled right before passing out.
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3 years ago
OMG! Loved this!
3 years ago
my cock loved the story..well done,. well researched ,i take it
3 years ago
yeah dud - keep these stories cummmming!
3 years ago
Another 'Hit'
3 years ago
Wow what a story had to jack off twice and i think i can get one more thanks