The game is in progress

Summer was at its peak and I took a little before free from jobs. Cycled through Jægersborg and bought some supplies to the beach, Euro Mann and a bottle of water.
I love to lie in the sun and bask and yes, looking at beautiful women. Now arrived in Charlottenlund fort, you know the ice house and the path around the fort. Tractor my bike quiet while I Marked for me the best seat and view. Where should I lie and there is the perfect place for comfortable long distance, but still within reach of you, a nice woman my age. Super short red hair, slim with a small bikini ... tan ... If you notice rises up on his elbow and looking a stolen glance ... the game is in progress!
Take my pants off and show my tight bathing shorts .... Incidentally I ... tall, slender with long legs about forty ..
Put me down so I can keep an eye on you ... whew it's hot here in the sun, a trip into the water. Dating randomly past you and you smile, behind your sunglasses ... the water is cold but still swam a little. Going back over and says little fresh, the water is cold ... you smile.
The sun makes it lovely in my body and we are and browns, with hidden glances and small smiles.
Time to pack up and go right past with a wry smile.
There the Charlottenlund Beach, where the game takes place.
The day after I am back on the beach in hopes more, you lie again, same place. I greet and ask if there is available next to you ... here you say you and move a little. We start talking about this and that ... the two of us almost naked ... delicious body you ... Are you going in the water, I ask, and we are so together also ... you get a hand out over the stones. ... We swim around a bit about each other and both know what it will end with.
We go out of the water ... delicious little stiff nipples you have ... the game continues.
Later in the afternoon it's time to pack up. You stand up, throw quickly bodice and takes a light summer dress with buttons down the way, I have just glimpse that your little stiff nipples. You also throw just panties with a wry smile and puts them at the top of your beach bag.
We go up to the ice house and buy an ice cream ... uhm you licking good at it. Time to say goodbye and I say, if my half Agreement is not something tonight, I have a wine in the fridge. You smile and say top ... we exchange numbers and run separate ways. I smile on the way home, and it should never have been too easy. I did not have half agreement, but now I have a whole. Love it here!
At home in my warm apartment, I take a long bath. Being shaved and gives just cock a game too. It is brought to life and know what to expect.
I prefer it a little, at first. 20.30 I send a text message that now was the bottle opened ... you respond quickly "nice, comes"
I still have my shorts on and open short sleeved shirt ... can not hold out and have other things in the heat. Half an hour goes by and you doorbell rings ... wauuu, you stand there in high summer shoes and the same dress. You come in and I give you a slightly ajar. "Well, she forgot panties, I can not see any during the light summer dress", I think.
Showing a little in my warm apartment and offers you the cool wine. We sit on the couch and talking about summer and being alone in our age ... you pulled your legs up on the couch and I can see your brown thighs ... it is now also hot this summer .. hmm delicious.
I put my hand on your leg, and begin supposed to muck up easily, you're talking on and gives my hand a little squeeze as acceptance to proceed.
Now I see what lies beneath your light summer dress. I slide down to the floor in front of you and begins to cuddle up on both legs. The horror in your body, I can look at your long slim legs.
You slide down and move slightly forward on the edge of the couch, I kiss you on your legs. The dress is still down in front, we kiss first light, so more kævende with our tongues ... love to kiss ...
You push me slightly off and start buttons your dress up ... one button at a time. While I have found my camera, you nods to I well have to take pictures of you while ... sending naughty looks into my lens while now play with your little nipples ... you are naughty ....
The dress is now fully open and you're lying on the couch, with the most delicious small panties, white lace and bottomless. Oh the boldest vision long ... I have to touch them ... you groan when I gently touch your inner thighs with my tongue ... licking quietly along the edge of your panties .... over the edge, which can not completely cover the fine little strip of hair you have over your pussy. Can see your beautiful pussy is easily open and wet and ready ... open your little panties, and pours a little cold wine out of your pussy and start to lick your tight smooth labia ... you are now open to me and keep your legs high ... you groan. Licks Now the crack, tasting your wet pussy, wine, sea and woman. The tongue is now down around your star, which is slightly wet with your juices, you gasp, but it is just as if you move your ass closer to my tongue. You hold now stuck in my hair and moans more. Licks Now your little excited clit, just waiting on my naughty tongue. Oh you groan out loud now, when I play gently with 2 fingers around your pussy and star. Licks quickly now on your tap and you come when I press one finger up your star and one in your wet pussy ... you scream loud and squeezes your thighs around my head. Lick gently on to your orgasm subside and you are now limply in my bed. I take a few pictures of you when you are lying with closed eyes, dress buttoned up and your sexy panties are wet with your juices.
You smile and sit up with a small thank you, we toast and kiss again ... you are now beginning to massage the bulge in my shorts .... pulling my shirt and licking my nipples, biting lightly while now grab my hard cock .... you play it easily, so it becomes stiff and hard. I lie down on the sofa and looking at me with his cock in his hand and I'll take a picture while smiling and licking my dick.
You are now playing dick while your heavy winds its way up and down the dick ... you're good, I groan and you blink and smile with a dick in your mouth. You suck vigorously and take my cock deep down her throat. Can feel that there is a long time with the treatment before I will. You lick my tight smooth balls and plays dick .... oh yes, you can feel his cock expanding. You take it in his mouth and says with a smile came in my mouth naughty, give me your cum .. I can not stand for more and comes with my sperm for 3-4 four long spray in your mouth. You look me straight in the eyes while you take.
We are now together on the sofa and breathes out, you still with your sexy panties on. You tell a little about your experience when you saw me the first time. You were also on the beach to look and possibly a little adventure. You have seen me only when I was walking with my bike and kept an eye on me. You were a little annoyed that I had gone so far away, but was of course happy we had met. "She also plays the game J."
We cuddles more intense and my cock is waking up again. You whisper that you will feel my dick. Facing you as you lie on top of me, your beautiful ass and wet pussy is ready for my tongue. Pull your little panties and starts to lick you. You took my dick in your mouth while you hold on my balls. You are very wet when I tongue fuck your lovely pussy. You're pushing your pussy against my tongue and you can not concentrate on my cock.
You sit up, and lowers your tight pussy down over my hard cock. Oh how it is nice to see you sitting with his back to me and lean forward so I can see my cock getting fucked by you. While playing you with a finger in your star. 'll Take a quick picture of my wet cock in your pussy. You stand up and say take me from behind. You put yourself above the armrest of the couch, smiling and groans: fuck me. Rubbing my cock in your crack and pushing me into you at a fast shock. You gasp of pleasure and collisions. The sofa banks into the wall and I fuck you hard knocks. Fuck it's delicious. Sweat runs down both of us and I stand and admire this beautiful sight. Rub my thumb over your little star and you groan: yes. You try to lift your ass a little more on my finger. I'll let your finger get through your star and fuck you at the same time. You come suddenly and groans: keep. It is also too much for me, so I groan, I'm coming. Yes, give me your cum, I'm your little whore beach, splashing me full. I come deep inside you and timber me completely. We fall together and kiss each other wildly.
We both agree that it was really nice sommersex in while we sit naked on the couch and drink the rest of the wine.
She can not stay overnight, but I wonder if we see each other on the beach again.
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