The Jester's Toys

The Jester’s Toys
A Mouth Watering Erotic Psalm Of A Hot Threesome With Many Goodies To Play With
John, “Big John” Gallivan
Warrior Poet/Erotic Psalmist
“Viking Gladiator”

I anxiously stand in my royal chamber so intensely mystified in hot anticipation,
For nothing I ardently want more is to please my handsome king and gorgeous queen.
When will I be called upon to avidly suck my manly king’s enormous dick?
When will I be summoned to zealously fondle my exquisite queen’s big silky tits?
When will we erotically convene so that they may both utilize my butt plugs
On me while they both fervently lick my beautiful shaved pussy at the same time?

My masculine king and splendid queen, do I ever desperately yearn for your risqué attention,
For I know you both see my pretty thick ass.
I possess no doubt that you indubitably witness my enchanting curvy hips.
I am totally aware that you lustfully survey my feminine sweet vagina,
And how much it abundantly craves to be relentlessly slammed with my massive vibrators,
As you both suck my cute pink nipples in perfect harmony while pulling my long hair.

For no event is possibly greater than when we spiritually assemble to have our private orgy,
For my tattooed king confidently wields a titanic penis that is the key to my happiness,
While my royal queen’s immaculate girly cunt is the essence of my pure inner being.
Just please entitle me to French kiss you my fabulous queen as I am on top of you,
While your mighty king rams me in my tight ass and valiantly fucks me with my humungous
Dildo as he electrifies and manipulates my stimulated nipples with those bittersweet clamps.

For nothing authentically satisfies me more also, than to be fiercely hogtied,
With my terrific queen sitting on my wet girly tongue,
While my fine looking king boldly propels his humungous scepter inside of me:
Infinitely ramming me with f***e as I passionately scream his name!
Viciously penetrating me with gallantry as my sexy hot queen repeatedly squirts in my mouth,
And my wonderful king vivaciously hammering me with valor as my spectacular queen’s ass hole,
Rides and fucks my stiff pink tongue with rhythmic gyration as my graceful hands reach,
Up to zealously pinch and feverishly squeeze my beloved queen’s enlarged tits.

Have you ever felt the warm tropical rainfalls of the Amazon Forest?
Every drop enthusiastically massages your skin,
And any amount of its Brazilian warm water that falls on you will provide true comfort.
As it also soothes your soul,
Tickles your body,
And tantalizes you with sensual bliss.
However, there is something I must decree:
No shower is more energizing and heavenly by any means,
Than when my awesome king and seductive queen piss all over my body,
And call me their pretty hot chick as they confess to me that they love me,
While I masturbate with a thick wide dildo with Benoit balls in my constricted anus.

I honestly beseech you both to wholeheartedly blindfold me and lovingly punish me,
While you place me on that tie down table and arrest me in chains,
So that you can swiftly administer that necessary discipline that makes my dripping pussy surge:
For when you each take turns fanatically whipping me until I profusely cry and beg for mercy,
My voluptuous queen expeditiously fucks me nonstop with that mega sized strap on dildo,
And double penetrates me with two of her superb fingers in my delectable butt hole,
And kindly tells me that I’m both an exquisite well kept whore and an elegant lady,
While my omnipotent king amazingly pounds me in the mouth with his colossal sword, till I gag,
Commanding me to deep throat him more and more and fondle his celestial big gonads
While he often slaps me and cock knocks me in the face with his beefy meat pistol,
Admitting to me how much his astounding queen and him love me so very much indeed.

I earnestly plead with you your majesties to harshly gag me with that bobber
And demand with your authority and dominance that I be immediately silent,
As my angelic queen romantically lashes one of my sculpted titties with a crop stick,
And my magnificent king affectionately gnaws and tenderly bites my other one,
As the ice cubes are melting deep inside my palpitating shaved pussy,
And the lubricated dildo engulfed in hot watermelon oil enticingly brings my pulsating rectum,
Ready to be anally fisted by my majesty’s rugged hand that ever makes me excitedly spray
That delicious panty nectar that completely saturates my loving king and queen that were so
Considerate and nice enough to bring me to new and elevated heights of both pleasure and pain,
For they most indeed love the fact that I worship their sexual expertise twenty four hours a day!

For when my tapered horny ass hole is not being methodically fondled by my dashing king,
While he meticulously bites my gish,
Oh yes, that sensitive pathway from the, “B” the, “P” ,
And my sophisticated omniscient queen is not sucking on my tongue and playing with my nipples,
I am consequently lonely, and my temptress heart urgently cries out for them.
When I am not receiving tender loving French kisses from my alluring queen,
While she pulls my hair as our ruling king drills his enormous rod in my soaked pussy,
With a pleasing nice anal dildo in my hungry sphincter at the same time,
I am henceforth desolate, and my jezebel minx soul frantically wails for them.

Just lay me now on the bed my handsome King of Eroticism and my exquisite Queen of Romance,
And passionately massage me together as one so intimately and melodiously,
With that warming coconut edible lotion that I keenly adore so very much,
For my bald shaved girly pussy inevitably saturates the cotton sheets without any question,
As both your incomparable heavenly hands undoubtedly relax
Each and every single one of my spasmed muscles to utopian nirvana,
Eradicating all my past bad memories and vanquishing my former atrocious nightmares,
As you wholeheartedly free the nasty tensions and liberate my inner sensuality
Off my compressed nerves engulfing my hurting spine.
For when that sweet Celtic music plays that quixotic ambiance in the air,
And the scented candles send waves of bliss by its unique aroma,
I am in a state on total aspiration as we three way French kiss with all our desires,
As we all meld and become one entity that no one could possibly understand at any level,
For I love being your pretty delicate doll to sexually entertain you with my curvy angelic body,
As you both then have one finger in my tasty butt hole each
Yes! There! That One!
And you each have one finger inside my quivering pussy too
As you both double penetrate me in perfect synchronicity simultaneously,
And give me such soft loving kisses too to my gish at the same time,
Oh yes! That sacred pathway from the, “B” to the, “P”.

Let us please take two vast durable vibrating double headed dildos,
My spectacular spiritual queen and rhythmically thump
Each other incredibly so hard and very fast, yet then slowly and intimately….
Fat ass to fat ass and sweet pussy to sweet pussy doggy style,
With me facing one direction, and you my gorgeous queen the other,
While our erotic king switches off from sticking us in our mouths with all his vigor,
So fantastically while he tells us how hot and sexy we are without ceasing,
As he will then go back and forth between us,
Propelling us so roughly in either our girly cunts or succulent butt holes,
While we can still feel those astonishing dildos in our burning snatches,
As I can feel your curvaceous velvety ass continuously meeting mine,
In the common framework of mouthwatering sex as we have multiple orgasms
Everlasting and forevermore, in apprehensive anticipation of which orephus,
Our Viking Gladiator will screw next with all is might,
As he selectively too decides which hole of ours first,
Will he beautifully insert ice cubes and Alka Seltzer,
While we still squirt cosmic feminine risqué streams all over him and us,
Serenading all three of us in comforting womanly liquid,
That restores and rejuvenates and inspires all three of us to fuck
Each other even more and more in our sanctuary of spiritual loving erotic love.

Oh how lusciously delicious it is indeed for our mammoth gladiator,
To dick slap us with his tremendous sized cock all over our backs and faces,
As he whips our fannies with that leather cat of nine tails,
Because he must lovingly punish us for allowing our past ghosts to haunt us,
And former bad experiences to terrorize our souls,
As he ardently demands that we say we’re his hot chicks,
And that we belong to him and him only,
For he is so wonderfully considerate enough to then anally fist us both,
While we are still grinding each other with that gigantic double headed dildo.
As we praise him nonstop with soft charming feminine voices,
And emotional crying with our gentle spirits pouring forth,
That he is our master that we tribute all our reverence to,
As he later then surprisingly rewards us with peeing all over us,
Then switching off to whisper in our ears how much he loves us,
As he alternates between French kissing us,
Pulling our hair, then playing with our clits
Until we explode geysers of orgasmic ecstasy again and again,
Watching him beat off profusely with his immeasurable love stick,
Knowing that our handsome king is going to pound us both for hours.

Take turns using that vacuum pussy pump and engorge our
Sculpted Mons Venerises, our pretty Labia Majoras, and our cute Labia Minoras,
So that literally our, “uh uhs” protrude out,
For we know you take great delight our masculine king,
To inject your skilled tongue deep in our wet pussies as far a it will go,
While you manipulate the Benoit balls in our fancy ass holes,
As we scream your glorious name that we must receive more and more.

How superb it is indeed, for his majesty to turn me out with his expertise,
And diligently teach me a new sexual position and erotic stance,
For as his feet are on the ground, and he is laying on the mattress,
With his knees on the edge of our bed,
I ride him up and down backwards and face the wall,
Yelling for more as I declare how much I worship them both with all my inner being,
Jiggling my fat rounded ass up and down his enormous titanic tower,
To enchantingly seduce him even more with my enticing girly elements,
Playing with my clit at the same time without failure,
While my sexy hot queen sits on his face and gyrates on his awesome goatee,
And that marvelous cock inside of me is immensely swelling ever so invigorating,
As I also feel that electric butt plug that severely trembles my gushing pussy
To no end, for he is expeditiously growing bigger and bigger as his soul mate
Floods him with that precious inner nectar that makes him go ever so wild,
OMG! OMG! OMG! All three of us cum at that very same time!

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