Dreams of A Temptress

Dreams of a Temptress
An Erotic Psalm of a Woman’s Desires and Fantasies
Inscribed Poetically by Masculine Expertise
John, “Big John” Gallivan
Warrior Poet/Erotic Psalmist
“Viking Gladiator”

I was at my boyfriend’s house last night to get laid,
But I must wholeheartedly confess that the sex was awful,
And I certainly didn’t go….THERE!
Why didn’t eat vivaciously eat my tender pussy for hours?!
Why didn’t he passionately drink the sinuous nectar from my beautiful cunt?!
Why is that he wouldn’t zealously lick by delectable butt hole,
For does he not notice that I am a feminine hot temptress??!!

I am the Viking Gladiator, the Warrior Poet, The Erotic Psalmist,
I see your soft girly face in the club, and spiritually know that
You have not ever been fucked proper.
Come to my house with my hot sexy voluptuous queen.
Let us pull your hair and fondle your stiff pink nipples,
As we undress you slowly, and tell you how exquisite you really are,
We each fervently suck on one of your lovely titties indeed.
We will take you THERE!
Oh yes…THERE!

I met this guy on-line, and we went out on a date,
Hoping that I could get some decent cock,
But I must avidly admit, that the sex was worse than dreadful.
Why didn’t he desire to ferociously pound my feminine vagina all night long?
Why didn’t he wish to ravage me like a manly Viking and ravenously fuck me so hard?
Why do so many men claim that they’re, “all that”, but I can’t even get an orgasm.
No, not this time. I didn’t go….THERE!

We shall prop up your immaculate hips on the pillow,
While I French kiss your succulent rectum,
As my poetic queen devotedly sucks on your saturated snatch,
As then we both meet halfway to kiss and gnaw on your gish,
Oh yes! That sacred pathway from the, “B” to the, “P”.
For then you will endless squirt those heavenly female oceans,
As we solemnly swear that we will consume every drop indeed.
We’ll take you THERE!

This dude at work started to email me,
And we went over to his trailer across town for a sexual endeavor.
However, although I perceived him at first as being HOT,
The sex most certainly was NOT!
Why didn’t he yearn to pull my hair and propel in my mouth?!
Why didn’t he beg for me with sincere petition for me to sit on his face?!
Why couldn’t he lay me down and worship my curvy tits,
And eloquently poeticize how pretty I am without ceasing?!
Nope! I didn’t go….THERE!

As you my little princess and my psalmic queen,
Kiss and suck on my titanic spear,
My queen demands that she witness me
Brutally hammer you wih my colosssal sword,
With your feet on my shoulders
Which make yous squeal while
She tantalizes your mouth with her soft
Girly kisses, as we both bring you to multiple
Orgasms and everlating rivers.
No worries our baby doll.
We'll take you...THERE!

I started conversing with this handsome man at a bar,
And I paid a visit to his apartment to hopefully get some dick,
But the way he fucked me was way beyond ridiculous.
Why didn't he just fanatically bend me over doggy style,
And feverishly pound me and spank my fat ass?
Why didn't he notify me that I am so seductive and charming,
And that my body is so spectacular?
Was he unaware how long it took me to look this hot?
Did he not comprehend that my outfit had the sensual intentions
Of alluring a man that would just die to tongue fuck me doggy style?
That phone number is not in my directory anymore, for
I in no way went...THERE!

Watch me pummel my queen as she rides
This gladiator stallion as you my pretty princess
French kiss me and tug on my chest hair
While I place that bittersweet pressure
With my manly fingers on your G spot, then
Massage your lovely, "uh uh"
Yes! That very end of your vaginal canal!
Yeah! Fuck yeah!
We're going...THERE!

Against my better judgment, I gave my ex another chance.
OK! Sue me! I was fucking horny!
I drove over to his condimium to screw him,
But the sex was even more atrocious than the last time.
Why did he crave to titty fuck me as a huge
Vibrator is deep inside my electrifying pussy?
Why didn't he just take me like a real man,
And double penetrate me with a massive dildo,
And an enormous cock,
Oh yeah...forgot!
He has neither one.
Didn't go...THERE!

I shall drive that mighty dildo in your amazing pussy,
While my immense rod in your drenched pussy,
Makes you quiver like never before,
As my skilled queen sits on your face pointed towards me,
To tease your fabulous nipples in ice and melted candle wax,
As we pull that inner female out of you,
To cum, cum, and cum again,
As we tell you persistently how mega fine you authentically are.
One word....THERE!

I knew that it would be an utter catastrophe,
But I decided to come off some pussy for a male friend.
Yeah, I gave him a charity lay.
The sex was unbeliveably lame.
Why didn't he burn to shove big dildos in my holes,
While he sucks on my clit simultaneously,
And play with tits all at the same time?
Why didn't he want to cum so deep inside of me
After he massages my heated girly vagina
With his piece (not that he had one) so slow
And intimate as he is captivated by my beauty?
I knew from the start, that he wouldn't take me...THERE!

Ride my immeasureable long and thick swollen cane,
Facing away from me, so that I can and will jiggle
Your chunky buns with the Benoit balls in your sweet sphincter,
As you and my exquiste queen make out at the same time,
And scream indeed that you both are my hot chicks,
That soley breathe air to have these bad ass threesomes.
Oh yeah! Oh yeah! We're all cumming!! Fuck yeah!
We all just went....THERE!

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