Batman's Harem

Batman’s Harem
A Mind Blowing Erotic Psalm of The Most Invigorating Group Sex and Best Orgy Ever
John, “Big John” Gallivan
Warrior Poet/Erotic Psalmist
“Viking Gladiator”

I am Bruce Wayne, a billionaire playboy, a womanizer, the, “Mac Daddy” indeed!
I elegantly pamper and extravagantly spoil my hot sexy bitches twenty four seven,
With my endless cash, infinite wealth, and everlasting riches!
I fervently adore my gorgeous concubines with my romantic flattery!
I energetically pump iron night and day with the valor of a caped crusader,
To have the hottest masculine body and the most defined muscles for my beautiful sluts,
To fervently worship, breathlessly lust after, and genuinely satisfy their real true inner fantasies!
I exist to passionately protect and zealously defend the women of Gotham city,
From ominous predators and evil villain punks like the Joker and the Riddler.

My exquisite hotties anxiously wait upon me in the Wayne Manor,
With horny dripping pussies, erect firm titties, and such delicate seductiveness,
That it ambitiously invigorates me to finish off the Penguin once and for all,
For he’s seriously hindering my valuable time right now,
From licking Wonder Woman’s sweet succulent ass hole,
And jiggling her Amazonian immaculate curvy fat ass,
While I lovingly anally fist my heavenly Felicia and my delicious Batgirl simultaneously,
As all three of my beloved hoes are all side by side doggy style on my bed.

I speedily drive in the Bat mobile to my luscious harem,
To vivaciously pound all my fancy tramps with all my incomparable expertise,
Who gloriously praise my mammoth penis night and day,
As I profusely ram my jezebel minxes in their wonderful pretty rectums,
With the Bat Anal Dildos with interchangeable speeds,
While I tell them how cute and sexy their shaved feminine vaginas are.

Though Mr. Freeze may chill me for a brief amount of time,
Wonder Woman’s spectacular throbbing cunt melts the ice.
Felicia’s sculpted voluptuous ass heats up my humungous rod.
Batgirl’s rounded big hooters boil the glaciers,
And the sensual methods they use as all three of them at the same time
Harmoniously hum on my gigantic balls and magnificently suck my
Beefy meat pistol burns the frigid icicles to erotic steam.

Though Poison Ivy may unleash her criminal acts upon Gotham City,
Because she must face the depressing truth that,
That I am unable to have Wonder Woman hogtie the toxic bimbo,
With her magic lasso and paddle her chubby fanny,
While I face fuck her raw as she’s bitched out in pigtails,
As Felicia and Batgirl fist one each in her yummy cunt and scrumptious poop chute,
My skin will not itch nor irritate,
For my immaculate call girls soothe my nipples.
As Wonder Woman and Felicia suck one each with tantalizing ardor,
And Batgirl massages my male G spot with those ever so delightful beads,
Yes! There! That one!

I boldly enter the Bat cave where Alfred takes my uniform and says,
“Master Wayne, your enchanting whores are eagerly awaiting you.
For their quivering snatches saturate the floor as they freak on each other,
As Felicia desperately yells and moans for you to propel her delectable turd cutter,
While you teabag Wonder Woman as Felicia is sucking on Batgirl’s velvety clit.

I gallantly enter the Wayne chambers to gaze upon my adorable harlots.
They instantly recognize my omnipotent growing bulge,
As I most indeed vehemently fixate on their sculpted camel toes,
For their panty packed peaches are so flavorsome to voraciously eat,
And I am so astoundingly horny already,
For I know that I will command them this very second here and now,
To erotically seduce me without ceasing and romantically mesmerize me nonstop,
With an exotic strip tease dance in expensive lingerie as they,
French kiss each other and declare how way fucking hot I most indeed am.
Oh yes! Fucking A! Hell Yeah!

I instruct Wonder Woman to bend over doggy style,
As Felicia sweetly pinches the electric nipple clamps on her,
While Batgirl gets a strap on dildo with immeasurable size,
And wholeheartedly delivers that bittersweet pain to Wonder Woman
As she goes in and out of her trembling sphincter insatiably,
Showing no mercy whatsoever to her sacred intestinal canal.
Oh yes indeed! There! That one!

As I firsthand witness Diana, the Princess of Paradise Island,
Squeal and howl with every ounce of vocal power she has,
I decree to my Felicia to wear a strap on dildo too as well,
To brutally fuck Batgirl in her hungry Hershey Highway while she screws Wonder Woman,
As I am compelled to join in now to maintain the rhythmic tempo,
As my fat engorged cane drills Batgirl in her nice sphincter too, forming an awesome train.
Oh yes, hell yes! There! That one!

I crazily mandate now that Batgirl lay down on her back,
With that strap on dildo erect and up,
For Wonder Woman to gyrate upon it facing my Batgirl,
As my knees clasp Wonder Woman’s head,
To ferociously pummel her in her sweet girly mouth,
For her to gag upon as Felicia comes from behind,
Wonder Woman to suck her neck and pull her hair,
Telling her what a fantastic nympho and terrific slut she really is.

For now as it is time to sixty nine my dripping Felicia,
So that I can munch on her kick ass shaved cunt,
As she deep throats my extra hard unbendable huge staff,
While we each receive a mouth watering rim job from Wonder Woman,
And Batgirl as they have pop rocks intensely fizzling deep inside
Their tender soaked pussies with electric butt plugs,
In them vibrating my heated bitches to a heavenly bliss from our utopian orgy.

For now Catwoman intently pleads this as she bangs on the door:
“Oh please Batman devotedly punish me with my whip,
For I am such a worthless bitch!
I am such a nasty sleeze!
I possess no self esteem, so please be my divine exorcist and master,
As I humbly submit in obedience to you and your gorgeous hot chicks,
For you to drive those feline apparitions out of me that torture my inner soul,
For I would love nothing more,
Than to serve you ALMIGHTY BATMAN and your splendid sluts
As your little cute cum dumpster to use me as you see fit!”

As we string Catwoman up, watching her dangle in midair,
I completely enjoy fanatically lashing her plump seat with all my f***e,
As Felicia stands before her to French kiss her so miraculously,
While Wonder Woman and Batgirl suck on one of Catwoman’s sore titties each,
As one methodically gnaws on one of her erect pink nipples with lust,
And the other meticulously gently sucks the other one with love,
Causing her to drench my imported Persian rug with nectar,
As she finally reaches that place of orgasmic ecstasy by both
Intense pain and to die for sexual pleasure.

For as we all feverishly explore new thresholds that Catwoman must spiritually abosorb.
We string her down to lay her on her back,
So that my enticing temptresses may massage her
In such a risqué fashion from head to toe in oil,
Kissing every square centimeter of her celestial feminine body,
While I’m inside her missionary style pumping her ever so intimately and slow,
As I am looking straight in to her captivating eyes saying:
“It’s OK my precious little baby doll.
I know in this moment you feel free from the tyranny and bondage
Of former atrocious moments, bad relationships, and past demons.
Cry to our souls as we romantically love and care for you,
For now you belong to me and my pretty sweethearts.”

Now it is my godly commandment indeed that
That all four of my charming ladies worship me now with unequalled dedication!
For as Catwoman melodiously hums on
My awesome gonads with such tremendous suction,
While Batgirl and Wonder Woman softly stroke my titanic spear,
I lift Felicia up for her to crouch on my broad shoulders,
While I lift her up and down effortlessly with expeditious speed to tongue fuck her
Ever so excellent as she secretes her sinuous potions I so ever love to drink.

I firmly direct all four of my stunning dolls to sixty nine each other,
With injections of ice cubes and Benoit balls in their appealing butt holes,
Yes! There! That one!
As Alka Seltzer is pleasantly fizzling in their adorned bald girly cunts,
While I take a massive piss all over them marking what‘s truly mine!
For they are my property that I benefit
From by sadistically fucking them thunderously.

They are my assets that I receive satisfaction from,
By teaching them hard bondage and pleasure through pain.
They are my amethyst angels I envelope myself in intimate love,
For they hypnotize me
With stunning beauty, sculpted curves, and treasured souls.

Though Two Face may overtly insist on battling me once again.
I will not fear either one of his devious sides,
For Felicia’s fleshy thick butt comforts me,
As I penetrate her unhurried then,
Incredibly pounding her doggy style,
While rattling her voluptuous chunky buns,
As she feasts upon Wonder Woman’s flawless snatch,
While Catwoman squeezes her bulky breasts with burning want,
And Batgirl gyrates upon Wonder Woman’s royal pretty face.

Though the Mad Hatter may combat me in this diabolical world,
I will not be scared whatsoever of his sinister ways,
For my graceful Catwoman consoles me,
As she copiously masturbates in front of me with a humungous vibrator,
Squirting feminine streams from deep within.
While my Felicia, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman,
Abundantly urinate all over me as I ferverishly beat off,
Claiming me as their authentic
Source of manly joy, erotic gratification, and masculine orgasmic pleasure.

For now is the season for all four of my marvelous bitches,
To pair up ass to ass with gargantuan double headed dildos,
And inflict such extreme sensations to one another,
As I rotate from one to the other,
Teasing their affectionate clits with changing patterns and velocities,
Bringing each one individually to explode a puddle beneath them,
As I rapaciously submerge my face in each girly ocean,
To ravenously smell its seductive fragrance with fulfillment,
To greedily drink its juice with utter conviction,
And to avariciously consume its water with fervor.

For now the sacred baptism of putang must indeed commence.
Sit on my face Wonder Woman and ride my yearning tongue with passion,
As all four of you proclaim
How fucking hot and manly I really am indeed,
As you Felicia mount yourself on my enormous swollen cock,
Stuffing yourself with that incomparable tower of hard flesh and lightning,
For my mammoth love stick to bump against your, “uh uh”
Yes, that very end of that remarkable vaginal canal.
Facing each other to insanely French kiss like never before,
As Batgirl happily massages my prostate with that anal vibrator.
Yes! There! That One!

While Catwoman caresses Batgirl’s feminine architecture,
Tugging on her hair, and administering such soft girly kisses.
Oh yes! Oh yes! Fucking A hell yes!
We are all cumming at the same time, confessing to each other,
How much we both love and lust after one another.
Singing in universal harmony with erotic unisom and romantic togetherness
“Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da, Da

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