Violentus Gothica Sexo/Hardcore BDSM

Violentus Gothica Sexo
A Very Dark and Taboo Erotic Psalm of Hard Bondage
John, “Big John” Gallivan
Warrior Poet/Erotic Psalmist
“Viking Gladiator”

I am the Viking Gladiator, the warrior poet, the erotic palmist,
And I convey this message to you indeed without delay:
We all think about it with extreme pleasure.
We all contemplate on it with utter delight.
Nobody is exempt from dreaming of hard bondage,
Nor excused from the desires of erotic goth sex.

I call her an exquisite bitch without further ado,
And inform her what a lovely tramp she really is:
For she needs a mammoth cock slammed in her throat,
Chained to the wall maybe till her wrists bruise,
Or perhaps hogtied to the table as I cane her fat ass,
Or possibly handcuffed to the bed as I spray her pretty face!

I label her a gorgeous slut without hesitation,
And quickly notify her what a sweet whore she is indeed:
For all she wants is a gigantic dildo pounding her ass,
Blindfolded and spanked till she bleeds,
Nipple clamped and slapped till she screams,
And profusely whipped nonstop till she cries.

Her risqué fantasy will now become truth,
For I shall make her look like a cheap bimbo!
Her nasty little secret will transform into reality,
For I will treat her like a dirty skank!
She will feel like a cute little cum dumpster,
For I will brutally fuck her with might,
**** her with strength,
And hose her tonsils down with manly juice!

I brand her a nympho harlot without delay,
And swiftly tell her what a trashy minx she truly is,
For all she begs for is to be viciously hammered like a hooker.
She moans like a harlot as I flog her unexpectedly.
Pinching her ass harshly,
Burning her thick butt with hot candle wax,
And watching it caramelize with ice cold water,
For she is my concubine that desperately beseeches
Getting a gigantic flesh pole rammed straight up her ass!

The clothespin on her swollen clit,
Compels her to howl in pain,
But I will show her no mercy!
The bobby pin I rhythmically poke her splendid tits with,
Renders her bawling in agony,
Yet I demonstrate no leniency!

The coarse rope is tied around her voluptuous melons,
As I profusely torture her pink nipples with a sharp needle,
Sending tingles down her spine!
Delivering orgasms to her dripping shaved pussy,
And distributing ecstasy to her throbbing rectum,
As the Benoit balls are deep inside her cute sphincter,
And the solid ice dildo is slamming her pulsating vagina.

I enjoy her fear as I drill her in the mouth with my immense staff,
As my gargantuan testicles beat on her delicate chin,
For I will cause her to gag!
I will not stop!
I will pull her pigtails as reigns,
And pummel her girly throat with vigor!
For she’s just a seductive wench that craves a hard stick,
And a charming jezebel that loves to drink cum!

I adore that she’s scared as she’s subdued to the table,
For she’s a naughty little freak that loves stiff cock in her ass!
I plunge my tremendous meat pistol in her doggy style,
Fervently caning her with charisma,
Belting her with zeal, and paddling her plump rear with leather,
Watching her welts symbolize my power on her soul,
For I am the master of erotic goth sex, the Viking Gladiator!

I valiantly pull on her clit with pliers,
As I also penetrate her quivering pussy with omnipotent f***e!
For her excruciating torment excites me!
Her battered marks thrill me,
And her tattooed scratches electrify me,
For she is the beloved hussy that admires getting violated!

My large fists thrusts in her ever so profoundly,
As I certainly do not exercise any compassion at all,
For spreading my fingers apart as I then press harshly on her G-spot
Makes me so horny as I gaze upon her terrified gentle face,
For thrashing her girly innocence is so wonderful indeed,
And ruining her virtuous purity is so blessed divine
As I slap my amiable little bitch silly.

She will thank me that I was courteous enough,
To dick her callously with my beefy bat!
She will praise me that I was considerate enough,
To fuck her ruthlessly with my enormous cock!
She will worship me night and day that I was giving enough,
To **** her with unexpected control
Dominate her with unequalled supremacy,
And rule her with incomparable authority,
For I am the master that grants erotic relief!

I tickle her with my feather duster and suck on her tongue,
While my other hand lightly plays with her clit,
As I’m swapping spit with her most intensely indeed,
For she needs this treatment to live,
She requires this aching cure to heal,
And loves this exotic therapy to survive:
For she esteems getting fucked hard properly to no end.

Her sore nipples are being profusely yanked and tugged,
As I demand for her to passionately masturbate,
And tell me time and time again how grateful she is,
That I was nice enough to abuse her raw with aptitude,
And infiltrate her pretty anal cavity with my gigantic thick penis,
For I am the undoubted emperor of brute suffering and ecstatic orgasm.

She will suck on my big balls while I vehemently jerk
Her soft hair and teabag her placid face,
For I will shroomstamp her precious cheeks,
And remind her what a gorgeous slut she really is,
For what she ardently loves is erotic goth sex,
Getting violently ****d, and receiving a hard dick in her ass,
As she saturates the entire area with that panty nectar I so crave indeed.

For she is tied up and cannot escape my pleasant wrath,
As I throw tomatoes at her without ceasing,
And sermonizing to her what a worthless piece of shit she is,
As I subsequently eject eggs at her,
Watching them break on her face and body,
As I wholeheartedly demoralize her as I happily jack off!

I put on a strap on dildo and make her give me head,
As I then double penetrate her so long and so furious,
For what she aspires for is to be severely stuffed without pity,
As I thump her up and down without clemency,
Watching her squeal as I go deeper and faster:
For it is necessary!
It is mandatory!
It is an absolute must,
For witnessing her shriek makes me wish to explode with white rain!
Oh yes! There it goes!

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