My Mounted Mistress (All About Doggy Style)

My Mounted Mistress
An Omnipotent Erotic Psalm of Doggy Style
John, “Big John” Gallivan
Warrior Poet/Erotic Psalmist
“Viking Gladiator”

I am the Viking Gladiator, the warrior poet, the erotic psalmist,
A fierce barbarian, and over 300 pounds of masculine knight!
I am here today to convey that doggy style is the best position ever!
For to see your curvaceous ass in that pose is marvelous!
To gaze at your amazing hips in that stance is wonderful,
And to witness your bulging peach protrude is blissful.

Have you ever seen the sweet Lantana flower of Texas?
Its epicenter is so rich in color, as it magnetically draws
Your eyes to its core captivating you in awe,
Mesmerizing you in mystery,
And arresting you in splendor.
However cutie doll, there is something we must discuss:
The very best focal point to stare at endlessly in sheer delight,
Is a your feminine shaved vagina while you bend over doggy style.

I methodically pull off your delicate crimson red thong,
As I use my manly f***e to bow you over doggy style,
For I gently, yet firmly, kiss your Mons Veneris and then
Generously lick your precious womanhood as you’re bent over;
For to rhythmically surround my tongue with your Labia Majora is pure ecstasy,
And to saturate my throat in your erupting panty nectar is the ultimate supreme.

Perhaps you’ve read about the Golden Poppy of California.
Its blossoms are incomparable and its silhouettes unequalled,
As anyone will easily see what power it possesses
To obtain anyone’s consideration expeditiously.
Even so my elegant female, there’s a sentence I must declare:
You bent over doggy style will hypnotize me instantaneously.

I douche your fabulous pussy with fresh orange juice,
For enthusiastically drinking your succulent putang with OJ
Through a Crazy Straw is paradise everlasting,
Utopia eternal, and Cloud-Nine forevermore indeed;
For your girly fluids constitute such a tasty beverage to swallow,
While you’re curved over doggy style wanting my huge cock to stuff you.

What do you know of the pink Magnolia of Louisiana?
Its petals are so dainty, as its allures one to
Massage it gently, Stroke it ardently,
And avidly touch it with meticulous care.
Nevertheless beautiful one, there’s an issue I must point out:
Caressing your inner thighs and pulling your exquisite hair while
I propel my tongue in your delicious butt hole is harmonious to no end.

I tantalize your gorgeous sphincter profusely as I drive my hungry tongue
Deeper in your pretty rectum, using your beloved tits and stimulated nipples as
Handles to pull my face in more as you’re leaned over doggy style.
For my rugged coarse goatee abrasively tickles your Labia Minora,
Feverishly pleasures your celestial perineum ,
And abundantly teases your perfect gish….
Yes! That pathway from the, “B” to the, “P”!

Have you ever heard of the Blanket Flower of Oklahoma?
Its blonde highlights are very attractive and pastel shades
Are so charming as it compels one indeed to
Treasure its aroma, consume its fragrance, and cherish its scent.
On the other hand my hot chick, there’s a statement I must say:
Nothing is more luscious, than the perfume of your orgasms,
When I orally pleasure you doggy style with all my expertise.

I fervently kiss every square millimeter of your voluptuous ass doggy style,
As I passionately jiggle one side of your thick butt up and down.
For to zealously rattle your fat rear doggy style is absolutely amazing,
And to energetically shake your plump seat is so incredibly mind-blowing,
As I spank it hard with adoration,
Then rub it soft with emotion,
And pat it ever so good with technique.

Could it be that you’ve studied the Flame Azalea of North Carolina?
Its forms are most unique and its architecture so ornately defined.
For it mandates attention, requires awareness,
And surely demands undivided focus without question.
Nonetheless my sexy girl, there’s a sermon I must preach:
The dazzling scenery of you being bent over doggy style,
Is what really acquires my full concentration.

The ice cube wholeheartedly chills your erotic clit,
For your G-spot is numb and throbbing from my skills,
While the pop rocks and Alka Seltzer intensely fizzle inside your sugar walls,
As I’m rimming your nice looking anus at the same time,
The other hand taps your curvy thighs with the gigantic vibrator.
Yes! As you’re bent over doggy style indeed without doubt!

Did you ever catch wind about the Orange Blossom of Florida?
It envelopes the air with a citrus nirvana,
And it permeates a tropical melody in the atmosphere;
Brining exhilaration to the spirit,
Excitement to the mind,
And anticipation to the soul.
In spite of this my one and only, there’s a speech I must decree:
Nothing thrills me more than you being bent over doggy style;
As your spectacular ass commands my masculinity,
For I sincerely wish to heroically hammer you with vigor night and day.

I fanatically thump my titanic spear on your scrumptious behind,
While I lavishly tug on your long hair,
Informing you of how striking and fine you are;
“Shroomstamping” the risqué tattoo of my colossal sword upon you,
As you’re propped up doggy style, enchanting me with girly moans,
For I am smacking your creamy cheeks with my mammoth dick nonstop.

Have you ever felt the dense Purple Lilac of Nevada?
Its clusters are vast and rounded,
For grabbing one is truly a magnificent experience,
And pinching one is surely a fantastic event.
Although this may be true my one and one, this I must convey:
Grasping a handful of you doggy style is out of this world indeed!

I insistently mount you little girl,
And robustly penetrate your wet cunt doggy style,
For I fiercely pummel you with strength,
Boldly drill you with charisma,
And vivaciously plunge you with different speeds,
Diverse methods, and various rhythms,
For you are the little princess that swells me so.

Maybe you’ve glanced at the Red Hot Poker Flower of New Mexico.
It stands firmly erect with might!
It stays solidly upright with nerve,
And remains sturdily vertical with confidence!
Be this as it may my lovely queen, there’s something I must proclaim:
It’s you bent over doggy style that makes my gigantic staff hard forever,
For it is you and only you that I wish to thunderously pound all day long,
And it is you and only you that I wish to intrepidly fuck all the night!
For you seduce me today.
You’ll entice me tomorrow.
You’ll beguile me next week,
And enthrall me forevermore!
For you are the goddess that has all my loyalty,
And you are the empress that holds all my devotion.

I inject warm water in your rectal area,
And your insides are tingling and vibrating with recreation,
As I fist you doggy style in your pussy concurrently
Ever so accurate!
Ever so detailed!
And ever so precise!
For this gracious torment is mandatory!
This sinuous torture is essential,
And fisting you with depth is required!

It is time for me to ream you straight up the ass!
As I drench my breathtaking flesh bat in lube,
And bathe my excellent tower in your dripping streams,
I am entering your anal cavity with kindness
And infiltrating your butt with benevolence,
For I realize how nice I am to screw your chute with dynamism,
Fucking that passageway with strength,
And delivering that bittersweet yet necessary pain that makes you cum more,
For I am the king, the Viking of doggy style incarnate!

As you chant my prodigious name doggy style without ceasing,
I wrap your fashioned hair around my rugged hands and yank with influence,
To formulate that arch in your spine that is mind-boggling beyond words,
For no poem can articulate its majestic glory,
Nor any psalm can describe its regal grandiose.
For that posture of doggy style is paramount,
And that look when you turn your head in sexual pleasure is vital,
For you are the one that makes me wish to explode in joy,
Burst in glee, and vehemently cum like never before!
For you are the pretty one that provides fulfillment indeed,
And you are the Chosen One that infinitely completes me.

There’s a chance you’ve meditated on the mauve Hyacinth of Indiana.
Its bubblegum pink accents will stir your eyes in adventure,
And its angelic white highlights will cruise you on a voyage of contentment,
As its sensations of touch will take you on a journey of exotic elation.
However oh governess of my heart, there’s a few words I must reveal:
Giving you double penetration doggy style with my enormous rod,
While zealously ramming your amiable asshole simultaneously is so heavenly indeed.

I’m brutally slamming you doggy style as I feel myself greatly expanding
Inside you, as my gargantuan pole begins to tremble and shake
As it voraciously drums on your, “Uh Uh”!
Yes! The, “Uh Uh”!
The very end of your pretty pussy,
For my long penis reaches you all the way there. Yes! There!
Where you cannot resist screaming like a little girl,
Nor oppose yelling like a woman in heat,
For my beefy meat pistol palpitates inside you with entitlement,
And my bulky love stick tremors within you with dominance,
For I, the Viking Gladiator, possess the immeasurable wand of sensuality,
That makes you cum in the morning,
That renders you orgasmic in the afternoon,
Which manufactures your flowing rivers at night,
That soak the cotton sheets and mattress,
For I am the god of doggy style that just shot in you!

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3 years ago
I like it. Very wonderful