Of Flowers and Fate (An Intense Erotic Psalm)

Of Flowers and Fate
An Intense Erotic Psalm
By John, “Big John” Gallivan
Warrior Poet/Erotic Psalmist
“Viking Gladiator”

I am the Viking Gladiator, the warrior poet, the erotic psalmist.
And I am here to declare this indeed:
You are lovelier than all the flowers of the entire world.
For every woman is a blessed and divine being.
Each must be individually revered as a goddess;
Treated as a princess, and admired like a queen.

Have you ever seen the bluebonnets of the great state of Texas?
Its petals shimmering sweetness all night and day,
And its vivid colors radiating true passion.
However, I must indeed state this:
Nothing possesses more charisma than a woman.
For your soul illuminates this gladiator’s heart.

Come my queen, and let us dine on the candlelit table of romantic ambiance.
Consuming exotic seafood, with strawberries and white chocolate;
Drinking imported champagne in expensive crystal glasses.
As music plays, tapping into the core of our hearts,
I am mesmerized by your little black dress and high heels,
And I must indeed continue to compliment you to no end.

Perhaps you’ve handled the lavender of northern Scotland.
Whose notorious and famous oil is exported to every continent,
And is sought out my almost every woman on this planet.
However, here’s something to contemplate on:
The fragrance of a woman reigns supreme forever,
And I hunger to smell you on only two occasions….night and day.

Let us go slow dancing under neon lights and shadows.
The sounds of ballads minister to our union.
Place your hands on the back of my neck, as I
Firmly, yet gently reside my masculine hands on your pretty hips.
Let us groove baby doll and shift symbiotically,
Getting lost in each other’s eyes with tender kisses.

Do you possess any knowledge of the chrysanthemums of the Fiji?
Its essences flowing in the air, making tempting hymns,
While absorbing a man’s attention with sensual romance.
However, we must discuss this issue:
Nothing is more captivating than a woman’s delicate voice,
For your graceful and feminine melodies enchant me.

My beautiful Author of Gentleness, permit me to praise you night and day,
I dim the translucent lights perfectly with romantic accents;
Igniting vanilla incense playing New Age music.
I’m endlessly gazing upon you dressed in Vicotria’s Secret lingerie,
As you stretch out on perfumed sheets and velvet pillows,
Reminding you of how much you mean to me.

Have you ever appreciated the white candy fruit of Normandy?
Its unique and special allure will magnetically draw you in,
As its sugary spices sparkle all year long.
However, this I must point out:
Nothing has more charm and seductive power than a woman’s eyes.
You melt my heart dear exquisite one in a single gaze.

Have you ever grasped the Canadian Jonquel of Manitoba?
Its gentle and soft material soothes your soul;
Brining a sense of serenity and peace to your body.
However, you must keep this in mind:
Nothing is smoother than a woman’s skin.
For your skin my beloved provides me a refuge of femininity.

Oh Ambassador of Gentleness, Queen of all Cuties,
Author of Sweetness, Senator of Kindness,
I so enjoy massaging you with hot cherry oil,
Caressing and relishing every square millimeter of you.
For its delicate armor shield me against rage and anger,
As it revitalizes me while I infinitely stroke you.

Oh Goddess of mine, kiss me so ardently and steadfast.
Tantalize my tongue and suck on my lips,
With my masculine fingers caressing your cheeks;
Kissing your immaculate neck, heating you up inside,
You render sinuous potion in a constant drip.
Kiss me more methodically with exotic technique and art form.

Have you ever surveyed the yellow rose of Texas?
They secrete into the air, and erotic blissful mist,
And its authentic vapors penetrate your skin with sensations.
Nonetheless, this I must proclaim:
Nothing is more majestic than a woman’s hands,
For your hands my one and only engorge me.

Come to me my gorgeous Amethyst Angel, my Goddess of Femininity
My hands are touching and caressing your soft back;
Delivering and sending concentrated tingles all over you.
Please look upon me, and see that I need you.
Gaze into my eyes, and seduce me slowly with your charm,
And stare into my soul that yearns and desires you so.

Perhaps you’ve felt the Celosa Argenta of Crete.
Its silky and gentle texture yielding nirvana;
Coating your hands with stimulating oil.
However, there’s something I’m compelled to say:
Nothing is more astonishing than a woman’s curves,
For exploring your precious curves wields a softness I’d die for.

Come to me my destiny and bless me with your orgasms,
For my stomach churns, beseeching to dominate your hips.
Admiring and adoring such sculpted and chaste bones.
Your lower body gyrates and hardens my manhood,
For I am mesmerized by your risqué geography,
Fervently holding you up against the bed frame with passion.

Have you ever walked through the Amaryllis meadows of France?
Its aroma so appetizing and its exotic flavor so wonderful.
However on the other hand, we must converse about this:
Nothing tastes better than a woman’s lips.
Licking and softly kissing them for hours excites me,
As I tantalize your angelic face with my coarse facial hair.

My dear exquisite princess, I cannot cease to crave you.
For I’m so swollen, continuous throbs enthralling my spirit
As you gently kiss my neck, fingernails scratching my chest.
I fondle and play with your erected pink nipples.
Without failure, I will inform you on how feminine you are,
As I’m squeezing, grasping, and lightly brushing your pretty breasts.

Could it be possible that you’ve felt the Mediterranean Gladiolus?
It’s strands and blossoms so gentle to hold,
And its presence so amazing to look at.
But this I must preach indeed:
Nothing compares to the beauty of your hair,
For your silky hair blankets my hands, chest, and face everlasting>

Oh Governess of my heart, your pink lace panties are so silky.
It’s so delightful to tease you;
Churning my finger upon it counterclockwise,
And metamorphically tapping into those walls of sugar.
Juices saturating my mouth, nectar streaming down your thighs;
I consume every drop in utopian pleasure.

Have you ever caressed the pink Boronia of Australia?
Its materials feel so spectacular when you feel it,
As you rub the blossoms between your fingers.
However, there is something I must tell you:
Nothing worldwide compares to a woman’s pink sanctuary.
For to worship it twenty four hours a day completes me,
As I perform actions on it that no man has ever done before.

My delicious baby doll, how tasty you are.
Sitting upon my face, quivering as I stroke your shapely breasts.
Squirt in my mouth again my darling, for I am thirsty and parched.
Pulling and tugging on your hair as you fill me,
Your streams and rivers only turn to steam off my unquenchable fire,
As you deposit such luscious nectar, moaning sacred chants.

My Goddess of Femininity, face the other direction and let us sixty nine.
Ooooo…I lick and French kiss that other hole. Oh yes. That one!
How zealously I kiss that other part; so new and different to you.
As I simultaneously stimulate your G spot,
My colossal erotic sword pleases your wet mouth,
As you find my staff of flesh so insatiable.

Do you know of the blue Nigella of Asia?
Its royal appearance commands the deepest respect,
And its semi opaque pigment brings you to obedience.
However, you should be aware of this:
Nothing possesses more power than a woman’s will,
For its omnipotence envelopes the man she chooses.

Lay down my beloved and see my Viking frame.
For my chest is mammoth, and my shoulders are broad,
Ornamented in pectoral hair and colorful tattoos.
See the raging fire in me as I enter you slowly.
Yet valiantly, switching speeds of my rhythmic penetrations;
Whispering how pretty you are every single second.

Have you ever watched the fields of the English Red Scarlet?
Its crimson and lava shades will place your eyes to the
Highest echelons as you recognize its iridescent flaming colors.
Nonetheless, I must inform you of this:
Nothing can match a woman’s figure.
For your defined feminine features brings me to my knees.

My Liaison of Romance, place you atop of my huge frame.
Shout that pleasurable pain as you insert me inside you.
Pulsate on my extension and drain me dry, every drop.
Oh God! It’s coming as I spank your fleshy seat;
Vibrating and jiggling in my rigged hands.
I gush so hard and intense inside you.

Have you ever looked upon the Caspians of Greece?
Its original shapes and forms possess nostalgia,
That will call upon your hands to hold one indeed.
However, we simply cannot overlook this:
There’s nothing like cuddling and snuggling next to you,
For your precious head on my chest means everything.

My Best Friend, My Lover, My Companion,
My Beloved Soul Mate, My Gorgeous Baby Doll,
My Amethyst Angel, My One and Only,
I breathe only another day to worship you.
For with all my persona, all my soul, all my heart and mind…..
I love you.
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3 years ago
Wow..very good and so erotic. thank you for sharing.