Monogamous Utopia

Monogamous Utopia
A Powerful Erotic Psalm
Author: John, “Big John” Gallivan
Warrior Poet/Erotic Psalmist
Viking Gladiator

Oh my darling, my sweetness, I have finally found You.
You are the Empress of my entire being.
For I have searched the desolate technical valleys.
I have surveyed the dark digital forests.
I have journeyed through the electronic deserts,
And my Queen has finally been discovered.

Show me the path my dearest to monogamous utopia,
And draw me closer to Your precious soul.
Kiss me and embrace me with passion,
For You are the sweet Empress of my heart,
You are the chosen One by the Heavenlies,
And all my trust I confide only in You.

For whom amongst women are more exquisite than You?
For Your femininity is unequalled from Venus,
Your beauty is more elegant than Aphrodite,
Your skin is more adorned than the archangels,
Your hair is more astonishing than European princesses,
And Your face more pretty than divine goddesses.

For I illuminate the cherry scented candles,
Bathing You in pure lavender and rose petals,
The New Age Celtic music of Irish Enya;
Radiating true romance in our blessed union.
Hand feeding You imported strawberries and white chocolate,
Praising Your sweet name every single second.

For I am deeply massaging Your perfect feet, kissing all your toes;
Reflexology pumping at the very core of Your spine.
Cupping Your delicate face with my warrior poet’s hands,
Generously kissing on Your immaculate neck,
Fervently teasing the epicenter of your womanhood.
And telling You how much I adore only You.

I embrace You with my masculinity,
Kissing You again and again and again,
As I suck on Your soft tongue everlasting,
My hands grasping on Your immaculate hips,
You seduce me with those enchanting eyes,
Telling me I’m Your true champion.

My teeth slowly disrobing your pink lace panties,
Licking your inner thighs insatiably,
Blanketing every square inch in my kisses,
And my facial hair tickling and rubbing your legs;
Informing you constantly of Your delightful persona.
Ecstasy shimmering off each and every caress.

I fondle Your gorgeous sculpted breasts forever,
Witnessing Your pink nipples yearning my manly touch,
My colossal swollen body lying intimately next to You,
Tantalizing You in Your soft French lingerie,
Soft wet walls pulsating on my finger,
And nectar eternal flowing in my mouth.

I explore and travel on every girly curve,
Grabbing, stimulating, and electrifying,
Every female molecule of Your precious flesh.
Dripping and saturating upon my face and manhood,
I endlessly consume and drink Your flavors,
Telling You how pretty and cute You are.

My rugged Face shall be Your throne my Queen,
And my enlarged shaft shall be Your scepter.
My massive body shall be Your chamber,
And Your intense orgasms shall be my nourishment.
My tattooed broad chest shall be Your bridge,
As you climax in my mouth energetically.

For my Queen is from the galaxies of Arthenia,
Her delicate voice commands all stars,
And Her hands define all grace.
For She is the Author of Gentleness,
The Ambassador of Cuties, the Duchess of Beauty,
And the Goddess of Femininity.

For who is more sensual than my Queen?
I thrust myself inside Her royal temple,
Telling Her She’s exotic one thousand times.
Shaking like thunder inside Her sweet palace,
And trembling like quakes inside Her female court,
Her wellspring explodes with spraying erotic streams.

I swell inside that sacred place of ours,
Throbbing infinite with rhythmic motion,
Getting lost in those serene and excited eyes,
Drawing in closer with f***eful yet gentle might,
Telling You that You and only You,
Are the One who captivates my whole soul.

Mounting You from behind, soft and submissive You are.
Propelling feverishly with everything I possess,
Penetrating into the depths of Your risqué honeycomb,
Stirring, merging, with elemental enthusiasm
And driving with omnipotent power and speed,
Bringing our bodies to explosive velocity.

Pulling on your appealing hair with gentle strength,
Grasping your splendid hands so utterly tight,
Riding my huge structure with animated movements,
Fingernails gliding so ardently on my muscular chest,
Screaming and breathing tantric moans of zeal,
We both release our sinuous inner potions.

I hold You, protect You, comfort You,
For You are my one and only goddess.
Let me compliment and admire You more.
Firmly yet lightly touching your geography,
Relishing you in extreme ambiance,
And confirming to You that I’m here, I’m yours, forever and ever.
100% (1/0)
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