Barbaric Sex

Barbaric Sex
A Super Duet Intense Taboo Erotic Psalm
John, “Big John” Gallivan
Warrior Poet/Erotic Psalmist
"Viking Gladiator"
C. Elaine Harris
Spiritual Poetess/Romantic Psalmist
"Spiritual Poetess"

I am the Viking Gladiator, the warrior poet, the erotic psalmist,
And I am here indeed to give you this taboo psalm.
Every woman in the entire world has this fantasy:
Of being ravished and taken by a warrior of passion,
Who will not take, “No” for answer whatsoever.
To be pinned up against the wall, hair being pulled,
And f***efully penetrated until she is breath taken;
Spraying and squirting orgasms everlasting.

I am the Spiritual Poetess, The Queen of Seduction, The Chosen One.
Ladies. We see it on cable. We witness it on the Internet.
We want it! We need it! We just got to have it!
We know that it will be us one day,
Catching us off guard, unexpected, and so authentically real;
Being taken by a Viking or a mammoth gladiator,
With a gigantic cock, and such savage passion.

I shall take my little poetess and ferociously hammer her like no tomorrow!
Yes! She is so pretty! Her hips are so curvy! Her face is gentle!
Yes! She is such a gorgeous angel! I bet she wants it!
It matters not if she doesn’t, because she’s getting pinned down!
I am so engorged every time I think her of exquisite face!
Yes! I shall infinitely propel her hard, until she can’t even speak.
I am so swollen and erect! I am going to take her right now!
She has no choice! She’s getting pounded. Right now!

I cannot resist, but I will fantasize about her now!
God, just thinking about her compels me to beat off!
She knows it not, but I’m on my way this very second!
Her hot little body captivates me eternally,
And her gorgeous lumps mesmerize me infinitely.
I will pummel and drill her everlasting
From behind in that other area I so love.
Yes! There! That one!

Without any holds barred, I’m a female and here it is ladies:
You all know exactly what I’m talking about.
I love to get dicked! I love to get stuck!
I don’t want to get caressed! I don’t want soft kisses!
I want it hard and fast! I want to get pounded!
It cannot be denied ladies. The desire is there.
We must have it!

I will pull her long hair so intensely!
I will squeeze her milky breasts ardently.
I will pinch her pink nipples feverishly.
I will spank her fat butt fervently!
I will kiss her soft anus zealously!
I will lick her feminine vagina rhythmically!
I will drive myself into her deeply.
Ooooh….Yeah…I love my little girl.

I kick that door down with all my strength.
Yeah chick! Get it! You’re going to get slammed!
She looked so innocent, but she’s in heat.
Pinning her up against the wall with f***e,
I easily lifted her up voraciously, biting on her delicate neck,
And informing her how incredibly stiff I am.

My heart is racing! I am getting so wet, and I
Am dripping already, saturating my pink lace panties.
What will he do next. I cannot resist him.
I’m not so sure if I want to. Oh God take me!
Will he see how bad I want it? Perhaps he will keep going.
I pray that he won’t stop. Oh God, I want to get rammed….hard!

I started tearing her clothes off without hesitation.
As she started to loudly squeal, “Shut up!” I yelled.
“You hot little babe, I bet you’re so wet down there!”
I threw her on the bed, and she tried to escape;
But I arrested her with true masculinity and fortitude,
Finally ripping her panties off with my teeth.

“Look at me this instant, and tell me I’m hot!
“Yeah, you better say how colossal my sword is!”
Grabbing her by her hair with both manly hands,
I thrusted myself into her sweet girly mouth,
Driving it down her throat emphatically,
Notifying her that she should be grateful that
I was courteous enough to stick her hot throat.

I’m fighting it off. I want to gag. But I love that dick!
The hot shaft he wields fills my mouth, and I fantasize
About him hosing my tonsils down with that manly juice
I so crave. Ladies! I am also a female. I love to
Suck cock, and get pounded. I know you do too…indeed!
Oh, my Viking Gladiator!
He’s such a b**st! He’s such an a****l! Wow!

I tied her up to that bedpost. She’s going nowhere!
Sucking on her click so methodically indeed,
With two fingers pressing on that precious G spot.
I put that other finger there. Yes! There! That one!
As she squirted and sprayed that nectar I so cherish,
I started nibbling on that bridge from the, “B” to the, “P”!

Placing a clothespin on her girly clit with immense pleasure,
While I shoved three ice cubes deep inside her,
She trembled and quivered with immeasurable convulsions,
As I slapped her fat butt again and again,
Telling her how thankful she should be
That I was considerate enough to tongue her butthole.

He takes me to new dimensions! He brings me to new heights.
Oh God, my Viking Gladiator does things to me that
No guy has ever done before. What man could do what he does?!
My trembling gushing pussy is being introduced to genuine utopia.
What will we do with that huge throbbing penis? How hard will he pound me?
How deep will he go?? Is he going to take me there? Yes ladies….there??

There is no question! There is no reservation! I’m stuffing my little girl!
I watch her pretty face so shocked in awe with how rough I’m
Thumping that inflamed wet pussy. Yeah, she’s going to walk
Bow legged for a week. I amaze myself as to how severe
And brutal I viciously stab her with my throbbing penis!
Yeah chick! Yeah my poetess! You’re going to get fucked!

Oh yeah bitch! Oh yeah my hot little poetess baby doll!
I am going to cum! I am going to cum! I take my flesh sword
Out and cum all over her soft body. Ooooo! I even hit her face!
She’s watching me jack off and play with my balls,
Making absolutely sure that I’m completely drained!
OK ladies. Who is ready for a smoke?
Well…..I sure am. How about you Poetess?
“Babe. I would love one, but I can’t move. You
screwed me motionless. Light it for me VG??”

73% (2/1)
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