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The Encounter Part 02
true story by VL

So there I was in bed with the wrong girl. I had come to visit Kim, an on line cyber-sex friend, and ended up fucking her little s****r Megan by mistake. Although they were a few years apart, they looked quite similar. I know that’s a lame excuse, but really I had been expecting to find Kim ready and willing to get down and dirty. So I didn’t stop to think twice when the girl I did find, who was wet and ready, didn’t quite match what I was expecting. In all honesty I had totally forgotten that Kim had a younger s****r, although she had complained several times about the little brat.

Kim glared at us, in her bed. I was not sure what to say, so I looked at the girl next to me and put on my surprised face. A second later Kim was storming across the room, yelling at her s****r; “You little bitch, get out of here!” She grabbed the covers and tossed them aside, intent on dragging her s****r out of the bed. But she stopped cold when she realized fully what had been going on. Meg and I were naked, our bodies damp with sweat, her young pussy dripping with my cum.

“Oh my god, you did it? You fucked him? You dirty slut!” Kim ranted her eyes wide as she looked at her s****r’s sloppy lightly furred cunt. Megan smiled and stuck out her tongue at her big s****r. “naa naa. I had him first.” She said proudly. Kim growled and pulled her lil s*s from the bed, onto the floor.

I watched the cat fight for a few moments, Megan seemed the better fighter, although she was on the bottom, she had good control of Kim’s hands so she was not getting clawed. For her part, Kim was calling her s*s every nasty name in the book. Finally I spoke up; “Kim is right; Meg you can’t just go around tricking people and stealing your s****r’s boyfriend. You are a naughty little slut and now you should be punished.” Both girls looked at me. Kim’s eyes gleamed with a sort of satisfaction, Meg looked worried.

A few minutes later I had the young girl over my knee, her cute little ass in the air, my legs wrapped around her legs, my hands holding her arms, as her older s****r tied her us. “Ok now Kim give this brat the spanking of her life.” I said with a smile.

Megan tried to stay quiet; she even bit her lip as she whimpered. Her s****r slapping her ass hard, over and over until it was right red. Kim kept demanding that her s*s say “Sorry” but the young girl was stubborn and refused. Eventually I had to call a stop to the spanking. I could see that Kim was getting tired and I did not want her to feel that her s****r had won.

“Let’s sit her in that chair and make her watch.” I suggested. Kim smiled “I bet she had no idea what she was doing, she always talks big but she never had any sex before.” I dropped Megan into a chair and started tying her to it. “Im sure you will prove to be more skillful, your lil s*s isn’t a very good cock sucker.” Kim giggled “I know how to do that and I love to swallow.”

“You’re the real slut.” Meg said “His cock is gonna teats like my pussy and I bet you will still suck him off.” Kim glared at her s*s, but I interrupted before any more words could be exchanged. “Kim, be a good girl and take off your panties, Im going to shut your s****r up by stuffing them down her throat.” The teenager liked this idea and she eagerly stripped off her jeans and panties, her pussy was shaved smooth, as I expected it to be. She had sent me some very fine photos of herself as we played games on line. They here hot, yet reality is somehow always better. But before I turned my attention to her sexy bald beaver, I had work to do.

Kim handed me her panties, and I was happy to feel how damp they were, maybe she enjoyed abusing her annoying little s****r. Getting the panties stuffed into her s****r’s mouth was not an easy job, but eventually she gave in when I suggested Kim pinch her nipples and make her scream. The teen gave a terrific tweaking.

With Meg out of the way, Kim and I got down to some serious sex. Although I said nothing about it, I made sure to give the young girl a good view of everything I did with her big s****r. When I licked her smooth cunt I felt wonderfully perverse, like Meg was the older girl, with her pussy fur just starting to grow in and Kim was the younger s****r, her pussy still hairless. A naughty fantasy that had me very hard and in need of stuffing my cock into Kim’s mouth.

Kim was a bit hesitant after the first lick, because my cock did indeed still have the flavor of her s****r’s cunt all over it. But I insisted she be a good girl and suck me. “After all Meg is enjoying your pussy juice all over those panties in her mouth.” I told her. Slowly Kim started sucking my throbbing hard cock. She proved to be very good at it once she got going. Soon I was holding her head tight and exploding in her mouth.

But that did not satisfy me at all. My brain was telling me that I should use Kim nice and long and hard, making sure her s****r got a good view of me stuffing my cock into every one of her s****r’s tight holes. So almost as soon as I was done coming in her mouth, I pushed Kim onto the bed and spread her legs, into her pussy I went.

We fucked in that position for a bit then she rolled on top of me and we did it a bit more, before I told her to change directions. I got into a sort of sitting position on the bed and she climbed back onto my pole, only this time we were both facing Meg, so the young girl could have the perfect view of my cock going in and out of her s****r’s bald cunt. We did it this way for a bit, and I made Kim cum for her second time when I started tweaking her nipples.

When she calmed down I told her to get on all fours because I wanted to fuck her doggy style. She willingly got into position. But I dint go where she expected. Instead of stuffing my cock back into her dripping wet cunt, I pushed it into her tight wet ass hole.
“oh noo you cant do that!” Kim screamed “No one has ever done that to me!”

”First time for everything” I said as I fucked her bum. I could hear Meg laughing, as Kim sobbed and gasped. But she ever actually told me to stop, and soon it was too late, I was cumming.

I collapsed on top of Kim and she shivered with her own orgasm. I knew she may not like what I just did to her but she damn well enjoyed it. My thoughts were confirmed when she caught her breath and said “You bastard, you totally used me like I was your fuck slut, Mmmm I loved it.”

I smiled and said “no no, you’re my good little girl. Your s****r will be our fuck slut.”
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3 years ago
young sisters are often the most fun, because they live to torment their older sibling
3 years ago
this is still so excellent
4 years ago
Another great addition to this extremely hot story line. Can't wait to read more!!
4 years ago
this is so wonderful & horny sexy
4 years ago
Very nice follow-up, and I can't wait for the next chapter..
4 years ago
Amazing. Job well done, darling. :) Can't wait for more
4 years ago
hot want to hear how ou both used the sister as a fuck slut