Turning to Darkness P-21


( by popular demand, one last chapter in this story )

Rachel spent three more nights at the hillside hotel undergoing the transformation ritual. Glorious sex with the shadow prince, that pushed her to her limits and more tender passions with the small princess. Unlike some common fiction, a person does not simply become a vampire if bitten once. If that was the case the world would soon be converted and the human race would cease to exist. The vampires would then starve to death. The shadow prince explained to the new member of his f****y.

“Its part science and part magic; there have been experts looking into how ‘the gift’ works for hundreds of years, and still they can’t explain it. Three nights of ritual sex with an exchange of bl**d are required. But also there must be a serious intent to create a new immortal. It seems to go beyond biology. As for the bl**d of a****ls, it is like a quick snack. It can help us in the short term but if we were to feed only on it, eventually we would grow so weak that we would have to hibernate or die.” There was a lot for Rachel to learn about her new life. Some of it would be explained by her new lord, other parts would be lectured to her by experienced staff members or by the princess.

He stroked her red hair as he talked in the afterglow of their encounter that final night. “Tomorrow you will start to change, it will seem like an illness has come upon you. If you went to a doctor you would be told that you have the flue or some such thing. Over three weeks your new abilities will start to appear; strength, speed, sharpened senses, and rapid healing. At the same time you will grow increasingly allergic to sunlight, you will start to hunger for emotional extremes and then for bl**d.” His century’s old dark eyes looked down into her bright youthful face.

“You may feel like you are turning into a monster or you may find it all very liberating.” He was confident she would embrace the darkness. “In religious terms the priests would say you are battling for your soul. If you fight to resist the gift, you will die of the illness but you will keep your humanity. If you embrace the immortality offered, then you will slowly drift away from the normal world.” His strong fingers stroked her young teenage breasts as he spoke. His desire for her was complicated. Part of it had been the immediate satisfaction of having her willingly but not foolishly become his lover. The other part was the long term expectation of what a she would become as she progressed into the world of darkness.

“There is no sudden lose of your soul or self. But it is quite true that you will no longer be human and as time goes by, you will no longer think as humans do.” He allowed himself an ironic smile, reflecting on some of the vampires he had sired, they never did see the world the way normal people do.

Rachel gave a nod of understanding. Some of this had been explained to her by the little princess Violet, who was alternating between excitement and worry over the transformation. She had confessed that she desperately wanted Rachel to become her best friend forever, but she feared that as a new vampire Rachel would do something needlessly dangerous and get killed.

Mostly Violet taught her about how to manipulate people. It was the most important skill, the c***d sized vampire assured Rachel. “In time you will be able to read people’s emotions, if you practice real hard it’s almost like reading their minds. But anyone can use a few tricks to make people do things. It’s real easy; you just have to get an idea of what they want to do, then make them think its ok for them to do it. But making a person do something totally against their desire is actually very hard.”

Looking so small and sweet, the little vampire Violet had made manipulation her area of expertise. Rachel understood the importance of this skill but she did not intend to rely on it as the princess did. Manipulation seemed a poor shield against the hunters who had tried to kill Violet just a few days ago.

Rachel didn’t know exactly what she was going to do, but she did intend to learn how to fight. So she sought out the angle of death. Rumi was the vampire in charge of special operations. The lord’s ‘chief guard dog’ was her whispered title. Although she was only 50some years old she was said to be a fantastic fighter, even among the ranks of the immortals.

The only form of manipulation Rumi seemed to know was intimidation. Everything about her was ominous; a woman of average height with a solid athletic build, her age was hard to tell, in her mid 20s one would guess. She was dressed in leather with a dozen weapons under her long coat. Her face was a mix of African and Asian, attractive but not quite beautiful, her hair was short and unkempt, her eyes pure black. From the way she stood and constantly scanned the room, one could tell she was a killer always on the alert.

“Teach me to be a fighter?” Rachel asked directly.
“Why?” the angel of death asked.
“Because I want to be able to defend myself.” The red head answered.
“Anyone can teach you that.” Rumi stated flatly
“I want to be good at it. I want to be sweet and deadly.” She said with a smile.

This actually made Rumi stop and think. She did not want the trouble of taking on a student. But it would be very useful for the house to have another well trained vampire warrior. She knew there could be tactical advantages to being sweet and deadly. “I accept. You will be my student. You will work very hard.”

Rachel made a small bow because it seemed like the formal thing to do.

One more important item remained on Rachel’s mental list of things to do before she left the hotel. She had to visit Mercy, the goth girl who was princess Violet’s right hand human servant. A friendly older teen, she had helped Rachel out when she ran away from home. She played at being dark and spooky but she had never really embraced the blackness, her name fit her character perfectly. But Rachel had repaid her kindness with a knife.

The memory burned in Rachel’s mind. Her naked body on top of Mercy’s soft nude form. The knife gripped in her hand as she demanded to know what was going on. The anger and lust mixed together as she rubbed her pussy against Mercy’s shaved smooth mound. Then the stabbing, small quick thrusts into the girl’s breasts, her chest her shoulders. Rachel hadn’t wanted to kill but she had desperately wanted to hurt somebody. It just so happened that Mercy had been her victim. It all seemed so senseless now.

Rachel didn’t know what she would say, as she walked to the door, but she was determined to put some sort of closure to the event. Having killed those men at the house dint really bother her. They were nobodies. But having hurt Mercy, for no good reason, picked at the young teen’s conscience.

After the stabbing, Mercy had been taken to a doctor who was in the know. He had patched her up without notifying the police. Minor domestic v******e, no life threatening injuries, client paid cash; he wrote down in his log. So Mercy was out of the house when the Hunters arrived looking for the little vampire girl. She missed the entire bl**dy event, not knowing that anything had happened until a car arrived to take her, by a round about route, to the hillside hotel.

Mercy was just closing her computer when there was a knock at the door. She had spent the last two days working to find a new safe house for her mistress.

“Come in.” she called. When the door opened she was surprised to see who was standing there. Rachel, her shoulder length red hair clean and combed, dressed in a white shirt and black jeans. She looked like a different person than the scruffy girl who had turned up at the house. She had been so clearly miserable, now she looked calm and confident.

“I wanted to see you, to know how you are.” Rachel said after a long silence. She stood in the door way, not quite ready to come in. The older teen didn’t look any different than she had. Dressed all in black with gothic makeup and style, her smile was friendly.

“Im fine, the princess helped to heal me.” Mercy answered the obvious question.
“That’s good.” Rachel said, and then she stepped in and closed the door. “Do you hate me for what I did?” she asked, not quite being able to look the older girl in the eye.

“No, not because of that.” Mercy answered cryptically.
This surprised Rachel. “What, why?” she stammered. She had been ready to deal with whatever feelings the incident had caused. Ready to apologies, to explain herself, to accept some sort of punishment or do something to make Mercy forgive her. But this sharp turn had her confused.

“You are…” Mercy could not bring herself to say it. Tears forming in her eyes. She had thought about it several times and promised she would not bring it up; she would go about her business as a good servant to her mistress. Yet her she was jumping right to the heart of her own pain.

The young teen stood quietly watching the battle going on within the older Goth girl. Then taking a step closer she said “Please tell me.”

“You are the rising star. You are being gifted. You are mommy’s new favorite.” Mercy nearly choked on the last sentence. It was clearly what troubled her most. She thought of the little vampire Violet as her mother. It was a ridiculous emotion Mercy told herself, but there it was. She had accepted that she was unworthy to be turned into an immortal. She dint really want that, being human was important to her.

“I’m sorry.” Rachel said simply, taking one more step closer. She put her arms around the sobbing older teen. “But you really don’t need to worry. I’m not going to come between you two. Violet will never by a mommy figure for me.” She put on her best playful smile and broke the hug. Poking Mercy’s tits, she said “You people around her are all a bunch of perverts with all this f****y stuff.”

The Goth girl smiled slightly; yes there were a lot of perverts around this place. Rachel continued her train of thought out loud “Lets see, if Violet is your mother and Im becoming her younger s****r, that would make you my niece.” The red head started to fondle Mercy’s plump breasts. “So it would only be a little bit pervy of me, if I told you to strop naked and let me eat you out.”

This made Mercy smile with building lust. The last time they had sex together the orgasm had been spectacular, although she didn’t want a knife to be involved again. She was sure the wild temper of young Rachel could lead to a fantastic fuck.

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2 years ago
good story
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this is an awesome story line
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yes, please tell us where it will be posted, put a link on your page? and good start for the second chapter of Rachel's life
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ok so where will it be posted
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the story is far from over, as you may guess, but Im annoyed at the word filtration (censorship) here, so no more of this story will be posted in the hamster cage.
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good story (sad that it is over)