The Encounter with an on-line friend

The Encounter Part 01
true story by VL

I started talking with Kim about 5 months ago. Every so often I go in search of new people to chat with, usually I make a few dozen contacts but only one or two turn out to be really interesting. Kim proved to be one of those. We had great cyber-sex and talked about lots of crazy ideas for role play situations. We also talked about normal stuff too. Eventually we exchanged phone numbers and photos. Then fate stepped in and I got an assignment that would take me to her town for a few days.

We arranged a meeting, after a very passionate conversation, we agreed to be direct and jump into things. Iv met other on-line friends in the past, usually in a safe public place so we could chat before going off to get naked. Some times this normal talk totally kills the mood and we just do not click. For her own reasons, Kim agreed that it would be more fun to live out a fantasy that we had talked about, with out the smalltalk.

So that is how I found myself at her door. She had just recently moved out of her parents house, into a loft-apartment over the garage. As agreed I found a note on the door that said "Im in the shower". I opened the door, went in, then closed and locked it. She came out of the bathroom, naked. A little shorter than I expected but perfectly cute.

I gave her a big hug, picked her up and sat her on the bed. She spread her legs and rubbed her smooth pussy. I knelt down in front of her and started licking. It was a lovely long slurping pussy licking that had her cumming in no time. She gasped and screamed and held onto my head.

Then it was her turn. I stood up and let my pants fall to the floor, as she knelt down and took my cock in her hands. She played with me for a few seconds, her hands seemed so small, then she took me into her mouth. She was enthusiastic but not a very good cock sucker.

Soon I got her to stand up and jump into my arms, her legs wrapping around me. Her naked body was light enough that I had no problem getting her into place so she could slide down onto my hard shaft. She was an incredibly tight fit, even though her pussy was dripping wet. I bounced her like this for a few minutes as I walked around the room. But I could only get a few inches into her tight little cunt.

She enjoyed the ride, kissing my neck and murmuring;"fuck me, take me, Im yours". Eventually I just had to drive myself deeper into her, so I dropped her onto the bed, and followed her down. The impact of our bodies drove my cock right up her tiny cunt, pop I was all the way in. She whimpered and clawed at my back, biting her lip, as I started to move in and out.

I began to suspect that maybe she was not half as experienced as she seemed to be in our chats. Maybe I had just popped her cherry. We could talk about that after it was all done. For the moment I had only one thought; must fuck this sexy young girl long and good.

Eventually she was gasping again in a happy way "keep going, Im gonna cum" she moaned. I had been holding back trying to last as long as I could, but as her orgasm hit, I started fucking her small body as hard as I could. My own cum exploding soon after her little cunt started squeezing my cock.

It was as we lay there in bed gasping in the after glow, that the door opened. The girl that walked in, looked exactly like Kim, only a bit older and taller. In fact she looked more like the photo of Kim than the girl in bed with me. She she saw us, she stopped and screamed "Your little brat, how could you?" That was when I remember Kim saying she had a little s****r.

To be continued.
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2 years ago
Excellent. gotta love sibling rivallry.
3 years ago
Wonderful story. would love to hear the next part..Fantastic start to a great story that can lead anywhere..
4 years ago
very very good
4 years ago
Great ending! Of course the beginning and middle were pretty hot as well!! Can't wait to read more!
4 years ago
I love it! You write beautifully.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Thanks friends, Im happy you liked reading it.
If I can get myself untied,
I will soon write the next part
4 years ago
Holy Christ on roller skates!
4 years ago
Holy shit! thats a good story.
4 years ago
nice turnn of events. real hot if it actually happened
4 years ago
lol that was pretty funny... looking forward to the next part
4 years ago
What a great intro to a potentially exciting story! I'm thinking Kim's little sister will need to be "punished" for her misdeeds! Can't wait to read more.