Turning to Darkness P20

Bad News and Old Memories

The c***d sized vampire princess Violet looked at the prisoner one last time, “I think we have all we need to know out of him. You can finish him, I will go tell father the bad news.” Although torture was not her favorite sport, she had enjoyed this interrogation because this man was one of those who had tried to kill her yesterday.

The angel of death had stood watching the torture, handing the small vampire the tools she requested from the side table. It had been the first time that Rumi had seen her elder s****r so violent and wicket. Although she was physically more powerful and more mature than Violet, Rumi was the junior daughter of the shadow prince. She had enjoyed the cold hate more than the desperate fear and pain of the captive. Although she would not admit it, watching Violet exact slow revenge had made her wet. Normally it was only the thrill of battle that made her feel this way.

“It shall be done.” Rumi said without any trace of emotion. She wanted to satisfy her itch, but showing that she was distracted from her work would be a sign of weakness. Although she was a creature of darkness, honor and duty still drove her. The wild passions that most vampires indulged in were self destructive and she would not give in to them. She wanted to slip the hilt of her large dagger into her cunt, then sit down on the pathetic man; driving the blade into his chest. She would bounce herself to an orgasm and him to death. That would be satisfying, but a waist of time. Better to kill him and get on with more important matters.

Violet walked to the door, then stopped. Her dress was a mess, she realized suddenly. She could not be seen like that. So she stripped the bl**dy fabric from her small body and tossed it aside. Better to walk around in her panties only. She gave a c***dish “TeeHee” then she was out the door and running. She enjoyed running naked around the big hotel. The reactions of both staff and guests amused her. Occasionally the overwhelming lust she detected from a guest would be taken as an invitation for her to visit their room later. She had become something of a myth at the hotel; the lil naked girl ghost. But now was no time for such games. She had important news that must be delivered to her father the shadow prince immediately.

When Violet arrived at her father’s privet chamber, deep below the hotel, he was sitting in the big leather arm chair beside the fire place. The door to his bedroom was closed, yet the small vampire could easily detect the smell of sex drifting in the air. Father had been fucking some one recently. It took Violet only a moment to figure out who. On one hand it did not come as a surprise. On the other hand a spark of anxiety ran deep through her.

In the small moment of silence before she spoke the important news she had come to deliver a flood of memories and thoughts swirled in the little princess’ mind. During her life as a vampire Violet had gifted only two people. Each time it had ended badly.

The first was against father’s better judgment but he had allowed it. To satisfy Violets desire for a baby, he let her transform a 4yr old girl. Usually the process fails when done on some one so young and they simply die. But in this case it worked and for a few years Violet enjoyed her c***d. But the creature was unstable, her mind never able to tell what was real and what was fantasy. Eventually she was sent away to stay with some elder who could better deal with her, or kill her.

The second was a boy of 13, who seemed a reasonable choice as a companion for Violet. She wanted a boy friend who was more than just a ‘happy meal with legs’ so after some searching she found a boy who was acceptable to the shadow prince. He turned out like many new vampires, a bright star in the night, d***k on his own power. Violet didn’t mind that so much, he would die or grow more cautious. What caused problems was his jealousy. He could not stand to see Violet having sex with any male or female. He wanted her body all to himself.

Eventually he was invited to the hotel, to this very room for a special talk with the shadow prince. When the boy arrived he found the vampire lord happily fucking his little girl. Violet was on her hands and knees, on the table, being fucked from behind like a wet horny bitch. She yelped and gasped as her father’s huge cock slammed into her tiny hairless cunt. She trembled as each mighty thrust stretched her almost to the point of tearing apart. The boy flew into a rage, and his head was cut off a few seconds later.

The next time Violet considered gifting a human, had been with Mercy, her new adopted c***d. Of course this time she was more carful about it. She had brought the c***d to her father at age six and asked for his opinion. The shadow prince had talked to the girl, and then ordered her to sit and watch as he made love to Violet. When the sex was over he asked young Mercy “Are you willing to do anything to make your mommy happy?” She gave a nod – yes.

So he ordered her to lick his cock clean. The c***d had no real idea what to do, but she did her best. Slurping and licking the cum that was mixed with her mother’s flavorful juice. Next he ordered Mercy to lick her mommy’s cunt. This of course was something she knew how to do, so she happily went at it. The vampire lord watched and considered the situation. “Bring her back in 3 years.” He said.

Violet did as she was told. Three years later they repeated it all. He talked with Mercy, then had the girl watch as he and Violet had sex. He ordered her to suck his cock then eat her mother’s dripping little cunt. Mercy did as she was told, with much more skill this time. But this night things progressed differently from this point. The shadow prince took hold of the chubby 9yr old’s legs and spread her wide as she was licking Violet’s bald recently fucked pussy.

“Do you want to be fucked?” he asked the young girl. “Do you want to have my cock inside you the way it was inside your mother?” He asked after a long uncertain silence. Mercy looked to Violet, the message in her eyes clear ‘what should I say?’

Violet looked to her father, her lover, her prince; she knew he was searching for something but was not sure what the right answer would be. So she advised her baby girl, “Just be honest.”

Mercy sniffed back a tear then answered “I just want to make mommy happy”

“Well then lets hope Violet enjoys watching you get fucked.” The vampire lord said, then he very slowly drove his cock into Mercy’s tight little cunt. He fucked the chubby young girl softly almost tenderly as she cried. It was clear that she didn’t enjoy being used like this, but she did not protest, she endured the invasion of her vagina by this monster cock because her mommy seemed to enjoy watching it.

When Mercy finally ran out of tears, the shadow prince stopped fucking her and said “You’re a brave girl, but I think you would make a poor vampire.” He then pulled her chubby young body up and hugged her tight, his hips moving again, faster and harder. He gave Mercy a real fucking until she was screaming for her mommy to make it stop.

Of course the abuse stopped, when both vampires sank their fangs into the helpless girl. They drank from her as his cum pulsed into her poor little cunt. Violet had hesitated only for a moment before joining her father in drinking the hot rich life of young Mercy. In their lust and hunger they had nearly killed her. But by night’s end Mercy had survived.

Violet had been sad and angry that her desire to gift another mortal had failed. But she could not argue with the explanation her father had given. “Mercy would make a fine servant, but she lacked the spirit that would make her a fine vampire.” Deep down Violet knew it was true, and she knew it was her fault. She had been overly protective to Mercy.

All that flashed in the little vampire’s mind as she smelled the sexy flavor of Rachel’s pussy juice on her father. It was her hope that the wild red haired teenager might be transformed and become her best friend. It was her desire that Rachel be accepted into the f****y. But none of that mattered right now.

“Father we have information from the prisoner. It seems likely that the leader of the raid on my house, the only real professional there, was an agent of the Hellsing Organization.” She said very seriously as she stood in front of the shadow prince, dressed only in her white panties.

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3 years ago
please do not tell me that you stop writing this story if so it would be like a crime
3 years ago
it been a long time since a new pat is updated please do not say you stop making this seires
3 years ago
the arch rivals of all vampires
3 years ago
show of hands - anyone know what Im hinting at with 'the Hellsing Organization'?
3 years ago
i knew violet would have learned about what happened
3 years ago
very nice, cant wait for more :)
3 years ago
Brilliant Victor |:) Please write some more soon
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