Life with Aunt & Uncle p 5-7

Part 5

Josh had no idea what he should do. He had lots of ideas about what he wanted to do. Sure it was perverted that he would do those things with his s****r, but he didn't even consider the moral issues, she was a naked girl. She was letting him touch her body. Would she let him touch her all over? Josh thought it was kind of dumb to ask that sort of question. He should just do it or not do it.

Of course the excitement in his tummy and the stiff cock between his legs would not allow him to do nothing. So after a few long moments, he moved his hand to grab Mel's ass. She was warm and soft and just a little to big for his hand. Josh half expected her to scream or call him a dirty little bugger.

Melanie had been waiting to see if her little b*****r would do or say anything before she made a move. With out really thinking about it, she had decided that she wanted her b*****r to be the first person she she had sex with. He was just her dumb k** b*****r, but he was kind of cute. More importantly she was confident that she could take his cock inside her. Fucking her b*****r would be easy, she thought. However uncle Richard was a big solid man, so she was more than a bit frightened about taking his adult cock up her inexperienced vagina.

When Josh finally moved his hand, Mel let out a small gasp of relief. Almost instantly she moved her own hand down to grab her b*****r's tight little ass cheek. This surprised the boy enormously and he went very still. "Relax Josh, its find, we just playing a game. Do whatever you like and I will tell you if it feels good, then I will do something to you." That sounds like a great way to explain it. she thought after the words were spoken

The 10 year old boy gave a nod "ok sure, as long as you don't mind. Can I touch you anyplace, like even you know, your boobs and down there?" it seemed like his cock was getting even stiffer if that was possible.

The 12 year old girl smiled and pulled her b*****r tight, his cock felt so hot and hard pressing into her leg. "Yea its ok, you can do everything with me tonight, you can even put it inside my pussy."

Part 6

"Wow really? Cool." Josh really didn't know where to start, he wasn't really clear on what was going to happen tomorrow and had only just started to notice changes in himself and his school friends. Only recently he had decided girls were interesting and here was his big s****r giving him her permission to play with her.

Melanie's mouth came down and pressed against his, her lips soft but strong as she tasted her b*****r in her first ever sexual kiss. His head tilted up and he found his entire body straining towards her. He wanted to touch her everywhere at once and didn't know where to start. Their hands slid over each others bottoms and back as they deep kissed each other, trying to do it like they saw in the movies. Josh was half atop her when they broke their kiss and stared at each other in the mostly dark room. Flashing her a grin he lowered his head to her neck and began to drop little kisses on her skin as he worked his way down her collarbone and towards the swelling of her budding teenage breasts. Melanie murmurred happy encouragement as his lips found the soft flesh of her breast then his tongue sent shivers through her when it grazed across her puffy nipple.

"Suck it Josh, please oh please." Josh happily complied, sucking the swollen flesh into his mouth and experimenting with flicking his tongue over it.
Melanie in turn moaned happily and let both of her hands grab her little b*****rs tight little buns and squeeze him in time with his tongue movements. He was now nestling between her legs and she suddenly realised that this was totally going to happen. She was going to lose her virginity and it was with her dorky little b*****r. But better than than Uncle Richard she thought again, at least she knew Josh loved her. She could feel his little hips humping subconciously and his stubby cock rubbing on her belly.

Worming a hand down between them as he switched to her other aching breast she encircled his babyboy cock. It felt hot and soft and hard all at the same time and she curiously sqeezed it gently. Josh moaned happily into her tit as she began to explore him with her fingers. Pushing him down a little she got him at the right height for entry and then he was poking his penis all around her groin.

"Sssh baby, let me help. Just relax." As he slowed she was able to finally located the groove between her thighs with the head of his ten year old cock and nestled him into her folds. Keeping her hand on him she guided his thrusting until they finally got the angle right and both froze with a "aaahhhh" as the head slipped into her wetness.

"Are we?"
"Yes Josh, we're fucking."

Now he abandoned her breasts and pushed down into her while her hands went back to his bottom. Guiding him forward she felt a sharp stabbing pain as his little four inch cock shoved past her virginity and into her. Hissing in suprise she had no time to recover as her b*****r start to thrust wildly into the warm wet pussy that was encircling his cock. It would have been no suprise to an adult watching that a dozen strokes later little Josh was grunting and pulling faces atop his s****r as his i****tous semen spurted into her p*****n womb. It was the first time but would be the first of many.

Going limp atop he he sagged into her arms as she hugged him tight. Mel was a little disappointed but hadn't expected too much to start with. Josh quickly drifted asl**p with his cock softening and slipping from his s****r.

Hours later in the middle of the night Mel woke Josh. This time she was straddling him and was working on pulling his cock to hardness in the darkness. "Ok Josh, time for another go. You keen?"
His hands came up to cup her breasts and play with her nipples as she rose up and guided herself down onto him. Leaning forward she brought her sensitive nipples to his mouth, cradling his head against her breast as she began to ride his stubby cock with long slow strokes.
This time, she thought, this time will be better for me.


Josh had been dreaming of all the girls at his school who he thought cute. Now that he was no longer a virgin, they were willing to strip for him and let he do all those things to them that he had just done with his s****r. It didn’t make sense, why they would suddenly want to fuck him, but dreams don’t have to make sense. He was feeling very happen, having vividly imagined Kelly-Ann rubbing her self on him, when he drifted from dream to reality. It was his s****r’s naked body that was actually straddling him. He smiled wide; maybe reality was better than dreams some times.

“You keen for another go?” Mel asked as she rubbed heir wet 12yr old pussy back and forth over her b*****r’s stiff 10yr old cock. He sure felt ready.

Her little b*****r dint answer with words, he reached up and grabbed her breasts, his thumbs rubbing her nipples. “suck on me some more” she whispered as she reached down to make sure his cock was placed just right to push into her horny little hole. They both gasped as he entered her. Then she pulled her b*****rs mouth to her breast.

The boy sucked hard as the felling of his prick inside his s****r’s hot tight cunt made his toes tingle. But after a few fast strokes he started to relax. “That’s good Josh.” She told him, “Suck on me gently, let me ride you, try not to cum.” He listened to his s****r’s voice, trusting that she knew how this should be done.

Melanie set the rhythm, moving her young hips back and forth rather than up and down. She didn’t know much more about sex than her b*****r, but she knew what felt good. Rubbing her small clit against his body as his cock filled her tight no-longer-virgin hole, felt perfect. She didn’t want to bounce up and down on him, because she was sure he would get over excited. He would cum suddenly or his boy sided cock would slip out.

Josh enjoyed having his s****r ride him. She was a bit bigger than him, but not so much that she was going to squash him. Her body was so warm and soft, on the outside and life liquid fire on the inside. “This is great s*s, lets do it every day.” He said as he changed from sucking one p*****n tit to the other. Mel moaned a sort of agreement as her ignored nipple entered her b*****r’s eager mouth.

The second time was much better and longer than the first time. The tingling feeling that never quite grew into an orgasm for Mel earlier was now a wave of pleasure racing quickly towards its peek. She rubbed against her b*****r faster and harder, gasping slightly. This time she was sure she would cum.

Josh had tried not to move his hips to much. It felt good to relax and let his s****r move on top of him. But his instinct as a male was to fuck, to move his hips and thrust up into the tight hot cunt that gripped his cock. So as Mel began to move faster and make more sexy breathing sounds, he could not resist moving his young hips.

b*****r and s****r started cuming at almost the same time. At the last second Josh let go of Mel’s breast and tossed his head back against the pillow with a loud gasp. His hands reaching down to grab her firm 12 year old ass and hold her tight to him. His little boy cum splashing deep into her clenching cunt. i****t may be wrong but it sure felt great.

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1 year ago
Awesome story. Keep up the great work.
2 years ago
They are so damned fucking (literally and figuratively) cute; it so far has kept a smile on my face, and a hardon like an iron-hard pipe!!
3 years ago
Well done. That was great
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Awesome story
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great new series & addition to your work
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Fkn hot daddy ;)
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Great series!! Thank you
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More more more please Victor. And more Turning to Darkness too please
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mmm hot, more please
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An awakening, beautiful start.