Turning to Darkness p19

Part 19
( loving your vampire lord )

Rachel wrapped herself in the big fluffy bathrobe, because it was the only thing in her room she had to wear. Then she followed the shadow prince down the hall to the elevators. “This place is like a hotel.” She commented. “It is a hotel, although this wing is for staff and special guests only.” He explained.

This man was the Violet’s daddy. He had been fucking the small golden haired vampire girl for over a hundred years. How old was he? Did he fuck many young girls or was she a special case? Rachel wondered as she walked along.

They went down to basement level 2, and then took the stairs one level lower. Of course being a vampire he would not have his room at the top. She reasoned. Being underground was safer. Did he sl**p in a coffin? No that was just silly. She told herself.

This was the man who had known her mother, what exactly had their relationship been? Did he drink her bl**d, did he fuck her? All her memories were just foggy dreams. Was it perverted that she wanted this man to make love to her? She was quite sure he had sex with her mother, why would he not? Then again Rachel had been fucked by her father many times, so a perverse connection to her mother already existed in that regard.

They passed through a lobby with a heavy set of security doors and a sl**py old guard at a desk. Rachel wondered if the old guy was of any real use. “Is he the best guard you have?” she asked quietly as they took a few steps down a short hallway to a big set of polished oak doors. “He has been a loyal guard for a long time; his post is an honor more than a practical matter.” The vampire lord answered.

They entered his privet sitting room, which looked like a gothic library. The stone walls were covered with fancy book cases and several old maps. Two large leather chairs were set beside the fire place, each with its own side table. In the center of the room was a beautiful heavy wooden table, with a dozen books piled neatly on it. At the far end of the room was a small door. “I guess you read a lot.” Rachel said with out any real point to her comment. “I never acquired a teats for television.” He answered.

The shadow prince took off his coat and d****d it over the back of a chair. It was only then that Rachel noticed he was wearing a sword, a small elegant looking fencing blade on his left side and a dagger on his right. “I guess you really are old school.” She said with a smile. “Yes mostly.” He said as he unbuckled the sword belt and set it aside. “I recognize the importance of modern things; I just don’t like them very much.”

Rachel followed her vampire lord into his bedroom. It was every bit as impressive as she expected it would be. Stone walls, wood panels, stain glass windows with dim lights behind them, fancy paintings, furniture that looked like it should be in a museum, and a big four post bed. There was no modern electronics anywhere in sight. “Make yourself comfortable.” He said and waved towards the bed. She felt a mix of excitement and nervousness. This was all so strange. It was the first time Rachel did not find herself suddenly thrust into a sexual situation. He was being polite but rather distant about it all. Somehow she expected him to be much more passionate or perverted.

She walked to the bed and sat down on the edge. She watched quietly as he slowly stripped naked in front of her. Unlike most men who were in a hurry to get out of their clothes, and often looked silly taking them off, he was calm about it. Although it was far from a strip number, it was a sort of ritual that fascinated Rachel.

When the shadow prince was at last naked, the stepped forward “Off with your robe.” He said as he stood before the young teen. Rachel hesitated, not because she was shy about getting naked, but rather because the thoughts that had been running around in her brain had reached a conclusion.

“You’re trying not to seduce me.” She said in a tone that was part surprise and part accusation. “You’re being polite but not charming. You’re not sweeping me off my feet or anything like that. Why?” she asked with a hint of hurt confusion.

He smiled and reached out to slowly pull open the big soft bathrobe, exposing Rachel’s firm young breasts. “You’re bright to notice my behavior, but not wise enough to reason why.” He spoke with affection, as he uncovered her body.

“Ummm… I guess that’s me.” She said after trying to think of an answer. It was getting hard to think now that his hands were on her. Moving casually across her skin, his touch was cool but not corps like. “Are you playing some sort of game with me?” she asked, as his fingers narrowly avoided touching her nipples.

“Everything is life is a game.” The shadow prince said “Or perhaps it’s better to look at everything as part of a play. ‘All the world is a stage and we are mealy players…’ You do know Im going to f***e you to read Shakespeare as part of your education.” His smile turned to a playful display of his fangs; a fake evil grin.

“What? I don’t think I can handle that!” Rachel said pretending to be frightened.

“Maybe you can handle this.” He said and looked meaningfully down towards his growing erection. Rachel gave a small gasp then reached out a hand to take hold of him. The shadow prince leaned forward to kiss the not so innocent teenage girl. As she stroked his cock, he wrapped his left arm around her shoulders while his right hand moved down her tummy to caress her lightly furred pussy.

The passion of their embrace grew quickly. She enjoyed the confident way he kissed. Politely aggressive; it might be described. His fingers like wise were exploring her. Rubbing up and down her moist slit, gradually pushing into her, he skillfully played the game of pleasure building.

The kissing and fondling went on for some time, until Rachel shivered with a small orgasm. Then he broke away from her lips, “You smell invigorating.” he said. As the teenage girl was trying to remember what the hell invigorating meant, her mind more interested in the tingling warmth in her tummy, the vampire pushed her down onto the bed and slowly knelt between her legs.

He pushed her slender legs open and gazed at her youthful pussy, before moving in to lick. The first taste was always the best; it was true of almost everything in life, wine, women and bl**d. He kissed her pussy lips, then slid his tongue deep into her, pushing and forcing it as far as it would go. The shock of this very direct French kiss to her cunt made Rachel lose her breath for a moment.

For the next few minutes he licked his new lover in a more normal manner. Stopping just short of causing the girl to cum again; he got Rachel close to the edge twice before asking her “Do you fear a good fucking?”

“I want you. I need you in me.” She gasped “Stop teasing me and fuck me.”

With a smile the shadow prince stood up; the bed was just the perfect height. His huge cock was in line with her wet willing cunt. Grasping her young hips, he pulled her towards himself. At the same time he aimed and thrust forward, causing a combined impact that drove the first half of his cock into the surprised girl with one sudden grunt.

Rachel gasped loud and dug her fingernails into her palms to keep from screaming. The vampire didn’t let her catch her breath, he started fucking her immediately. Several small strokes to enjoy the feel of her stretched around his cock, then a hard thrust to drive more of it into her warm wet cunt. Over and over, as the girl gasped louder and louder.

It was painful but she enjoyed it. Being fucked like this was different that the way her father had done it to her, although she had no idea why. Soon Rachel was cuming. She pinched her own nipples and enjoyed the waves of fire. Gasping and moaning, but still she held back any screams.

“Now I think you are properly warmed up.” her lover said as he reached down to her. She thought he was going to hug her, maybe climb on top of her. But no, he pulled her up towards himself. By reflex she wrapped her legs around him. “Good girl” he said as he stepped away from the bed. Rachel now found herself hanging from his strong body, his cock deeply driven up into her still twitching cunt.

“Look into my eyes.” he commanded as his hands took a good hold of her ass. She looked and was lost in their deep darkness. The shadow prince started bouncing her, determined to make her scream before he exploded inside her, before he sank his teeth into her neck. He would fuck her long and hard, playing her game, testing the limits.

Rachel didn’t know why she held back her screams. They were partly born from pleasure but increasingly from pain, as he listed her up his rock hard shaft, then slammed her body back down. She clawed at his back, knowing he could take it, expecting he may even like it. As she bounced she babbled he deepest thoughts; “You’re a pervert, a p*****n fucking pervert, you made a c***d into a vampire and she is a sexy little slut, Im a pervert too, cause I did it with her, I liked fucking your daughter, ohh I liked eating her bald little pussy.” Rachel shivered as another orgasm gripped her. Then she continued; “You’re a mother fucker as well as a pervert, you fucked my mother, did you fuck her this way? Did you think about fucking me, when I was a k** and your cock was in my mom?”

“Yes.” He answered, still looking deep into the girl’s eyes. The answer startled Rachel, she had not been expecting he to really answer what she was babbling about. With a nice hard thrust he drove the head of his cock into her young womb, then held her still. Rachel screamed as she felt the throbbing head of his cock so very deep inside her.

“One night when you were small, you climbed in bed with your mother. She was sitting on me, my cock inside her, just as it is now inside you. I told her, Im going to fuck your daughter. She said, yes please I want you too, but not yet. Because you mother was a good woman, I respected her wish.” He explained in slow measured words as he slowly pushed one finger up Rachel’s ass hole. “I wish your mother had lived so she could see you now.”

She couldn’t resist moving her hips, fucking him, her lust mixed with anger. Her mother had always seemed so good and pure, never perverted. But somehow she knew that he spoke the truth. Mom would have been happy to see her now. She was impaled on a vampire’s cock, not as an innocent victim, but as a hungry lover.

Although it was painful Rachel drove herself to another orgasm. Her scream was silent at first as her body shivered with the pleasure. Then she felt the hot breath on her shoulder a second before the bite.Her scream now found voice.

The vampire lord’s fangs sank in deep and his hips moved in small quick jerks. He kept his promises; he exploded cum into her young womb, joining her in an orgasm, as he sucked the bl**d from her tender warm neck.

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3 years ago
Im happy to see Iv got a lot of fans for this story, but only 5 votes, tisk tisk...
I hope to pick up writing again next week.
3 years ago
when is the next part coming out
3 years ago
awesome story!
3 years ago
i say to you, sir, bravo, bravo, and i want more, and i agree with the ppl below, this would make a great tv show, and i would totally watch it if it was an anime too (loved Dance in the Vampire Bund)
3 years ago
i think before the she becomes full vampire violet will learn that she is becoming a vampire
3 years ago
I think I would have more luck getting this turned into an anime
3 years ago
This series should be made into a TV show!!! Amazing! You are so gifted!!!
3 years ago
the only flaw i find in this story is that it is to long between each part of the story
3 years ago
just awesome excellence
3 years ago
This just keeps getting better and better Victor, I am loving this series of stories :D