Dark old Days

This is a small side story from the Turning to Darkness world.
You can assume what you like about these characters.

Jered had only been a vampire for about 100 years when he met Lady Sally, in France in the late 1700s. She was older than him, although she never let him know just how old she really was. Her interests and pleasures had long past beyond normal, into the sinister. Her interests in him were perhaps because he was young and inexperienced by vampire reckoning, and she wanted to push him into new experiences and see how he handled them.

In the mid 1700s Sally had set up a brothel in Paris. It was an elegant place that only provided the service of boys and girls, under the age of 15. Its patrons were the wealthy, the nobles and the clergy. After meeting Jered at a high class party, and exchanging love bites on the balcony, Sally invited him back to her brothel for a late night snack. He was not at all shocked when the first few girls walked in for him to make a selection. But then they kept coming each one younger than the next, lining up in front of him in their nearly see through night shirts. Jered looked questioningly at his hostess.

Sally laughed, and told him to take whatever girl he wanted and do anything to her that he wanted. While he thought about his choice, Sally ordered the youngest girl to step forward, take off her shirt and suck on Jered’s cock. The tiny girl smiled, gave a small bow and then quickly went to work.

Sally explained that she found the girls on the street or in orphanages or sometimes purchased them from their parents. She would take them to her own home for the first part of there training. She would alternate seduction and ****, until the c***d’s will was broken and they promised to do anything. Then she would teach them to behave properly, loving them tenderly unless they were naughty. Eventually they would be moved into the brothel and start serving clients. When they turned 15 she usually gave them a sizable payment and set them free.

On the surface things seemed very orderly and pleasant, but of course there was a darker side to the brothel. Some girls never made it out alive. Sally occasionally killed as she fed on them, when she was felling over excited. Customers also had some very perverse pleasures. It was part of her reputation that she would allow a good customer to do anything.

If the girls refused to behave, they knew a terrible punishment awaited them. Sally enjoyed explaining to Jered one afternoon how she had made an example of one problem causing girl. The evilness of that torture had both repelled and interested him.

During his stay in Paris Jefed tried many of the girls at Sally’s brothel. At first she pushed him towards using some of the younger girls and boys. Sally got him one of the smallest girls to suck on his cock, then ordered one of the older girls to ride him. This action Jered accepted quite willingly. Then after a few minutes, Sally told the girl to get off, and had one a year younger replace her on top of Jered’s big hard shaft. The process was repeated several more times, until the girl who was ordered to mount him was simply to tight to fit his growing cock into her little cunt.

(Note; Male vampires have the ability to grow well beyond the human norm. With deliberate effort or through over excitement a vampire’s cock can swell to be as big as his for-arm. Its no joke to say that some victims are fucked to death. This is why a male vamp can only express his full passion with a female vamp, because she is able to endure the pounding, and regenerate any damage. In a similar sex organ perversity, the female vampire can exert incredible muscle control over her vagina. In other words her cunt can become inescapably tight, even painfully tight. A normal man who puts his dick into a Vampire’s pussy may find himself trapped as if a very strong hand griped him. It has been the entertainment of some female vamps to allow themselves to be fist fucked, then tighten up so much that the fucker is trapped and screams as his or her hand is crushed. )

During this incident at the brothel, Jered’s cock had grown large as excitement built up, but not inhumanly so. Thus the small girl, who had experience taking other adult men was at a loss for words, after she tried to push herself down onto his big cock, but failed.

Sally of course knew just what to do. She came over, put her hands on the girls shoulders, and pushed down, hard. The little girl screamed long and loud as her young body was f***ed open. The felling of impaling this tiny girl on his shaft was wickedly wonderful for Jered. The emotional high was more than equal to the physical thrill. He came almost immediately.

Over the next few weeks Jered took many of the girls in the brothel. He found it thrilling at first, but soon grew tired of them. They were all trained, obedient little puppies, their spirits broken. They could still be shocked or scared, but they had no real will power to resist. They were too much like cattle rather than people. This of course was a felling Sally understood well, that is why she enjoyed most the process of training new girls and boys.

The most interestingly wicked thing Jered saw Sally do was a kind of poetic justice she inflicted on one noble man. The man liked to take girls who reminded him of his daughter. He would order them to call him Papa, some times he would start out being kind, other times he would be aggressive right from the beginning. In either case he would eventually start beating the girl, tormenting her and abusing her in ways he would never do to his own daughter. He would use the girl mercilessly sometimes fucking her like she was a rag doll.

Sally admired him for this. But it annoyed her that his viciousness left the girl in question useless for many days as she recovered, or some times died.

So one day she sent a message to the noble man, telling him that she had a special surprise for him. A girl who looked so much like his own daughter she could be her twin. The man came that evening and was thrilled to see a girl tied and gagged, that did look exactly like his daughter.

Sally suggested to him, using her vampire influence talent, that he not remove the ropes or the gag because the girl was very wild, not having been tamed at all, she was in fact still a virgin. The noble man proceeded to beat her and **** her, using the poor girl’s pussy and ass several times before he was done.

Then once the girl was reduced to a sobbing sticky mess, Sally removed the gag and cut the ropes. She smiled and said - I have a confession, she does not just look like your daughter, she is your daughter. The noble man flew into a rage and came at Sally.

His hands found their way around her neck, and he squeezed hard, cursing and swearing as he tried to straggle her. Sally made no move to defend herself, she simply looked into his eyes, until her body went limp. He squeezed a bit more, then dropped her seemingly lifeless body. He went to his daughter to try and comfort her, but she responded in absolute fear.

Sally smiled as she watched the exchange, then got up. She crossed the room in an instant and grabbed the noble man's leg. Pulling him off his feet, so that his head hit the floor.

The next morning, the girl was found at the gate to her f****y home, apparently the victim of a brutal robbery / ****. The noble man was found a day later, dead in the river. The day he lingered on in Sally’s privet dungeon was not a day he enjoyed at all.

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3 years ago
That had a great twist!!! Love Sally's role!!!
3 years ago
very wonderful some interesting people to be added maybe
3 years ago
Very interesting and it left me wanting more..Thanks Victor and open your mind and tell me more...
3 years ago
Very good Victor
3 years ago
violent but strangly interesting