Turning to Darkness P 18

Part 18
( The critical conversation )

Rachel woke up suddenly, someone was watching her, she could feel eyes looking into her very soul. The young teen girl could not suppress a shiver, a mix of fear and joy. Before her eyes even focused on him, Rachel knew who was there. The shadow prince had come to visit her.

He stood at the foot of her bed, dressed as she remembered him, all in rich decorative dark clothing with a long coat that seemed to sway in the breeze, even though there was no wind moving through the room. His face was hansom in a renaissance sort of way; his long hair neatly tied back, his beard trimmed short. But it was his eyes that fascinated her most. Endlessly deep and dark they were not human eyes at all. “You have had exactly one weak now, to think about what you want and what you are willing to do to get it. Have you an answer for me?” He asked with out introductory pleasantries.

Rachel sat up in bed and stretched; no cowering under the covers. She let them fall from her chest, showing off her perky breasts. She gave herself time to wake up before answering his question. Rachel was determined to stay calm and in control of herself. “What I want is never to be a victim again. What I need is the strength and skill to defend myself.” She said slowly. “And Im willing to do anything, so long as Im the one choosing to do it, or not.”

The shadow prince smiled a genuinely warm and surprised smile. “You are no fool. That is increasingly rare these days.” He gestured towards the TV, “People have always struggled to understand their own desires. But in this age, more than any other Iv seen, people are misdirected. Kant was a wrong when he said ‘The vocation of man’s species consists of nothing other than progress towards perfection.’ It was Rousseau who got it right when he said ‘Most of man’s ills are of his own making, and we would have avoided almost all of them if we had retained the simple way of life prescribed by nature.’ even more pointedly he said ‘As man becomes sociable he becomes a slave, he becomes weak, timid, groveling, and his soft way of life saps his strength and courage.’

Rachel sat quietly until the vampire lord paused, inviting her to comment. “I guess things are fucked up, but Iv no idea who your quoting.” She said honestly. “Was the world really any better a long time ago?”

“It was different, because death was close to everyone always. People today have no pressing need to examine their lives to decide what is important to them. They assume that in this safe modern society they will live a long time and suffer very little. But in the old days, with death around each corner, more people valued life and tried to make the best of it they could.” The shadow prince explained.

Then he sat down on the edge of the bed and pointed a finger at the young teenager. “I can give you the strength and skills you need, I can even give you immortality. But you will have to work hard to earn these things.”

Rachel shrugged, “Sure. Iv never been afraid of hard work if it gets me something useful. But if you are going to treat me like a slave, forget it.” She put on her best serious face. Even though she hated the way her father had used her, the thought of being his sex slave did cause her nipples to harden.

“Are you really offering to turn me into a vampire?” she asked.

“Yes that is prize I offer you.” He said quietly. “But it’s not for everyone. Its nothing like the stories you commonly hear. A vampire can not simply bite a person and make them into another vampire. What we can do is to begin the change in a person. After several bites and some mystical rituals, the would-be immortal seems to come down with an illness. Over several weeks your powers will start to develop and so will your hunger. If you resists the change you will grow more ill and die, as a normal human. If you embraces the change you will become a creature of the night.” He paused to see if the girl was paying attention.

“You see it’s very hard to make someone a vampire against their will. They must want it. But more than that, they must be able to endure the un-life that is our existence. Many new immortals tend to get themselves killed quickly, as their power makes them mad. They think they can get away with anything. They take foolish risks. They forget that the title immortal is not an absolute description. We can be killed, it is just very difficult to do so.” The shadow prince explained so the girl would truly know what she was getting into.

“So are you like, undead or demons or what?” she asked next. The vivid memory of the little vampire Violet’s body flooded Rachel’s mind. She had felt cool to the touch but she had not seemed like an animated corps.

“It is hard to say exactly what we are. In matters of the mind and I think the spirit, we are no different than other people. That is to say new immortals are no different. Once you have lived a few hundred years or experienced a great number of things, your point of view can differ a great deal from the human perspective.” He knew this idea was hard to explain, so he quickly turned to the easier subject.

“We are not possessed by any demons making us do things against our will. What a vampire does, he chooses to do. What makes us seem demonic is our lack of obedience to social norms. Once you turn to the world of darkness, normal things don’t matter so much. Some vampires take antisocial behavior to an extreme. It is one thing to be self centered and do whatever you want. It is another thing to be reckless, to kill and ****, thinking you are unstoppable.”

Rachel nodded; “Being a vampire makes you powerful but not perfect.” She repeated one of the things she had read in one of her friend’s books. “So why offer this to me?”

The shadow prince put his hand on her shoulder. “Some people are naturally slaves; they take orders because it’s easy for them. Other people resist being slaves but are eventually broken; they are sad creatures hardly even human. A very few people have the will to resist all the way to the end, believing that death is better than slavery. It is this last kind of person I think worthy of my attention, worthy of immortality.” He looked deep into Rachel’s eyes. Although she was trying to be brave there was a little girl in the corner of her mind desperately afraid that this conversation would end in ****.

“The deal I offer you is this; a place in my house as a student. If you do well then you may work for me, in a role best suited to your talents. If you do very well then I may adopt you as part of my f****y. Your training will be hard but honorable. For your part you must promises loyalty to my house and keep our secret.” The shadow prince spoke the words as if they had more weight than all the legal documents down at city hall.

Rachel felt the unspoken words too; ‘if you fail or betray us, you will die.’ With more courage than she ever used before, the young teenager took hold of the vampire lord’s hand, in both of hers. She moved it down to her chest, and held it right above her heart. “You have my word, I will do my best, to learn from you and make you proud of me.” She said with only the slightest of hesitations.

“How then shall we seal this deal?” he asked after a moment of silence.

A shiver of fear and excitement ran down Rachel’s spine. It was an open offer, she could suggest almost anything and he would accept. But somehow she was sure that the true seal for this deal involved sex and bl**d. Was he being a gentleman by offering an alternative, by not demanding that she give herself to him?

“How about an exchange?” she asked. “You can have teats of my bl**d, but only at the moment you are cumming inside me.” Her pussy began to feel more and more wet as she spoke. The thought of having sex with this man excited her. There was a certain confidence and charisma about him. Although he was not especially large, he seemed powerful. Her dad had been big and strong and even hansom, but there was something ugly and desperate about how he had treated Rachel. She wanted the vampire lord because she believed he could be a kind lover.

“A charming idea.” he said as he moved his hand to cup her small breast. “But not here, let’s go back to my room. I wish you to enjoy your first time with me in more refined surroundings.”

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3 years ago
this is so great
3 years ago
You did it again!!! Fantastico! Would love to see this as a XXX movie!!!
3 years ago
i got one question how do you think of this story
3 years ago
brilliant brilliant brilliant!!! I knew it would be worth waiting for and you didn't disappoint me, thanks Victor
3 years ago
This story has so many twists and turns. Its great
3 years ago
hmm i see that his room looks like ether a throne room or maybe one of a rich person will have
3 years ago
i was right, years of reading books actually paid off, i figured from pretty much the beginning that Racheal would decide to become a vampire, oh, and good job on this part, cant wait for more