Hardonis Academy P-12

Chapter 12, Third Day

The three new friends met at breakfast the next day, they were all smiling. Even though they had not had sex with each other, they seemed sure of forming a tight bond. The Academy was centered on the Hall building, which included the dining area, library, club rooms, student council and newspaper offices, and the theater. To the East were the two dorm buildings. To the West was the sports complex, which included the medical office. To the north was the administration building, witch included the guidance councilor’s office. To the South was the large square complex that housed the actual class rooms. The arrangement was perfect for winter weather because you never had to go outside. In practice it made the main level of the Hall building the hub of school activity.

Sandra was smiling because of the great sex she had last night with her roommate Jenny, a dirty blond and her boyfriend Mike, a senior at the school. Aside from her introduction to the head master, it was the first all out sex she had ever had. She was sure her story of wild wet fucking would have her friends drooling with jealousy.

Billy was smiling because of the amazing sex he had last night. His roommate Zack, a surfer dude, had introduced him to Ana, a very aggressive sporty girl and Brenda, a passive cuddly fuck-bunny. It was every young man’s dream. Although he didn’t plan to talk about his experience, he couldn’t resist trying to top Sandra’s story.

Magan was smiling behind her long dark hair because she had the most orgasms ever last night, all thanks to her roommate Jinki, who was naughty and nice all at once. She listened quietly to her new friends Sandra and Billy as they talked about last night. It was making her wet.

Breakfast went by fast, then it was off to class; Philosophy 101 taught by none other than the head master of the Academy, Mr Lazlow himself. The three friends found seats next to each other, with Magan in the middle. Like most class rooms, this one had long tables that could fit several students, not individual desks. The k**s continued to talk as they got settled, focusing on shy little Magan, who hadn’t yet said anything about her night.

“Do you like your roommate?” Sandra asked. “Yes.” Magan answered quickly.
“Is she cute?” Billy inquired. “I guess so.” Magan replied.

“Did you do anything with her?” Sandra asked, putting her hand on Magan’s left leg. “Yea, I bet she fucked you with a giant dildo.” Billy said, as he put his hand on Magan’s right leg. “No it wasn’t like that.” Magan said, looking embarrassed.

“Don’t be a pervert.” Sandra said to the boy, then asked “What was it like?” The shy girl tried to explain how nice her night had been, as her friends distracted her with their hands. They slowly f***ed her legs apart, making her wiggle in her chair as their finger sought out her young pussy. It was a school regulation that underwear was not allowed, exactly so things like this could happen.
Although they had not planned it, Billy and Sandra quickly started working as a team to tease and torment their friend. It would become a game they played in all the classes they shared together, and eventually a game they would play afterschool.

Magan kept stopping in mid sentence to bite on her thumb as Sandra rubbed her clit and Billy pushed a finger into her moist slit. Her friends continued to ask her questions about last night’s sex and she tried to answer them, but it was hard to concentrate. The warm tingling in her tummy was making her so unfocussed. She didn’t even notice when the teacher arrived at the front of the class. As respectable students, Sandra and Billy stopped what they were doing, but left their hands resting under Magan’s skirt.

“Good morning students. What is morality?” The head master said with practiced enthusiasm. “In the most general terms it is the practice of choosing what is right and wrong, good and bad. But how do we know how to make these choices?” Mr. Lazlow walked slowly back and forth at the front of the room. He was a tall powerful man, with a mature yet ageless look about him. Dressed in a traditional black academic robe over his conservative suit, he had most of the girl’s eyes fixed to him instantly.

“Do any of you boys have s****rs?” he asked. Several hands went up in response. “Have you ever wanted to see your s****r naked or to fuck her?” No one was willing to answer that. “It’s quite natural that you would want these things. Being curios and horny young me, you would take a peek if you could and if she opened her legs for you, most of you would not hesitate to stick your cock up her cunt.” Many of the boys looked embarrassed, but a few gave nods of agreement.

“We are talking about i****t here, and according to most cultures it’s bad, wrong, immoral. b*****rs should not fuck s****rs, fathers should not hump daughters, mothers should not ride sons, etc.” Mr Lazlow looked around the room to be sure he had everyone’s attention. “Can you see the problem with morality? Often there is something you want but a rule stands in your way. Society has made moral choices for you, then set up rules of behavior. Our culture and tradition tells us what is good and bad.”

The teacher pointed to a random girl, “If you wanted to fuck your b*****r or your father, what is wrong with that?” The girl looked like a deer caught in head lights. “i****t is like ****, its just wrong.” she said.

“Anyone else have an answer?” Mr Lazlow asked. “If a girl gets pregnant from doing it with a f****y member, that’s inbreeding and can cause problems with the baby.” a smart girl with glasses offered.

Mr Lazlow looked at the nervous first girl. “**** and i****t are two very different things. We will deal with violations later. Right now we are talking about willing sex between f****y members.” The teacher pointed to little miss smarty “She is right about inbreeding being a danger to the genetics of any offspring. Also there is the practical problem of how people will react if they find out what you are doing. Everyone in town may start thinking of you as a pervert or freak. But if you practice safe sex, and if you set aside public opinion, what is the moral problem?” No one had the answer.

“All things in life come down to a personal choice. If you want something, you go for it or not. Morality tells you; don’t fuck your cute little s****r even if she begs you to. Your instincts will tell you; fill her full of cum. Your brain then has two important jobs to do. It should tell you the real dangers in take this or any action, and then it should help you decide, in your particular situation, what is best for you to do.” Mr Lazlow sketched a diagram on the board of the dynamics of the situation. Wants. Social conditioning. Possible outcomes, pro & con. Final decision making.

“If everyone followed morality with out thinking, we would have a very orderly society. But real people have desires, which usually require the braking of some rule to fulfill.” He turned to scribble a few page numbers on the board. “What I hope you all will learn this year is how to make choices for yourselves and recognize that morals are just guide lines for sheep.”

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love it victor, but what happened to 11c??
3 years ago
This is keeping us all in suspense. Thanks