Turning to Darkness P 17

Part 17

When Violet had been human she had never even thought about having sex with another girl. Everyone knew it was something that happened between a man and a woman. So she dreamed innocent dreams about the perfect man who would take her away from her dull life and become her lover. Unlike many romantic fantasies, hers came true, more or less. As things turn out, the man she fell in love with was a vampire, a shadow prince, who gifted her with eternal life and youth. Although she would always be a c***d just on the verge of blooming into a woman, her spirit would age as she gained years and years of experiences. The little Princess looked cute and sweet but there was nothing innocent behind her deep green eyes.

Violet had first learned to have sex with other girls because her Prince pushed her into doing it. Having a woman touch her body, that way, was bizarre but not unpleasant. More importantly it seemed to excite her Prince. So Violet let herself be caressed and licked and finger fucked, until she grew to enjoy the subtle difference in the touch of a woman. Of course she was expected to learn now to give pleasure not simply to receive it. Again it was mostly a matter of doing as she was told because it exciter her Prince. At first Violet didn’t much care how effective she was at pleasing her partner. Her aim was to put on a good show for her lover. Sex with a girl was a means to an end.

Somewhere over the years that had changed. Violet enjoyed the emotions flowing from the girls she had sex with. As with all vampires she fed on emotions as well as bl**d. But being kind hearted, more or less, she tended to prefer provoking lust rather than terror. So she had gotten very skillful at reading people and guessing what turned them on most.

Rachel, who lay naked in bed, enjoying Violet’s mouth pressed to her young teen pussy, was in need of tender love and care. No dirty perverted nasty sex, she had gotten enough of that at home. Violet knew that if she wanted to make this girl her friend, she would have to go slow and be nice.

The fact that Violet looked like a 10 year old girl often worked to her advantage, as some men and women lusted after her, knowing full well they should not be having sex with her. Their perverse desire always left a satisfying taste when she got them to give in and break the taboo age barrier. She knew this would be the case with Rachel. Although there was only a few years difference in their physical ages, the vampire could tell that the teenager was hesitant to violate a minor.

So Violet worked slowly at licking Rachel’s pussy. She mad sure her new friend was good and wet before slipping in a finger. Licking and finger fucking with expert skill, the small vampire made the teenager cum three times. After the first orgasm Rachel grabbed the back of the little vampire’s head and held her mouth in place. After the second orgasm, the teenager let go of Violet’s head and frantically began fondling her own breasts.

The vampire lifted her head from between Rachel’s legs, which were still shivering with little orgasm aftershocks. “Wow seeing you cum like that has me so hot and wet. Will you please lick me now? I will do anything you like.” Violet said sweetly.

It surprised Violet when her new lover gave a quick nod, she expected Rachel would be willing but not quite so forward. “Let’s get you naked too.” the teenager said enthusiastically. With trebling fingers Rachel helped strip the clothing from the vampire’s small body. She had given in to her passion and was determined not to be hesitant about anything. So off came the many layers of Violet’s fancy dress.

The sex they had was long and passionate. The girls soon entering a 69 position that would last until they both collapsed from exhaustion. Rachel had been determined to keep going even after she had an orgasm so strong she almost passed out. But she kept her hands on Violets tight young bums and drew the vampire’s tiny wet, hairless pussy back to her lips. In the end the girls fell into a mutual half sl**p, with Violet’s small body on top of Rachel like a blanket.

Many quiet heartbeats passed before the door opened.

Violet looked up, her eyes sparkling with the happiness that she had just enjoyed. In the door was an angle of death, a woman of average height with a solid athletic build, her age was hard to tell, in her mid 20s one would guess. She was dressed in leather with a dozen weapons under her long coat. Her face was a mix of African and Asian, attractive but not quite beautiful, her hair was short and unkempt. Her voice was calm and condescending. “Prepare yourself; we have business to attend to.”

Violet climbed off the bed and stuck her tongue out at the ominous demon in the doorway. She then turned and started tucking Rachel into bed; making sure her new friend was comfortable. “Things will not start with out me.” She said as she began to put her dress back on. The woman tapped her foot impatiently. But this dint speed up the little vampire princess one bit.
When she was properly dressed, Violet turned to face the woman again. “Very well, Im ready. You may e****t me now.” The angle of death gave a small “humph” then turned and started walking down the corridor. Violet didn’t like her immortal s****r very much. She was somber and serious, always going on about some business of other. She had no sense of humor and only seemed to enjoy the bl**dy side of life. She was an attack dog. That’s the best comparison Violet could come up with.

It had been a dozen years since their last real argument, a duel Violet had won. It was partly her own fault for provoking Rumi with small verbal jabs. But the way the dog reacted was unacceptable. The real fight started with her s****r growling “Stay out of my way, you useless spoiled brat.” To which Violet replied “tisk tisk, your forgetting your place.” In a flash Rumi drew her sword and slashed the small vampire across the chest, not a deep wound but a shocking one. With out pause she then kicked Violet’s legs out from under her. The little princess was no fighter, she knew that her s****r could kill her, but she hadn’t expected to be attacked. She squeaked.

The angle of death had hovered over Violet. Teeth in an evil smile, eyes inhumanly red, sword positioned for a downward thrust right into the small vampire’s heart. Oddly enough the old stories had a bizarre bit of truth to them; only a wooden object driven through the heart could kill a vampire. The sword would not have killed Violet, but it would have hurt and it would take many days to regenerate from a wound like that. “You are nothing but a nuisance, a useless mouth to feed.” Rumi snarled.

Violet looked up her own eyes such a dark green they were nearly black. Somehow she calmed her panic and replied. “I am the Princess of this house; you are nothing but an attack dog. Father loves me, he merely finds you useful.” The truth wrapped up in that staggered her s****r.

“I don’t need to be loved. Love is a stupid illusion.” Rumi shot back quickly.

“You need it. Everyone does.” Violet answered. Then in a more firm voice she said “Put away your sword or you will lose your place in this house. You are a junior member here, do not forget that.”

“Thank you elder s****r for reminding me of my duty. I will not lose my temper like this again.” Rumi said then sheathed her blade. She walked away, leaving Violet on the floor.

The little princess knew that her s****r walked in a different world of darkness than she did. There were parts of the angle of death that Violet did not understand, but she did know the core of Rumi’s pain and rage. No one had ever loved her. The fight for survival had been everything to her, now she had been granted immortality. But it was conditional to her usefulness.

“How do you wish to do this?” Rumi asked as they walked down the steps to the lowest level of the hotel. Her mind was set on the important business of extracting information from the prisoners.

“We will nail him to a table and keep hammering in more nails till he talks.” Violet answered simply. “If that fails, I will let you do whatever you like to him.”

Rumi gave a predatory smile “Yes princess.”

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3 years ago
3 years ago
aw Victor let me read some more x
3 years ago
maybe the shadow prince Rachel saw in her dream and the only violet loved is the same that will be a twist in a way
3 years ago
Love it. I can't get enough sex and violence
3 years ago
im gonna make a small prediction, next time we see the shadow prince, we will see her wish, and im assuming her wish is to become a vampire? but dont tell me if im right or wrong, i want to be suprised, and good twist on this one, cant wait for next part
3 years ago
This story has so may twists. Thanks
3 years ago
ok so will it be in the next one we will get to know her wish
3 years ago
For anyone paying attention to the time line, it has been about 6 days since Rachel had the dream-encounter with the shadow prince.
3 years ago
wow and how long has it been since the shadow prince from part 2 returns so rachel would get her wish what eve it is