Turning to Darkness P 16

Part 16
A Quiet moment in the world of darkness

Rachel woke up in a nice soft warm bed. It must be a hospital, she thought because there was the regular bep bep sound of one of those monitoring machines you always see in hospital rooms. But as she looked around the room she felt more like it was a fancy hotel, and it sure smelled nice. The bed was not the usual hospital contraption; it was a big regular bed. There was a bunch of medical stuff next to her, but the rest of the room was well decorated with fancy furniture and wallpaper.

Rachel couldn’t remember anything after confronting the little vampire girl, who’s life she had just saved. She had said something cool and dramatic, about not being anybody’s servant or sex toy, then passed out. Rachel figured if the police had picked her up she would not be in a place like this.

Taking a peek under the covers, Rachel was surprised. She expected to be all bandaged up like a mummy. But she was naked and there was no sign of her wounds. Tossing the covers off, she took a better look at herself. There were a few white marks, small scars, where she had been shot. Just below her breast was the line left by the crossbow bold, it had been a grazing shot not a solid hit. On her legs were many dots, where the shotgun pellets had ripped into her. Rachel poked at her self. No pain, everything felt normal. What was going on?

Just then the door opened. Violet ran into the room giggling like the little girl she appeared to be. Dressed in fancy clothes with lots of lace, her skin white as milk, her long golden hair perfectly combed, she looked more like a doll than a real k**. Certainly she did not look like the recent victim of torture and ****. Violet ran right to the bed and jumped up, giving Rachel a big hug. “Im so happy you’re awake! Are you feeling ok? Do you want something to eat?” the c***d sized vampire girl asked as she bounced on the bed, her arms tight around the young teenager’s naked body.

“Yea Im ok, but its kind of weird that Im.” Rachel answered; involuntarily putting her arms around the girl and returning the hug. The basic truth of the moment was that she needed someone to hold, some comfort. “Was I in a c*** for a month or something?” she asked after a small moment of silence.

“No nothing like that, I just used some magic to save your life.” Violet giggled.

“Are you k**ding?” Rachel asked. She was not at all sure what to think. Magic, why not, after all the other strange stuff, why not magic too? Putting her hands on the small shoulders of the girl she pushed her away just a bit, so she could look into those strange deep green eyes. “Will you tell me what’s really going on here?”

Violet looked up, she was in cute innocent k** mode, appearing as a sweet 10yr old. So it seemed that Rachel was the older girl, the more worldly and experienced. But that was a total lie and they both knew it. Violet had lived over 100 years as a vampire. “We are in a hotel owned by my father, the vampire who blessed me. We are safe. It’s the night after the attack on my house. Your healing is part of the gift I want to give you. But right now forget about all that; I want to make love with you.” The little Princess said.

Rachel was speechless; she had not been expecting that last statement at all.

With c***dish glee Violet giggled and placed her small hands on Rachel’s breasts. “I promise to be gentle.” The little vampire said as she caressed the teenager’s tits. Her breasts were average size for a girl her age, but her nipples were more sensitive, maybe because of all the sex she had been having over the past few months. Whatever the reason her nipples reacted and sent a warm tingling spark down to her tummy.

“Stop it, please.” Rachel said after a moment of enjoyment. Conflicting thoughts rushing around in her brain. She didn’t push the c***d vampire away; instead she placed her hands on top of Violet’s, holding her fingers still.

“Don’t worry, Im not here to use you, abuse you, feed on you or trick you in any way. “ Violet said in a serious voice the carried some of her deep understanding of human nature. “I want you as my friend, I want to make you feel good and I want you to enjoy my body too.”

Rachel closed her eyes, her heart was beating fast, it was all so very wrong, but it was the closest she had ever come to an honest normal sexual experience. “I want you as my friend too.” She said slowly. Then she let go of the small hands that were clasping her breasts, giving permission for the little vampire to continue fondling her tits. Violet smiled a warm happy expression.

As she rubbed and caressed the teenager’s tits, the small vampire leaned closer, rising up on her knees to bring her lips level with Rachel’s. Their first kiss was slow and tender, a sort of teasing lip and tongue dance. Violet refused to be more aggressive; she wanted her new lover to make the next move.

Eventually Rachel’s arms encircled the small body and pulled her tight. Their lips now pressing fully together. Their kissing deeper and more passionate. Violet twisted the stiff teenage nipples between her delicate fingers, pressing harder as she opened her mouth inviting Rachel’s tongue inside her.

After a small eternity of kissing, they broke apart. Rachel was gasping for breath. Violet was looking lustful. “Can I please lick your pussy now? I want to taste you, I want to make you cum.” She said in her youthful voice.

Rachel was determined not to be passive in this, but she was so very hot that she could not think of anything other than Violet’s cute little face between her legs. Leaning back in the bed, onto the pillows, so she could look down and watch, Rachel stretched herself out, spreading her legs. It was the first time she had opened herself up like this willingly. Sliding her hands known her tummy to her lightly furred pussy, she rubbed her outer lips. Rachel was starting to enjoy showing off for her new friend, because the girl had a look of wide eyed excitement. It was clear that Violet was enjoying herself.

The vampire girl watched for a few more moments, before she started crawling forward. Still fully dressed, she settled between the naked teenager’s open legs. Rachel held her pussy lips open, the best unspoken invitation a girl can make. Violet started licking slowly and playfully, all around the nice pink pussy. She was determined to make this unforgettable.

To be continued soon...

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3 years ago
victor its simply amazing
3 years ago
Another amazing installment, I missed you while I was away Victor :D
3 years ago
Thanks for letting me know this was published. Its great as usual
3 years ago
i started reading all of the series today and i have one 2 thing to say
1 you are a genius at this
2 please do not stop it
3 years ago
Im happy people are enjoying this story line.
3 years ago
so good, more, i need more
3 years ago
Oh, super sweet!! Can hardly wait for 17
3 years ago
Damn ur story's r the best one's i ever read