Hardonis Academy P-11b

New Students Second Day - Continued
By Victor Lavay

"My mom is, a total perv. She enjoyed watching me get licked, she enjoyed watching me suck cock, she loved watching me get fucked and eventually she took that big strap on dildo and used it on me herself.” Jinki finished her explanation of her home life by standing up and giving her plumb ass a good slap. “You lost your virginity at 10, well by the time I was that age I was taking a cock in every hole at the same time.”

Magan just gawked with her mouth wide open.

Jinki smiled, pointed at her new roommate, then started to laugh. “You should see your face, its priceless.” She said, then gave the shy new student a big hug. Magan wasn’t sure what to do, so she just let the older teen hold her. It was sort of nice to have the red head’s boobies pressing against her small body.

After she stopped laughing Jinki took a deep breath, and then pushed Magan down onto the bed. The older teen climbed on top of the young girl, she liked to be in control but didn’t like to be rough or nasty about it. “Just relax and let things happen.” she whispered, as she pushed up Magan’s skirt.

The shy girl said nothing, as the older teen exposed her pussy with its small patch of fur. She tried not to feel embarrassed, but she just could not help it. Jinki gave a mMm of approval as she got a peek at her roommate’s treasure. Then she lifted her own skirt to show off her plump smooth pussy lips. Magan turned bright red as her breathing grew quicker. This was a real first for her. Not the first time she had seen another girl’s private parts, but the first time she had looked in a sexual way, knowing that she would be directly involved with it.

Jinki settled down to straddle her new little lover, rubbing her naked pussy against the girl’s cute young cunt. Slowly up and down she moved her hips, as she looked into the shy eyes. Both girls were getting wet and hot. So after a few minutes of teasing pleasure, the older teen stopped moving, and started taking off her clothes. Off went the big warm sweater, then off went the school vest and finally she opened the white cotton shirt to reveal her big round boobies.

Magan gave a small gasp of approval as the older teen wiggled her shoulders, making her tits dance. She was amazed at how big and stiff the nipples were, like a mother’s breast, perfect for sucking on. Not at all like her own flat chest. Magan watched for long minutes as the plump red head played with herself. She rubbed her breasts, pinched her nipples gently, then sucked on a finger for a moment before rubbing it over the puffy dark pink tips of her tits.

Jinki enjoyed showing off for the little girl. Seeing her reactions and hearing her ever increasing breathing was a thrill that made her so very horny. She just could not resist lifting one of her breasts, up to her own mouth. It was one of the best things about having big tits, being able to suck on your own nipples. As Jinki sucked on her breast, she started rubbing her pussy against the small girl’s slippery slit. It was not long before she shivered in a small orgasm.

“Now off with your clothes too.” Jinki said excitedly and started to strip Magan of her school uniform. The girl blushed, knowing she had nothing to look at under her top. But she let the older teen have her way, cooperating in getting undressed. Normally she had small breasts for her age, but laying on her back as she was, Magan seemed entirely flat. Two small light pink nipples on her chest; nothing to get excited about.

“Mmm you’re so cute.” Jinki purred, then she leaned forward to give her little lover a big kiss. The girls kissed and rubbed against each other, building intensity. Magan let herself be taken; enjoying the feel of the older female body on top of her, pressing her to the bed, rubbing against her, the feel of the girl’s tongue in her mouth.

Soon there were both gasping loud and cumming. As her small body shivered in waves of pleasure, Magan reacted; just like she did whenever her daddy gave her a really good fucking, she reached down to grab the plump girl’s ass. “Please don’t stop, use me more, fuck me harder.” the shy girl repeated over and over.

Jinki was surprised, a happy hot surprise. Her new roommate had a passionate side to her. She was not just a passive innocent little k**.

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3 years ago
great stuff
3 years ago
:) happy ure writing this again :)
3 years ago
Actually this was the draft for Part 11b, I was half asleep when I posted it. So I guess there will be an 11c to finish the evening between Magan and Jinki.
3 years ago
Great but there has to be a bit more. Is there?