Turning to Darkness P 15

Part 15

As everyone watches the **** of the little vampire girl, Rachel makes her move. Her first objective was the guard’s gun. Because he was standing to the left of her chair, with his pistol strapped to his right leg, she could reach it easily, with her left hand. She was no expert with guns, but her dad had taken her target shooting a few times, back when life was more normal. And like everyone her age she had played a few first person shooter games. The trick was to draw the gun, switch off the safety and pull the trigger before the guard could react.

The loud Bang startled everyone, even Rachel. For a second she could not believe how easy it had been. The guard could not believe it either; he seemed to crumple slowly to the floor, a very surprised look in his eyes. Not wanting to lose initiative, Rachel picked the next closest target and fired again, Bang - Bang!

As she stood up, everyone just starred at her. So she shot another guy, Bang! Now the men started diving for cover. Part of her brain warned that they would return fire soon, but the adrenalin rush was so great that she felt invulnerable. Bang – Bang! Rachel walked forward, her blanket forgotten; she was naked except for the bandage that was wrapped around her chest.
Rachel felt great, until she pulled the trigger again and the gun gave a tiny empty ‘click’. She tossed it aside and crouched next to the dead trooper right in front of her. That’s when people started shooting at her. The s**ttered Boom – Boom of guns seemed very, very loud. But no one hit her. They did make it hard for Rachel to concentrate on taking the guy’s pistol. It seemed to take forever before she got it out. Then she was up and sprinting to the stairs. She was amazed that she had not been hit.

When the gun fire started Violet was shocked. It was totally unexpected. Not surprisingly she bit down hard on what she had in her mouth. The guy who had been face fucking her started to scream almost immediately. His incoherent ahrrrrh… was lost in the grunts and yelps of the men who were being shot. But soon he started to regain his wits and tried to pull away. The nearly helpless little vampire girl decided she did not want him going any place. She sank her fangs deep into his cock and held tight to him. She would drink as much of his bl**d as she could.

As some of the men started yelling “she went up the stairs, don’t let her get away.” and that sort of thing. The trooper with his prick trapped by the vampire started crying for help “She’s got me. She’s gonna bit it off. Help!”

The room was complete confusion. The captive residents of the house struggled to free themselves with new vigor. A couple of guys checked the wounded and dead. A few men with shotguns gathered at the bottom of the stairs getting ready to go after the wild girl. A few other guys tried to help the poor bustard get his cock free from the vampire bitch. While one man clubbed the prisoners back into order, a couple of the vampire hunters just slipped on out the door.

Rachel got to the top of the upper hallway, took a few more steps then lay flat on the floor, facing the stairs. The braced the pistol and took aim. The first guy to come up would get a bullet in his head. Then she could tuck and role into the room next to her. Beyond that she had no plan.

The sun was beginning to set.

It seemed like forever before the carful footsteps crept up the stairs. Maybe three guys, Rachel guessed. The first target came into view, Bang! He went down screaming. She had been a bit off center, wounding the side of his head. His friends halted their advance to tend to him, causing more long moments to slowly creep by for Rachel.

It seemed to take forever before the men got their comrade free from the vampire bitch. She made a little game of it. Whenever they tried anything she would bite a bit harder on the man’s cock, making sure to cause more pain than real damage, making him scream loud. But eventually they managed to rescue the poor fellow who had been much drained during the ordeal. One man held the vampire’s head as another man used all his strength to push her small mouth open, resulting in a jaw popping snap.

By this time the sun was down.

“This is completely fucked up.” One of the troops said, “Let’s just kill her and get out of here.” There were some hasty nods of agreement. “Yea the cops will be here soon.” Another guy reasoned. The man who had nearly had his cock bitten off by the damn vampire slut was in no mood to reason. He picked up the baseball bat that had been sharpened into a stake from where it had fallen. Then he aimed it right between the creature’s little legs, right at her hairless evil cunt.

The rest of the men started withdrawing quickly. It was not a very organized retreat, but it was not a panic either. One of them kept covering the stairs with his shotgun, well aware of the crazy girl upstairs with a pistol. Other guys carried out the wounded and the dead too.

Rachel could hear the activity downstairs. It was clear what was going on. The men were about to go away, they had stopped coming after her. If she stayed quiet she would be ok. But they would kill the little vampire girl. Rachel’s hand was shaking, her stomach was in knots. Her body hurt all over and she could feel that the bandages around her chest were wet with bl**d. What should she do…

With a smile of pure hate the man pressed the sharp point of the stake between the little vampire’s already abused pussy lips. Then he took hold of the hammer. Thump! He started to drive the stake in. Violet screamed and pulled hard at the nails that herd her to the table. There was no more time to play; she knew this would be the best chance to free herself and attack. Fortunately the man who was trying to kill her, by driving a stake up her entire body, had already been drained of a good deal of bl**d. This made him weaker than normal so his efforts were not having quite as much results as they might have.

Rachel had decided what to do and was getting her feet under her, when she heard the first thump & scream. ‘No time to be sneaky now.’ She thought as she dashed to the stairs. Ka-boom! The guy at the bottom fired at her. White hot pain tore a million scratches across her legs, then she slipped and went bouncing down the stairs on her ass. Every step was a jarring shock, but somehow she kept hold of her gun. She came to a stop right at the man’s feet, as he was just starting to aim down at her. Bang- bang! Rachel pulled the trigger twice, catching the man in the guts. He crumpled backward to lean against the wall.

Violet pulled her feet free of the nails as the fourth hammer blow drove the spike into her small body. The pain was incredible, but she knew the stake was nowhere near her heart yet. Aiming as best she could, the lil vampire girl kicked the man in the head. Then she rolled to her left, pulling with all the strength to free her right arm.

The man who had been standing ready with another stake, looked towards the gunshots at the bottom of the stairs, then he quickly aimed the stake at the vampire’s heart. When she kicked his comrade away, he raised the hammer to strike. But as his hand came down, the small bl**dy arm of the evil c***d creature shot up to intercept him. Thinking quickly he pressed down with his trapped arm, onto the girl’s small neck. Then he raised up the stake, praying he could drive it into her without a hammer.

Violet was surprised by the man’s quick actions. She had been confident of victory one second then feared it would all be over the next. That is when the last gun shot rang out. Bang! The man twitched and collapsed. “Head shot.” Rachel said in imitation of a dramatic video game voice.

Limping forward, her naked body splattered with bl**d, most of it her own, the young teenager held the pistol in one hand. She didn’t even know if there were any bullets left in the gun, but having it was a cold sort of comfort. Rachel staggered to the table and looked Violet in the eye. The c***d’s white skin was every bit as bl**d covered, but her wounds were disappearing quickly.

Rachel put her gun down, then took hold of the big stake that was still stuffed up the vampire’s hairless cunt. “Little princess, about that deal you offered me, no. Im not gonna be anybody’s servant or sex toy or whatever.” having said that, Rachel pulled the sharpened baseball bat out. It made a sickeningly wet slurping sound as it slid free from the girl’s small body.

Violet smiled a very sweet smile, “Of course you won’t be my servant, you’re going to be my new best friend.”

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3 years ago
victor your the greatest
3 years ago
Fantastic writing yet again Victor :)
3 years ago
This is not really the END
think of it as a mid season brake
Iv got more ideas for this story line
3 years ago
Oh, so sweet, Violet and Rachel are new best friends. I always like a happy ending.
3 years ago
Just started this yesterday and gotta say it's the SHIT!!! Love love LOVE this series.
3 years ago
This has been a brilliant series with twists and turns along the way. Although I'm waiting for Adventures of Hardonis Academy I have been gripped by this one as well. Thanks
3 years ago
nice, just started this series today, and i can already say, cant wait for more
P.S. violet is my favorite