Turning to Darkness P 14

Part 14
Warning some nasty stuff in this one.

Violet lay naked in the sunlight. She had not done that in a very, very long time. She had always loved warm spring days with the smell of new flowers in bloom. But that was part of her other life. As a vampire she found the sunlight painful and it was hard to stay awake during the day. Some times she would do it; f***e herself to stay awake and peek out at the world.

This afternoon Violet was not in the light by her own choice. Vampire hunters had attacked her house and captured her. They had nailed her small body to a table and ripped off her clothes, exposing her delicate white skin to the harsh light. She was in serious trouble and she could see no way out of it. The only thing she could try was to stall for time.

But as soon as the leader of the hunters had left the house to make a phone call, the situation started to turn ugly. The group was dressed military style and carried lots of weapons, but it was clear that they were not well disciplined professionals. A few of them simply wanted to kill the vampire right away, a few others wanted to ‘make her pay for what she did’ while another few were in favor of rapping her before torturing her. The most gruesome suggestion came from a man holding a baseball bat that had been sharpened to a point. “I promised on the grave of my son that I would shove this bat right up her evil cunt.”

Rachel sat and listened to the debate. The men were talking about the young girl as if she was an inhuman thing, an evil creature. One of the men argued that they should not fuck her because it might be dangerous. Another said logically that they should fuck her before impaling her. No one seemed to have a shred of compassion for the naked little girl who they had nailed to a table. Unless you consider the guy who said “Let’s just kill her and be done with it.”

It made Rachel angry to hear how these men were talking. Even though she had thought about driving a wooden stake through Violet’s chest early this morning, she did not like all this talk about **** and torture. She didn’t like it because deep down she remembered not so long ago being helpless, tied to her own dining room table as her father and his fuck-friend had talked about her. They had used that same tone of voice, although they had not planned anything so nasty and fatal. They had talked as if Rachel did not even exist as a person, as if she was just an object to be used.

Although Violet looked to be 10 years old she was really over 100, and in that time she had learned a great deal about psychology; why people act the way they do and how to manipulate them. Her main tactic was usually the sweet and innocent approach with a hint of naughtiness to draw her victims in. But that was hardly the only trick she had to use. Listening to the men talk it had become clear to her that they all held personal grudges against her, rather than a general vendetta against vampires. Begging for mercy would not work with this bunch.

So the little vampire tried a different approach. “Goofball there is right; you should just kill me now.” She said with a clear tremor in her voice, wanting the men to know she was afraid. “If you try fucking me, you’ll regret it.” She did her best to sound like she was bluffing.

That simple bit of reverse psychology settled things. Soon the first man had his pants down and his cock in hand. Two other guys took hold of the helpless girl’s legs and made sure she was open wide. Violet snarled at him and called him all sorts of nasty names, as he climbed into place on top of her. She struggled a little but the pain of the nails made it so she didn’t want to move at all. Then just as he was rubbing the hard dead of his cock against her hairless little cunt, she said “I bet you always wanted to fuck your own daughter like this but you didn’t have the balls to do it.”

“Shut up you bitch!” the man hissed as he thrust his prick into her tight hole. He was not very big but it hurt enormously as he popped her cherry. Although Violet was far from innocent, she had been turned into a vampire while she was still a virgin and so whenever she regenerated she returned to that physical condition. It was something of a curse that she tried to make the best of. But today it offered one more way for these men to hurt her.

He fucked the little vampire c***d hard and fast, getting satisfaction from each painful gasp she let out. She was suffering and that made him happy. Although in truth it was not his prick violating her tiny cunt that caused her so much pain, it was the movement of her small body pulling at the nails with each thrust he made. For the man fucking the evil creature was like a therapy for the trouble she had caused in his life.

Rachel watched with tears in her eyes. It was so brutal and painful. The agonized gasps of the young girl were unbearable. Some one had to stop these men. But life was not like the movies no hero arrived in the nick of time. She would have to act.

The first man finished fucking the vampire girl with a satisfied grunt, and then he climbed off her. Another of the troops took his place. “You don’t want sloppy seconds do you?” Violet asked as he poked his big cock at her abused bald pussy lips. “Put your cock in my mouth.” She said in a very quiet commanding voice. The man hesitated, but then slammed home his shaft up into the evil c***d.

The second man put his hands around the little vampire’s neck and squeezed as he fucked her long and hard. His cock was so big it stretched her tiny cunt and hammered at her cervix. When he finally came he thrust into her so hard that she let out a silent shriek, as the big head of his dick popped into her c***d sized womb.

When the man tried to pull out, he found that his cock was trapped. Violet saw the fear in his eyes and she smiled. “You fuck just like daddy does, so Im gonna keep your cock in me forever.” She said with sweetness. He pushed down hard on her chest and used all his strength to throw himself backward, to escape the little evil cunt.

She let him go. With a loud pop, he was out of her and flying off the table to crash land on the floor. Most of the men laughed. A few others had worried looks. Even though see seemed helpless, maybe the vampire was still dangerous. Violet f***ed out a laugh, “Is that the best you can do? Bunch of limp dick, pretend soldiers. Im in no danger of being fucked to death I see.”

A few seconds later three men set out to prove her wrong. As two of them spread her small ass cheeks wide, the third took a broken chair leg and rammed it up her bum. He pushed and twisted it till it was a few inches inside her ass hole, then he gave it a good kick with his boot. The vampire screamed and cried, “You bastards, you c***d m*****ing sons of bitches.”

The men laughed as they god ready for more fun. One guy climbed onto the table, between her legs and aimed his cock at her already well used hairless cunt. The other guy straddled her head and aimed his fat prick at her mouth. When the first guy f***ed his dick into her sloppy cunt, Violet opened her mouth to gasp, just as the second guy expected. He took hold of the little girl’s head and started to face fuck her.

Violet closed her eyes tight, not wanting the men to see the joy that was in them. ‘These fools they were so very careless’ she thought as she carefully used her fangs to prick the fat prick that was stuffed down her throat. She drank his bl**d and he never noticed it. Even as her body was violated she grew stronger, maybe she would survive until night fall.

Next time Rachel takes action and tries to save the day
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3 years ago
Chair leg up the ass, EXCELLENT
3 years ago
Brilliant. Don't know how you think these up
3 years ago
Victor, this was absolutely sick. Great story. Keep going.
3 years ago
yes violet & rachel have to survive
3 years ago
Excellent - I'm glad there may be a way out for Violet and this is not the end :)