Turning to Darkness P 13

Part 13
Enter the vampire hunters.

Rachel was wrapped in a blanket, locked in a closet, thinking about what she would do when the little vampire princess came back. Part of her still thought the entire situation was crazy. Vampires didn’t really exist. But the danger she faced from a house full of people loyal to the psycho girl, was very real. She tapped her knife against the floor as the thought. The small thump as the blade bit into the wood was reassuring.

Suddenly there was noise from downstairs; a big crash and some shouting followed by the sounds of fighting and furniture braking. Rachel had no idea what was going on. Maybe the house was being raided by the cops. Maybe they would rescue her. She listened to the sounds and tried to make out what was being said. But there was too much confusion.

Eventually things quieted down, so a strong male voice could be heard barking out orders. “Get these punks tied up. Make sure they aren’t going anyplace. Then we start the search. Room by room, top to bottom. We must find the little bitch before sunset.” A few minutes later there was the sound of boots in the hallway outside the closet.

Rachel decided she would act. She set the knife down next to the door and put a towel over it. Then she thumped weakly on the door “help, help, Im in here!” she called out. A second later a voice from outside the door yelled “Boss we got something here.”

The girl in the closet listened to the sound of more footsteps, then some whispering. She called for help a few more times, asking if anyone was there. Then suddenly the door was pulled open. Bright light flooding the small space made her flinch and cover her eyes. “Its her!” one of the guys in the hallway gasped. Rachel felt a sharp burning pain in her left side almost at the same time as she heard the flat twang of the crossbow string.

“Hold it!” barked the leader’s voice. “You fools, that’s not her.”

Rachel staggered back, her hand clutching her side. Her eyes wide in shocked disbelief. She had been shot! These men shot her, with a crossbow! She gasped then dropped to her knees. ‘Fucked by life once more.’ she thought in despair.

“Get her downstairs now. Patch her up. Don’t tie her up, but keep a close eye on her.” The gruff looking man said to his troops. Then more quietly he said “Im sorry Miss, but this is dangerous work.” Rachel wanted to make some sarcastic reply but she just gurgled something incoherently, as two men picked her up and carried her down the stairs. “Damn it. You may have just shot one of the people we are here to save. Fucking amateurs.” The leader grumbled.

Rachel woke up to the sound of cheering and some more scuffling. It was still day light, all the blinds had been torn down. She was sitting in a big chair, bandages wrapped around her chest. Still naked except for the blanket d****d over her. A guy in military style clothes stood next to her, on guard. Coming down the stairs was a pack of troops carrying the struggling little vampire girl. She hissed and pulled at her captors. Then let out a shriek as one of them zapped her with a tazer, again. “Get her over here.” The leader said, standing next to the dining room table.

The troops f***ed the small creature onto the table and held her there. The man who seemed to be in charge of this vampire hunt, took a nail gun from a bag on the floor. There was a long, long second of silence then the rapid thump, thump of two nails being fired; followed by the cries of the c***d as her hand was pinned to the table.

Some of the men looked on in quiet shock. Others cheered as the evil bitch from hell was nailed. The captured teens who were residents of the house struggled against the handcuffs and plastic zip-ties that held them in place. They had all been gagged so the muffled chorus of protests sounded pathetic. A few of the men kicked the prisoners and told them to shut up.

The leader said nothing as he walked round the table, 2 nails in each hand, 2 in each for arm, legs up so her feet are flat, then 2 nails in each foot. Rachel felt sick as she watched. The small girl was not acting like some creature of darkness. She was whimpering and crying and kept repeating “please no, no…”

The gruff soldier didn’t seem to care. “Push the table closer to the window.” He ordered “So princess here can get some more sun.” A few of the men laughed at the joke. “I have some questions for you, but first Im going to let you bake for a bit before we talk.” He told the vampire, and then he drew his large knife. With a few cuts and a hard pull her fancy nightdress came off. Her small body was fully exposed to the late afternoon sun.

“But isn’t that going to kill her?” one of the men asked the leader as he walked away from the table. “Sure sunlight kills vampires, but it doesn’t make them burst into flames instantly.” The boss answered as he continued walking towards the door. “Iv got to make a call. I should be back in 10 minutes.”

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3 years ago
I was not expecting that, nice twist
3 years ago
Victor, you have such a perverted imagination. On to the next part.
3 years ago
great twist hope rachel does not suffer again & saves the vampire
3 years ago
Ooo Victor - that was unexpected
3 years ago
Well that was a change of direction. Well done