Turning to Darkness P 12

Part 12
No sex in this chapter but the story line does get to an important point.

When the door burst open, young teen Rachel; the house guest, was sitting naked on top of older teen Mercy; the house manager, who was tied to the bed. That alone would not have been so unusual in this place. But the bl**dy knife in Rachel’s hand and the red blossoms across Mercy’s chest were clear evidence that something was wrong.

“Fuck everyone, fuck your little vampire, fuck you! I want to be evil.” Rachel sobbed hysterically as she rubbed her cunt against Mercy’s smooth pussy. Every stab of the knife made her feel like she was in control, it made her feel hot. Soon she was cumming the most intense orgasm of her young life. She hardly even noticed the loud crack of the door frame braking. Then suddenly many hands were on her, dragging her off the bed.

Rachel kicked and struggled, she used the knife, she used her teeth. Her recent life seemed to be one defeat after another. But this time she would win. She would fight harder than ever before. She would not let them subdue her, then **** her. That’s what the young teenager thought anyhow.

What happened was that she was pushed and carried down the hall to a small closet, stuffed into it then the door was locked. She slammed her body against the door several times, but it held. She was trapped.

Breathing heavily Rachel tried to calm down and focus. She was naked; as she had been from the time she woke up today. She still had the knife, although the back of her hand hurt a lot from some one slamming it into a wall trying to make her drop the knife. The girl smiled in the dark closet, it was a victory; she still had a weapon.

She considered her prison. It was small and there was a pile of soft fabric, blankets sheets and towels she guessed from the feel of it. She felt around for a light switch; there was none. She expected them to come get her soon, so she got ready to attack. Thinking about how best to escape the house as the minutes crept slowly past.

Rachel woke up suddenly, as light flooded the closet. She had not wanted to fall asl**p, but with nothing else to do, she had wrapped herself in a blanket and drifted off. After a second of sl**py confusion, she remembered that she was trying to escape. Clutching the knife tightly she made ready to spring into action. But before she could act a commanding little voice spoke, freezing her in place.

“You are a very bad guest. You have interrupted my sl**p. Your attack on my servant has caused a great deal of trouble.” In the doorway to the closet stood a small c***d, dressed in elegant Victorian style clothing, her skin white as milk, her eyes an alien green. The vampire girl Violet looked very unhappy.

Rachel said nothing. She gathered her courage and got ready to attack. Maybe this little girl was a vampire, or just some crazy rich k**. It didn’t matter; Rachel was going to get away. Whatever happened this time, she would not cower in fear or give in to demands.

“I should have you punished, down in the basement for three days of torture, before I decide if I want to drink every last drop of your bl**d, but Im felling generous.” The sharp look in the small vampire’s eyes seemed deadly serious. No little girl ever had that sort of cold gaze. “If you agree to be my servant for a year and a day, according to the old ways, you will gain my protection in exchange you must be loyal.”

Rachel had not been expecting an offer like that. “Are you serious?” she asked.

“Yes. Just like the other residents of this house. Your troubles in life will be taken care of. You will have free time to enjoy yourself. But you must serve me, do as you’re told, and act with my best interests at heart. You must defend this house and keep the secret. You must willingly give yourself to feed me.” The c***d spoke the words to the contract. “Think about it. I will have your answer tonight.” With that said, the closet door was slammed shut again.

Rachel had not been expecting that. It was like one of those offers you can’t refuse in the mafia movies. Join us or else. We will take care of you but you have to be our slave. It’s your choice but if you don’t join your in for a world of hurt. Rachel thought about it all, she had nothing else to do. It was all so crazy. Her life had become a sort of nightmare, but what could she do?

“Its all about taking control of your situation, your choices.” A voice whispered into her ear. She felt around in the darkness but no one was there. “Don’t be passive and let things happen to you. Don’t accept the limited options people f***e you to choose from.” The voice said.

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3 years ago
Is the voice the Shadow Man?
3 years ago
It sounds like Rachel is between a rock and hard place. On to the next part.
3 years ago
great add victor!!!!
3 years ago
Who's is the voice?
3 years ago