Turning to Darkness P 11

Part 11
Taking control or Going off the deep end?

Rachel woke up to find her body wrapped around Mercy. Her head was comfortably resting against the older teen’s big boobs. Both girls were very naked. For long moments Rachel did not move she just looked at the sl**ping face of the goth girl. She considered carefully the ideas that suddenly came to her mind.

Control, it was all about having no control over her life. At home, at school, even here in this strange house, people did things to her and she was powerless to stop them. She was nothing but an object; to be ordered around, to be used. People got from her what they wanted; they took it and never even asked if they could have it.

Rachel pushed herself away from the sl**ping goth girl. Yes, even Mercy, who seemed so nice and helpful, had used her. The fact that it has not been brutal or painful was beside the point. Last night had not all been a dream, she was sure. Then the more disturbing thought sprang to her mind. Rachel slowly raised her hand to her neck.

In a flash she was out of bed, moving as quickly and quietly as she could, still naked, Rachel rushed down the short hallway to the bathroom. She closed the door and took a deep breath, then looked into the mirror. Sure enough, there were marks on her neck. It looked like some one had nibbled and sucked at her throat, but also there were two clear punctures, fang marks. Rachel’s knees trembled, she held onto the sink, her tummy turned in knots. The evil little girl had been real. She had been a vampire. No, no, that could not be true. It was crazy.

When she finally walked out of the bathroom, Rachel was determined to get some answers. She would take control of the situation for once. Entering the bedroom, she breathed a sigh of relief; Mercy was still sl**ping. That would make things easier. Looking around the room it did not take Rachel long to find some things to tie the goth girl down. Gently the young teen took Mercy’s arms and bound them to the bed posts, then tied her legs too. The older teen was now naked and helpless in her own bed.

Rachel thought for a moment about what she was about to do. Mercy didn’t seem to be a bad person. Everything about her said nice and friendly, except maybe the first impression of how she dressed. But right now she was naked and sl**ping, looking like a big cuddly baby. Rachel turned away and took a knife from her backpack. She was going to get some answers even if she had to be the bad guy.

Rachel climbed onto the bed, onto the chubby naked girl that was sl**ping there. She was still naked herself, maybe it would have been smart to get dressed first, but she had not. Rachel smiled and gave in to the perverse urge to rub her pussy against Mercy’s smoothly shaven crotch. It felt good. The older teen gave a soft moan and tried to move slightly. Rachel began to rub herself harder grinding her pussy down into the soft flesh beneath her.

With the knife she gave a small poke at Mercy’s breast to wake her up. The goth girl gave a sharp yelp and struggled to move. The improvised restraints held. Rachel looked her in the eye and said “I want the truth, what the hell is going on around here? Who are you? Who is that little girl? What do you want with me?”

Mercy looked around for a second, trying to figure out what was going on. The young house guest had really surprised her. The girl was no killer, that was clear, but she was unpredictable and that made her dangerous. Mercy had expected a nice morning wake up, cuddling with Rachel, fingering her slippery pussy as the young teen sucked on her nipple. Now she had a naked knife wielding girl demanding answers, on top of her. It was a good bit of work, although it was clear the girl had not thought her plan through all the way. That was just more proof that Rachel was on the edge.

“Ok fine, I will tell you.” Mercy said, making sure her breath was rapid so it was clear that she was frightened. “This isn’t my house, I work for the real owner, she is a vampire. She looks like a 10 year old but she is really over 100 years old. Iv been her servant ever since I can remember, she’s like a mother to me. She drinks my bl**d and has sex with me all the time.” Mercy moved her hips with the last comment. She noticed that Rachel was still sitting on her crotch.

“That little girl is a vampire, a real vampire?” Rachel murmured, “All that stuff last night, it wasn’t a dream? My god, she is a like a total evil slut!” Rachel rubbed herself harder against the helpless older teen beneath her. Wanting to do something violent, but holding back.

“She is not evil.” Mercy said “Iv seen evil and she is sweet and playful compared to some of her kind.” That was the secret truth of her life, the goth girl had been around vampires a great deal and she played at being dark and spooky but she had never really embraced the blackness. Mercy had watched people die, she had helped to dispose of bodies, she had even killed a few times to protect her little Princess, but she had never enjoyed any of that. She knew that Violet didn’t enjoy death, not like some vampires did.

“Not evil, everyone around me is fucking evil. If they are not ignoring me or making fun of me they are rapping me. Now Im a fuck toy and a midnight snack for a p*****n vampire!” Rachel rubbed her pussy hard against her victim, anger and lust mixed together. She gripped the knife tight, and then suddenly started stabbing Mercy. She drove the blade down in small quick thrusts into the girl’s breasts, her chest her shoulders. The goth girl shrieked partly in pain but mostly in surprise.

The logical part of her mind told Mercy that the cuts were not serious; the girl was not driving the blade in as deep as possible. The pain was almost delicious, mixing with the way the girl was grinding against her clit, it was sure to bring on a great orgasm. But unlike any bondage games she had ever played before, the danger was very real. This crazy k** may get carried away and kill her.

“Fuck everyone, fuck your little vampire, fuck you! I want to be evil.” Rachel sobbed hysterically as she rubbed her cunt against Mercy’s smooth pussy. Every stab of the knife made her feel like she was in control, it made her feel hot. Soon she was cumming the most intense orgasm of her young life.

That’s when the door burst open.

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3 years ago
victor you naughty tease
3 years ago
and... whats next?
3 years ago
OOooooo Victor - who was at the door? Please don't leave it a very long time before you write us some more xxx