Turning to Darkness P 10

Part 10 - How do you know when you are dreaming?

Rachel knew she was dreaming, it just had to be a dream, the evil little girl had said the most disturbing things before she climbed onto Rachel and bit her neck. The odd mix of pain and pleasure was unreal. The logical part of Rachel’s mind told her; you can toss this k** aside, she is no bigger than a 9 year old. But she had been helpless under the small body, hardly able to struggle at all. So it must be part of a dream.

Rachel knew it had been a dream but now she was not so sure what was going on. The sound of the bedroom door opening had awakened her, or so it seemed. But she could hardly move, her body felt so heavy, so tired. She watched as Mercy entered the room. The curvy, dark haired, older teen, started stripping her clothes off, then she looked towards the dark corner of the room. Sitting in a chair was that same evil c***d that had been in Rachel’s dream. But she looked so sweet and innocent, a white lace nightdress and long golden hair. Could this still be part of the dream?

Mercy walked over to her little Princess, and leaned forward to give her a kiss. She knew full well about everything that had been going on that night, what the Princess had done outside the house and what she did in the bed just a few moments ago. One glance at the naked girl laying on the bed confirmed Mercy’s suspicions; the house guest would be staying for many more days.

Violet gave her favorite human a deep passionate kiss and reached up with both her small hands to fondle Mercy’s ample breasts. From the vampire’s point of view it seemed like only yesterday that the plump teenager had been her little doll. A dozen years had changed Violet not at all, her small breasts were just starting to blossom but would never grow. The princess rubbed and pulled on Mercy’s nipples with great affection as they kissed.

The little Princess broke the kiss but held Mercy’s nipples. “Lick her pussy, make her cum with your tongue, then return to kiss me again.” She gave the command softly. Rachel twitched but could do little more. Her body felt as heavy as lead.

Obediently Mercy stood up and stepped back to the foot of the bed, between Rachel’s open legs. She climbed partly onto the bed and started licking with out hesitation. Lick, lick , lick all around the young teen’s cunt. Then she pushed her tongue deeper between pink pussy lips. Lick, lick, lick, up and down her slippery slit. Rachel started moaning, enjoying the felling in spite of the strangeness of the situation.

When Rachel’s orgasm washed over her it was the strangest feeling she ever had. A slow warm tingling that spread from her tummy to her toes. Not a strong hot horny explosion, but a long shiver of pleasure. Before she even realized it, Mercy was gone from between her legs and back over by the chair, kissing the evil little girl. As Rachel focused on them, the c***d put one hand atop the teenager’s head and pushed her downward. At the same time she leaned back and lifted her nightdress.

The strange eyes of the c***d looked directly at Rachel, as the skillful teenage tongue began to work on her hairless pussy. Having just felt Mercy licking her cunt, Rachel could vividly imagine what the dark haired goth girl was doing to the bone white little body in the chair. As the sounds of licking and slurping became louder, the evil young girl began to smile, but her breathing never seemed to change. Until suddenly she grasped Mercy’s head with both hands and thrust her hips frantically.

Violet came with out making a sound, with out blinking or taking her eyes off the guest that lay helpless a few feet away. She gave a silent gasp that showed off her fangs. Then it was done. The little Princess looked down at her favorite human and said; “Give Rachel a kiss, let her taste herself and me on your lips, then you may sl**p.”

Mercy stood up and stepped to the side of the bed. She looked into the wide confused eyes of her house guest, then kissed her. Rachel tried to move her hand to stop it; she tried to say “Wait, what is going on?” But it was useless, she must still be dreaming; so Rachel lay there in bed enjoying the dream of kissing Mercy. She was tender, loving and warm. Her kisses felt nice, her hands were gentle, her body soft. It was a dream now about nice sex, no more naughty perverted things.

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3 years ago
Every syllable gets my blood pumping!!
3 years ago
outstanding series
3 years ago
3 years ago
I have a feeling its not gonna be so good in the morning!
Thanks Victor
3 years ago
I enjoyed the story. Thank you.