Turning to Darkness P 9

Part 9
The vampire fiction continues...

Rachel spent the day hanging out at the strange house she had stumbled upon the night before. She had no plan in mind, only a desire to avoid going home. The people living in the house, mostly older teens, were an odd bunch. They looked kind of scary, with punk or goth styles, but they were sympathetic, having their own stories of hard times. Aside from Mercy and Marko, she didn’t talk with many of the others, until she got invited into a D&D game. She knew about computer RPGs but thought that only real geeks sat around a table role playing. So she was hesitant to join in, preferring to sit and watch. Mercy sat with her and explained what was going on. “To a real gamer, computer RPGs are fast food; they can give you a fix but they just don’t come close to the experience of a good live game.”

Before long Rachel found that she was enjoying herself, laughing and carrying on like she had been friends with the gang for ever. Although the young girl didn’t realize it, Mercy had a lot to do with making sure everything went smoothly. Rachel was happy to forget about the outside world, about school and home. Being caught up in a fantasy world full of trolls and treasures was exactly what she needed. That was half the reason why the house existed; to provide an escape for those who needed it. Of course there was a price to be paid in bl**d. The other reason for the house to exist was to provide a willing source of food for the little Princess.

Rachel hardly noticed the day pass, soon it was dark and she was felling sl**py. So she said good night and climbed the stairs to the room she shared with Mercy. As she got undressed Rachel thought about the strange dream she had, it seemed so real. Then she thought about how she had awakened, with her fingers slippery wet between Mercy’s legs. Nothing had been said about it at all. Well almost nothing. When Rachel had asked if she could stay one more night, Mercy had replied “Of course you can, I think you help me to sl**p better.”

Now as the old style clock on the wall struck midnight with a small “Tock” the girl lay in bed listening to the various sounds in the house. There was music and talking some laughing and the squeaky sound of a bed being bounced on. Rachel closed her eyes, knowing that sl**p would soon take her.

Then suddenly there was movement, something was climbing onto her bed. Rachel opened her eyes to see a small white face looking at her. The face was that of the young girl in the dream who had been having sex with her mother. The body was that of a c***d but the eyes were that of a predator, green and ageless, looking deep into her sole. With a blink the intense gaze was gone, replaced by a happy youthful look in keeping with the rest of her appearance. “Hello Rachel, Im just come from seeing your father, he is a naughty pervert, I kind of like him.” The small delicate girl giggled.

“What? Who are you? What are you talking about?” Rachel stammered.

“Im Violet, this is my house. I listened to your story last night and tonight I went over to your house to see if it was true.” The little girl explained things very calmly as she sat on the bed, her lace trimmed nightgown flowing around her. “I told your daddy that you had been babysitting me to make extra money. I told him how you had been teaching me all about sex; licking my little pussy and making me cum like a big girl. He seemed to like hearing all about that.” Violet sucked on one of her small fingers. “Then I told him that I wished my father would fuck me the way he fucked you.”

Rachel looked at the c***d sitting on the bed in front of her, horrified and speechless. Violet giggled and continued “It was easy to get him to fuck me too. Your daddy is a naughty pervert, he was willing to do it with a strange little girl who showed up on his door step.” The small girl gave her best innocent face, “I tried very hard to look as young as I could, do you think he believed I was six? He hardly asked any questions.”

Violet tossed herself onto her back then lifted her knees up, her dress fell open as she spread her tiny legs. “Before I knew it, I was naked and laying just like this, with your father’s face pressed to my pussy.” Rachel couldn’t resist looking between the young girl’s legs. The light was dim but she could see the pinkness of Violet’s hairless slit against her very white skin.

“He licked me for a few minutes, then got out his cock. I started to whimper and told him it was way too big. He liked that a lot.” The evil young girl used two of her fingers to mimic the action, “He stuffed his thing right into my poor little cunt, forcing himself onto me, popping my cherry then fucking me till he filled my abused baby hole with his cum.”

Rachel listened hypnotized as she watched the small c***d finger fuck her hairless hole. The little girl did look like she had spent the evening being stretched wide open. No one her age should be able to push a few fingers in so deep and so easily. Rachel was confused, the girl was talking about being sexually abused and used, with a smile.

“Then your daddy picked me up, his cock still half hard in my sticky cunt. He took me to your bed, every step make his cock jab into my tummy deeper and got him harder. He fucked me again, only this time he lasted much longer.” Violet used her left hand to f***e all the fingers of her right hand up into her smooth wet cunt.

“He used my poor little pussy and then ****d my ass. He fucked me till I screamed ‘daddy your cock is going to kill me’ then he started cumming” Violet gasped as she made herself cum, then she pulled her fingers from her own wet little cunt and licked them. “You can still taste his cum in me, if you want.”

Rachel reached out to take hold of the c***d’s shoulders. “Stop, just stop it, this cant be true. This cant be real.”
“His emotions of lust were delicious, but I think your feelings of shock are even better.” having said all that, Violet quickly pushed forward, crawling on top of the surprised young teenager. Rachel let out a small shriek before she fell silent. The little Princess sank her fangs into the neck of her house guest.

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