Adventures with Allic

This story is based on real life, the names of course are fiction.
Consider this part 1 there is more to come this summer I hope.

I had seen her in the neighborhood many times over the past few years. We talked here and there about nothing in particular. Some times she asked me strange questions; usually I gave her strait answers. She quickly went from a skinny flat k** to a rather hot teenager. Before I knew it she was telling me that next fall she would be entering high school.

We talked and flirted one day as we waited for the bus. I didn’t expect much to come of things; I just naturally like to make remarks. Allic was curious and seemed to know a lot about sex. She asked me some very direct questions about how I did things in bed. I was not sure if her knowledge was theoretical or if she had been doing things already. That did not really matter. I answered her questions and said but it would be a lot better if I showed you instead of just told you.

A half hour later we were in my apartment and she was stripping off her clothes. She was a bit shy but clearly wanted the pussy licking that I had promised to give her. Something about how she acted when I licked her hairless lil pussy told me that it was not the first time that she had been eaten. My suspicion was confirmed after she calmed down from a long orgasm and said “that was the best ever”

As the summer went on I met her several times, and we played a bit. She was a virgin I could tell when I finger fucked her tight young cunt. She was also not very good at cock sucking or maybe it was just that she had no experience with an adult size cock. Anyhow cumming in her cute lil mouth was fantastic. Allic tried her best to swallow it all but she just could not do it.

I asked her only once if she was ready to go all the way. She said “no” so I let the subject drop. I did not see her at all after school started. I shrugged and assumed that was the end of things. But it was not.

This spring I met up with Allic and her chubby lil girlfriend Kate. It was clear who the leader was. Allic talked about how much fun sex was and how Kate just had to try it. She talked like she had been doing everything with me. I smiled and did not contradict her stories about last summer. Then Allic asked if I would be willing to do a few things with Kate. I said fine, so long as everyone was getting naked together.

An hour later in my apartment, the chubby blond teenager watched me lick her friend. Allic enjoyed me eating her and finger fucking both her tight lil holes. Of course I noticed that she was in fact still a virgin. I was quite surprised but did not say anything. If she wanted her friend to think she had already fucked me that was fine.

Kate rubbed her fat furless pussy lips as she watched her best friend orgasm. She thought it was worth trying and quickly got down and spread her legs, so I got to eat her too. Just like I did with Allic, once I got her wet and happy I started pushing a finger into her pussy, then one into her ass. Kate was very tight, but no virgin, something or some one had popped her teenage cherry.

As Kate was cumming, Allic said “fuck her, please fuck her, I want to watch you do it… then you can do me next.” Somehow I just did not trust Allic entirely, but being hot and horny its best to go with the flow.

So I fucked Kate's plump pussy. She gasped as I pushed into her, bit her lip, but gave a nod to say; keep going. I pushed with endless short strokes until most of my cock was stuffed up her hot wet cunt. Then I gave it to her with long hard strokes, making a good show for Allic.

Kate cried a lot and whimpered quietly. Allic on the other hand enjoyed watching me do it to her friend, moaning and rubbing herself. When I exploded inside Kate, Im sure Allic was cumming too. Then it happened, Allic gave some excuse about having to get home because it was late, and zoom the girls were off.

I had been played by a teenager so she could watch her best friend get fucked. Well it was a good game and I can’t say I feel like I lost anything. Of course now if I ever get hold of Allic again for any sort of game, she will be getting stuffed full of my cock.

85% (9/2)
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3 years ago
yes, i think you have earned it
3 years ago
oh yes i would stuff her full even after being so delitefully cheated