My experience with the twins.

This is a true story that happened a few years ago.

When I met them they were just out of high school, young and bright newcomers to the big city. Nataly was majorly shy but we shared a common interest in art and anime, so I talked with her a lot. She was average height, with long brown hair and the cutest face, her tits were large for a teenager but not huge. She did not pay much attention to how she dressed. There was really nothing outwardly sexual about how she acted. Her twin s****r Jillian was more outgoing and dyed her hair bright red. She was into music and tended to dress to catch the eye. I played around with her some but was not really interested in her.

I had them both over one evening to watch a few Anime films. Nataly fell asl**p early on, so Jillian and I did some play fighting. Eventually my hands found their way under her clothes. I got to finger fuck her furry little pussy, and make out, but didn’t get to see her naked, not that time. ( I eventually convinced Jill to shave her pussy smooth, but Nat never liked the idea of being balled down there. She said that was perverted, loving a hairless pussy was a sign that guys secretly wanted to fuck p*****ns. )

It was a bit odd, we didn’t say anything about it, we just did it again and again, every chance we got. Im sure Jillian loved that she was doing something sneaky behind her s****r's back. Nataly never seemed to notice, her head was really in the clouds. I found it all to be a fun distraction because I was not serious. There were other things going on in life at that time. It would have been frustratingly slow going if I had really wanted to have her. But as things were, I was in no hurry.

After a month of play I finally got to fuck Jillian. She had done it with only one guy before me, and was still quite inexperienced. She was shy when it came time to get naked, but her playful nature made it easy for me to get her going. Although she dressed a bit tom-boy she had very nice curves. As I expected, she was very loud once I stuffed her tight teenage pussy full of my big cock.

It was a few weeks after Jill and I started fucking, that Nataly came to me and asked "Are you having sex with my s****r?" I simply said "yea"

She was all insulted, and wanted to know why I didn’t want to have sex with her. She was mad because I was supposed to be her friend not her s****r’s friend. I got the felling that this was not about boyfriend issues but a more general sibling rivalry. Te be fair Nat did have a point, I had met her first and we did spend more time together talking.

So I told her that I did want to have sex with her, very much, but I thought she was not ready for it. I apologized for not noticing any signals. Nat half begged half demanded that I sl**p with her. Of course I said I would be happy to.

Although she looked identical to her s****r, the way she acted was worlds apart. When she got naked, her shyness was so obvious, and cute, I felt like I was about to fuck a total innocent. Indeed that was exactly it. She had no idea what to do, but wanted to go all the way as soon as possible. So I showed her a little about everything in one long summer afternoon.

As expected Nat was a virgin, and begged me to stop when I took her the first time. Her young cunt was incredibly tight and her cherry didn't want to pop. So I really had to f***e my cock into her little hole. Where Jill had screamed “oh god yes” Nat whimpered “oh no, I can’t take it.”

But I knew it was best to keep going and push through the pain, to give her a good orgasm. So I fucked her long and slow, making sure not to go too hard and deep. When it was all done I cuddled with her and told her what a good girl she was.

Eventually she would learn to be as good in bed as her twin s****r. But it took a lot of "work". I continued to have sex with the twins for about a year. Although I tried a few times to turn things into a threesome, they were not willing to do it. The closest I got was the time I fucked Nat at their apartment until she was asl**p. Then Jill came home and I ambushed her. My cock was still wet from being in her s****r’s cunt when I stuffed it into Jill's now smooth pussy.

Since then we have all moved on in life, but I still keep in touch. Maybe for my next birthday I can convince them to come over and put on a show for me. Iv always wanted to see the twins 69 each other.

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3 years ago
that is just way to hot & naughty
3 years ago
keep the stories coming man
3 years ago
yo nice work man, keep'em coming